Halo Party

Let me in. The homeless shelter’s the next canyon over. (Sarcastic laughter) Shut up! My dad is Microsoft. No invitation, no party. Get the hell out of here. Finish the fight! Oh he’s a slippery son of a bitch! ♪ “Only the strongest will survive” ♪ You trying to bring an armor ability in here boy? Uh… that’s not mine? Now you listen here, motherfucker. I used to have a little brother. And you killed him! You killed him and you teabagged his body! You made him your bitch… Now I’m gonna make you my bitch. Saddle-Up Seabiscuit. But Gary The Arbiter said that- Shut up Jeff! Well I guess it’s been a while… (Rapey Chuckle) Alright Gary, I’ll go get the butter! Now listen here boy… Did you know that Elites have 4 balls and 7 dicks? Did you know that? Well you will. Wort!? A hologram!? Looks like I caught you boys with your
pants down. (Chuckle) I guess we’re not gonna need this anymore… Happy birthday!Hey… Hey… come on. We’ve all made mistakes… Nobody’s perfect. What’s important is that we’re all a part of a legacy that
stretches across generations… of consoles. People still depend- (Rapey chuckle) Are we still gonna fuck? Gah! Ah! Get her to the hospital! Her water just broke! Halo 5 is coming! I have avenged Halo! Oh… Fuck. (Gargles) He’s… he’s got my eyes… Kill me. Kill me.

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  1. Halo CE: The oldest, silent brother who still cares for his family despite it's flaws.

    Halo 2: The one brother the parents wanted to be perfect, but after the divorce, he stopped caring about he family.

    Halo 3: The brother that always loves his family, and is the voice of peace when a fight happens; everyone loves him.

    Halo 4: The mistake brother who hates himself and hates his father for being a piece of shit, but still tries to be there for the other brothers.

    Halo 5: Miscarriage.

  2. Tfw Halo 5 was actually a decent and well supported title that helped modernize Halo, bring it into E-sports, make it skill centric again all the while offering variation and fun but people hate on it because it isn't an exact copy of previous games (something that they wouldn't pay full price for anyway) which serves as proof that the Halo community is actually a chromosome farm especially given the huge number of syndromites that inhabit it. 🙂

  3. honestly did not think that halo 4's multiplayer was that bad. Really enjoyed the feel of it. Fuck that and halo 5's campaign though. Would still agree the OG trilogy is king.

  4. If you think halo 4 sucked than you weren’t much of a fan. It’s the fact that it isn’t made by bungie. You people only care what is said and the cover of each book. But you’ll never take time to read it

  5. It actually four balls and two dicks because it takes two balls to run one dick add two more and you can have one more dick so at the end of the day elites have four baseball size testicles and two 14 inc cocks

  6. Imagine if combat evolved chief just said "this is why I don't like gatherings" and comes out with Halo 3 and ttys to cheer up Halo 4 as well.

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