Hamilton Cast Performs 40th Anniversary Tribute to “A Chorus Line”

40 years ago today, A Chorus Line had
its first performance on this stage. To begin our festivities, to begin our
festivities, please welcome from the mayor’s office nine time Emmy winner
Cynthia Lopez. On behalf of Bill de Blasio, the mayor of the city of New York,
I do hereby proclaim Thursday, April 16th 2015 in the city of New York A Chorus
Line Day. Ladies and gentlemen, please give it up
for the original cast of A Chorus Line. Scott Allen,
Renee Baughman, Kelly Bishop, Wayne Cilento,
Chuck Cissel, Kay Cole,
Ronald Dennis, Brandt Edwards, Patricia Garland, Carolyn Kirsch, Ron Coleman, Nancy Lane, Baayork Lee,
Priscilla Lopez, Donna McKechnie, Carole Schweid, Michael Serrecchia, Ladies and gentlemen, from The Public,
Patrick Willingham and Oskar Eustis. 40 years ago, Chorus Line reinvented
everything, and there’s a lot of things that we knew about Chorus Line, but let me just
focus on one thing: what Chorus Line did was it said let’s for a moment take the
spotlight off the star of the show and let’s turn the spotlight on the people
who are making the show work, who actually build it, who devote their lives
to it, and let’s not just turn the spotlight on them, let’s actually ask
them their story. Let’s find out who they are, let’s find out how they got here, and
let’s say, “You know what? That’s the real show.” And they did that and they changed
the nature of the American Musical Theatre. And Hamilton’s doing in a little
bit of a different way but it’s saying the same thing, because it’s taking the
story of the founding of this country and saying, “Guess what? Let’s tell the
story of the founding of this country told by the people who actually make up this
country, who are this country, who are the strength, who built this country, and who
are this country’s future. And these two musicals together — what better thing
could represent what The Public Theatre tries to do. We try to do it every day
and every 40 years we hit it out of the park. And I just want to say that my comrade
Patrick has here — we’re bad at remembering in the theatre because we’re
all about moments right we’re all about creating this special moment, but it’s
important to remember. And the plaque that’s going on this theater that
will forever commemorate that this is the place where Chorus Line began and
we’ll never forget that. We can’t forget that.

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  1. I LOVE that the Hamilton ensemble got solos- I can't wait to see where they all end up next, so much passion and love.. Ariana, Sasha, Carleigh, Ephraim, Jon, Seth, Thayne, Betsy.. Couldn't take my eyes off them during the show, was WONDERFUL to see them have a moment to themselves. 😀

  2. At the beginning when they held up pictures of themselves, I wanted LMM to hold up the picture where he has that double chin

  3. I love that moment when they are all just standing on stage clapping for each other it's so cute this ugh

  4. this made me cry because my mums favourite musical when she was my age was A Chorus Line (she watched the cassette tape every Saturday with her sister) and now my favourite musical is Hamilton and OH GOD IM SOBBING

  5. 6:26 Lin iacted like such a dad
    Dad-Manuel Miranda
    Lin-Daduel Miranda
    Lin-Manuel Mirandad
    (I'm almost as bad at Lin-related puns as Daveed)

  6. it makes me so sad that I will never be able to see this show with the original cast ever in my life 🙁

  7. Me: sees this video
    Me: hasn't actually heard of A Chorus Line
    Me: googles it and reads its wikipedia page
    Me: comes back to watch this and cries

  8. I can't name any other show that made the fans love the ensemble (as individuals) as much as the principals :') so this A Chorus Line celebration felt quite on point

    also 2:58 Lacamoire I see what you did there xD

  9. They should’ve done “Dance Ten; Looks Three” just saying, I feel like that song is the most appropriate for this musical and their representation of A Chorus Line

  10. am I the only one who rly wanted Jonathan Groff to sing "dance 10 looks 3". I just rly want to hear him sing "tits. and aAHsss"

  11. Here's for all you Hamilton fans, this play is stupid, with a no talent creator, who disrespected our vice President!!! What a dud!

  12. Before Hamilton The Musical:
    Person- Hey, do you know who Alexander Hamilton is?
    Other Person- Excuse me? Who's that, is it a Deli Brand?
    Person- What?!? No! He's a- oh never mind I don't know who he is either.

    After The Musical Hamilton:
    Person- Hey do you know who Alexander Hamilton is?
    Other Person- HECK YAH!!! HE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Like if you agree 👍

  13. This is beautiful, poignant, deep from the heart and soul of all these talented people from two landmark ground breaking shows. It also strikes a deep chord in me coming from a family of performers. I remember my parents came back from A Chorus Line sobbing , but with that said, I salute and applaud all involved here., in particular you, Mr.Miranda.

  14. Then years from now, I'm telling everyone, Hamilton will be told with honor like this. A standard, if you say ☺️

  15. from Left to Right: Ephraim, Chris, Renée, Seth, Jon, Sasha, Sydney, Phillipa, Daveed, Lin, Betsy, Leslie, Groff , Oak, Ariana, Jasmine, Anthony, Carleigh, Thayne and Javier (pops in at 3:52)

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