Ham and bean soup Slow cooker meals to make dinner easy!

Does a five-minute dinner sound good to
you? Three ingredients and a little upfront planning will get you in and out of the kitchen fast!
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channel and hit the bell to get notified of new videos every Thursday. So, whenever
you are making beans in the crockpot it is like five minutes it’s super simple.
What you’re gonna need is you’re going to use a can of Rotel, these ham pieces,
a pound of beans and a carton of chicken broth – this is 32 ounces. The very first
thing that you’re gonna do is rinse your beans about beans. The only bad thing about cooking beans in the crockpot is it
does require overnight soaking. So, basically you’re just gonna kind of dump
them out in your hands. On occasion there will be little pebbles or clumps
of mud or some things that makes its way into the beans but really we’re just
going to loosely look at those and then run some water over all and they’re
gonna soak overnight. I’ve filled the crockpot halfway full of water it seems like
overkill but these are going to plump up and get nice and juicy so that we can
cook them in the crockpot tomorrow. OK -good morning! I am about to head off to
work but before I go I wanted to umm go ahead and put my beans on in the crockpot – so dinner is ready when I get home! so I have rinsed and drained the beans
actually the reverse – I have drained and then rinsed the beans and now I’m
going to go ahead and throw everything in the crockpot. I mean this is so
simple guys, I have my can of Rotel, Farmland smoked spiral ham slices and
we have one pound of beans. I’m going to use half of this package it is probably
around a pound of meat as well. It is already cut in pieces – it’s got all the
fat in there it’s gonna cook… ham is a little bit salty by nature so I’m not
going to add any salt or spices or anything to this other than the Rotel, my
ham pieces and my chicken broth. Don’t forget to recycle! OK. Everything’s in there we’re
going to stir it up. If your liquid is not covering the top of the beans you
can top that off. I’ve got another container of chicken broth in the fridge
or in the pantry -that one was already open a little bit so I’m
gonna go ahead and fill that in. You’re gonna want to cover your beans and ham
with the chicken broth and put the lid on it on low and cook it for about eight
hours and by the time you go home from work dinner is done! Okay so I got a rock
and roll – I’m already late for work so I will see you guys tonight! Hey guys so I
forgot to tell you, these spiral ham pieces that we used in our recipe
earlier it if you put it in a ziplock bag and put it in the freezer it can
stay there for I don’t know four or five months, it’s fine – but if you go ahead and
buy, whenever you’re picking up your groceries, if you pick up an extra can of
chicken broth and an extra can of Rotel and have that in your pantry whenever
you have nothing to cook and I don’t know maybe you’re snowed in like is
about to happen today but you can grab the ham out of the freezer you can put
on a pot of beans and not have a care in the world
or something like that. okay so I am home from work and the crock pot has been
going about eight or nine hours and all you have to do now is really give it a
good stir and salt and pepper to taste and then done! Five minutes yo. If you
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