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How to Make a Pop-Up Birthday Greeting Card This is a wonderful DIY Greeting card that you can make and gift to your loved ones. Hope you will love watching how to make this folding birthday card. So lets start now… Things You Need… Color Paper, Pencil, Glue Stick, Scissors, Glitter, Cutter, Decorative Tape & Lace, Ruler, Adhesive, Satin Flowers & Stones Mark the dimensions on the color paper as shown. Now cut the marked portion with a cutter and fold it to give a pop-up effect. Now cut another color paper of the same size as the card to make the cover for it. Stick only the plain side of the card to the purple cover. Do not paste the pop up side. Cut a piece of glossy paper measuring 7*4 cm. Now cut out a circle from the center as shown. Paste this rectangular piece along with the cut out circle at the middle of the pop up design. Take a decorative tape and paste it at the edges and center of the pop up design as shown. Decorate the card with paper cut outs as shown. Add some glitter and sparkle to it. Now decorate the pop up design using colored stones. Cut out and paste a design of a 2-tier cake with candle. Stick the flower stickers on the corners of the glossy sheet. Paste the decorative satin ribbon flowers using adhesive as shown. Now insert the photo of the cute birthday boy/girl. Seal the card by tying it with a decorative lace as shown. Wow!! Your Pretty pop up birthday greeting card is now ready! Hope you have enjoyed watching this greeting card making video. Thanks for watching and happy crafting!!

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