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I’m Noreen and welcome to my kitchen and you episode of what’s for dinner This is also going to be a really great idea for your Super bowl party that’s coming up in a couple of weeks and um I don’t know who’s playing so don’t have any too cold Baltimore all right, so The 49ers and the Ravens I know that much okay? so we’re going to be making a hot ham and cheese pull apart sandwich and we’re going to use the Hawaiian dinner rolls that we recently made and uploaded and it’s going to be fantastic And I have to say thank you to my friend cat’s cradle. She helped me remember this recipe and And I said oh, I’m going to make that but you know the recipe is an idea that comes from the King’s hawaiian people But I wanted to make my own rolls and they are amazing And I thought well, I’m going to do my own variation on their recipe, so I have 12 rolls You can double triple whatever I have you to start with 12 rolls and then what you’re going to do is you’re going to take your very long bread knife and You’re going to slice Just right across the center there make sure my knife wasn’t quite long enough, so No worries. We’re just going to lay this over here. I’ll put it on top What I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead, and I’m going to use the pan that I bake these in and I’m just going to rest them in there because this is really the Best way to do it. So I’m going to set this aside for just a moment as well, and I’m going to get a pot holder And we’re going to build our sauce This is one and a half sticks of butter To which we are going to add two tablespoons of Dijon mustard two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce and about a tablespoon of onion powder And give this a good stir Until it’s well incorporated Then you want to go out really hand Top you’re going oh yeah, we’ll come back look We’ll go My life is never boring dumbo freaking against one on the down although they’ll come back bananas go anyway You give this a good whisk now. I’m just going to set this back over here on the warm burn get rid of all my portion cups for Now let’s build our set the ham that we made in the crock pot last week with the Barbecue sauce, I don’t want to buy anything extra. I want to use what I already have on hand So we’re going to go with it if you wish you can go and buy about a pound of Deli ham and It’ll be fine. I’m just breaking this up a little bit because When we go to eat it, I don’t want us to have to be pulling out giant strands of ham That’s a little thick so I’m just going to do my best with what I have and now maybe you have a spiral ham in the fridge or in the freezer that you picked up after Christmas this would be an excellent use for it pull it out cook it up in the crock pot and Make up some of these sandwiches if you’re expecting guests for Super Bowl if you’re planning a party of some sort I think this is a really excellent offering Now I know you’re thinking that looks really weird. I don’t know where she’s going with that You’ll see I have some munster cheese here And it’s probably going to be difficult. It’s probably not going to want to pull apart, but we’ll do our best to Just lay that cheese you can use any kind of cheese you want. It doesn’t have to be munster I’ve seen it done with swiss. I’ve seen it done with cheddar You know it would whatever you want to use if you want to use Turkey and Pepper jack cheese on this. I’m sure that it would be absolutely delicious Make it your own Absolutely, you can this you know you could do you could do roast beef and Cheddar um That would be delicious. There’s so many different ways you can go with this the possibilities are endless And I hate it when they don’t put paper between the cheese slices I Think that is going to do it there we go now Remember that top plop it right on it. Remember this yummy looking sauce Give it the last little whisk pour it right over the top now What I want you to do is grab your piece of parchment Because you know that’s how you do things here Because I’m going to cover this with foil. Okay, let me grab the foil I Should have got that down before I start looking at worried about all those hundreds even for good parts oil Over I mean parchment if I’m going to be using foil this has a little bit of acidity to it because it’s a mustard so I don’t want the The aluminum foil getting pucked if you’ll notice sometimes if you put something in the oven with foil on it And you’ve got like tomato sauce space in there the aluminum foil gets little pop marks in it because it’s so thin a foil pan isn’t going to have the same reaction, but That’s aluminum actually leaching into your food when you see that so you want to be careful not to do that because Alzheimer’s has been shown to be a proponent of Alzheimer’s, so I’m going to let this sit right here for ten minutes And then when we come back, we’re going to put it in the oven so we’ll be back after ten minutes has passed Ten minutes has passed or there abouts It’s time to put these in the oven I have preheated my oven to 350 degrees and these are going to go in there for a little warm nap for about 20 minutes I’m gonna set my timer and when 20 minutes is up, it’ll be time to eat supper Hey, it is time to take these lovely sandwiches out of the oven Let’s see what they look like Let me see here This just goes on the top if you have anything in the bottom of your pan I forgot to tell you – you can leave this in the oven and not in the oven in the refrigerator overnight Before you bake them But you don’t have to they’ll be just as delicious. This is definitely a knife and fork dinner If you leave them in the fridge overnight all of that will absorb all the way, so Don’t be afraid I’m going to slice these oh And if you want when you serve these if you’re going to serve them for a party you can absolutely use a toothpicks to keep them together but there you have it I Want you to see the inside because it looks lovely This is just a little crispy jicama Red Onion, and honey belt orange salad that we made and that we are having with it and That’s it. That is one of my ideas for you to cook up for your Super Bowl party You could feed a crowd with this you could make multiple Recipes and have them you know Overlapping in the oven so that you’ll always have them coming out and ready when everybody’s hungry for them So I hope you try these ham and cheese hot ham and cheese pull parts I hope you love them and thanks so much for joining me my kitchen this afternoon and until next time I’ll see ya you

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  1. My pan is not aluminum it is stainless non stick. I have explained before that the foil is much thinner than the pans. The pans do not breakd wown because they are a higher mil foil. The regular foil will react with acidic foods and leach into the food. Not good. I prefer to use the parchment with the foil.

  2. * Confession: I was the one who knocked over the one still in the pan..I just HAD to see what it looked like when the cheese was all nice and melted etc. Yummy!

  3. I should just give you my address and you can send me goodies LOL.You tease us daily with all your delish stuff.Thanks for all your video's.Love them!

  4. LOL Oh yes, because if I need attention, I definitely come here. Fortunately for me, my attention needs are met by my real-life friends and family . something you evidently are lacking =)

  5. Dude we made these tonight for Super Bowl and they were AMAZING! I modified it a bit by sautéing an onion and mixing it with half a block of creme cheese to spread on the bottoms before putting the meat and cheese on. So good! A definite keeper! Thanks for sharing !

  6. When you said a stick and a half of butter, you had my ATTENTION lol I'm thinking what the heck is she going to do with that? I thought maybe on the bottom half of the sandwich but oh nooooo you went one better , you covered it ALL. I've got to try this. Thanks Noreen.:o)

  7. I had to chime in on this recipe, I know it was published a long time ago but I just have to say that this is the most delicious, versatile dish I have ever made. I have made it several times several different ways and every time has come out delicious! My most recent I used turkey, provolone cheese and bacon! Yum!

  8. wow wow wow! What an awesome recipe Noreen,I made these a few days ago for dinner and my 2 teen sons & husband loved them, all 3 said you gotta make these again.This is the 4th home run recipe I made from your channel. You are a recipe goddess!

  9. Ended up making them, I did a spread of bbq sauce (didn't make my own , I used Sweet Baby Rays) , roast beef and topped it with cheddar. They were awesome!

  10. Looks good. Aldi's has a wounderful delicious spirol ham in silver wrap that would be excellent with this. Thanks for sharing.

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