“Handsome Fella, Not Smooth” Married at First Sight Couples Recap Season 10, Episode 4 | Lifetime

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  2. Love the show 😍 ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. So many marriages have failed but the couples that stayed together were worth ths leap they took .I am happy for them they seem to have a great time together.I worked as a waitress when I was young it was sad how many couples ate thier meals in silence or talking to the children not each other.

  4. I called that couple (the ones who aren’t sleeping in the same room) not working out and the guy not finding Mindy attractive…

  5. I would rather watch a show with all of the people that are still together. I think if they did that that would being in major ratings.

  6. I love to speak Life to these couples and their newly committed union which I'd like to remind them all, that it is totally legal and binding.
    Two crucial steps in the beginning are binding and bonding. In this experiment they should look FOR TIES …that will Bind them Together thus invoking that marital Bond. They've already stood at the altar and their spoken vows were binding spoken words in Holy Matrimony which is an American tradition. So their Next Steps must be crucially definitive of what just transpired. Step (2) have their very own sit down and discover me mode, heart to heart face to face. Bonding. Super Glue strength style. Ask me, know me, understand me, look inside of me, value me, affirm me. It ultimately starts with the two of them. The outsiders must remain outside for the first few weeks, no immediate highly aggressive evaluators like best friends and family until step (1) receives a (✔) and step (2 ) receives a (✔) .

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