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This is going to last. Right, Rishi? -Yes.
-Congratulations! The boy has come to meet the family. Wasn’t Vishnu informed? It’s been so long since I met him. Vishnu and Shankar have never gotten along. Hi, aunty! See you soon at the wedding. I won’t be able to make it, dear. Don’t worry the flight is on us. Thank you for behaving like an idiot. Why are you so cagey
and guarded about our relationship? What is it? What is our status? I am not sure. We should take a break. You know, Avu?
I thought this is going to last. You want to go on a bloody break.
What does it even mean? ♫ Music ♪ -Hello?
-Zainab? The gentleman who had come with
you yesterday, is his name Roneet? -Yes.
-Splendid. Tell him that his fiance has come
to meet him. And if he doesn’t remember
then remind him that her name… is Avni. B*****d! You didn’t tell me you were engaged! Relax, Zain. Avu and I… we are on a break. Break? Haven’t you ever watched ‘Friends’? No, I am more of a… Sopranos, Breaking Bad, kind of a guy. ‘Friends’ and all, is just
too fluffy for me. -Why?
-I don’t care what’s fluffy for you. Tell me for how long has this
break been going on? It’s been more than a month. Over a month. Month! And you thought this was okay? Like, this is fine? Zain, I really like you. I really like you. I wouldn’t come all the way to
Madh Island just to hook up. And knowing that you are
in freaking Madh Island, she came. She must really love you. Yeah, she loves me. -She loves me. Yeah…
-And I feel like shit. Don’t get bothered. Give her hot chocolate downstairs.
She really likes it. Send me a coffee too. Please. Water? Hey, Avu! What a pleasant surprise! What are you doing here? How did you know I was here? Find my phone. That’s how I used to find your phone. But you do realise that we are
on a break, right? Just like you wanted. So, you intruding my space, is not cool. Okay? You could have texted first. You have a phone, don’t you? This is 2019, not 1999. I wanted us to get back. And end this fight. But in your language, you are hooking up with someone else. Wait. Wait. It’s not how it looks. You know, actually,
we are school friends. Last night we met and he was
really depressed… -Maybe you could just…
-Oh shut up! Which school did you both go to? Zain, you don’t have to lie. I think both of us are adults and we mutually decided
that we can see other people. I think you should leave. Damn! She is crazy. Why did you slap me? For being such a… Insenstive prick! Now just get dressed and get lost. You just have 20 minutes, okay? Sandwich? You also have… Hi, I am Roneet. I am Zain’s friend. I have to go. I’ll see you. This is it, Mr. Roneet Bagchi. There’s no turning back now. Nice! Here. -Welcome.
-Thank you. Welcome. Thank you. Here. I don’t want to have… Have some… They are taking care of their guests. -Have some.
-Excuse me. -Thank you.
-What are you doing? They offered it to us so politely. Hello? Yes, mom. We just reached. Please leave on time tomorrow morning. Between your various prayers and
dad’s singing classes… Go! Just a second. Mom, it’s a 12 hour journey. And you know how aunty is.
She will insist you drive slowly. It will take a lot of time. No, no! How can they not come?
They won’t come for my wedding?! Mom, hold on. I will call you back. I am calling you back. Just a second. What is it? My aunts are not coming for the wedding. They are saying that they can’t
travel in a car for so long. Damn! So, what are you doing? Just booking them on a flight. I am checking the timings. Here. Hello, listen. I am booking
them on the morning flight. Mom, I know they will not travel alone. I will book a ticket for Rana as well. -Yes.
-Who is Rana? Who is Rana? He travels with aunty.
He takes care of her. Hello? Yes. Yes, business class.
I know she will not travel in cockroach class at this age. Yes, but you please tell them. Okay. Yes, I kept that. Okay, bye. Bye! Business class for Rana too? Yes. Come on. Nice hotel, right? But, Avu, we travelled in economy. He travels with aunty. Avu, this must be very difficult. Removing your makeup. First, put in so much effort
to apply make up… And then put in more effort to remove it. How is this pronounced? -Miss what?
-Micellar water. And it’s not difficult. It removes all my makeup in one swipe. -Really?
-It’s easy. Wow! That’s very cool. This is also a Pond’s product. -Are all your cosmetics from Pond’s?
-Yes. Why don’t you become their brand ambassdor? I wish. But you look so beautiful
without makup. -Really?
-Yes. You shouldn’t wear makeup. You look so pretty. You can’t sleep here. I mean it. Are you mad? I know you mean it, but I am just saying
that we can’t stay in the same room. That’s okay,
but you shouldn’t wear makeup. You are looking very nice. You have been doing this since morning.
We cannot stay in the same room. -That’s sad.
-Yes. Then get ready quickly. Rishi and Surbhi are coming with Subhash and his team. Don’t you want to discuss the desings? Then come on. -Don’t you want to change?
-I am ready. -Will you go like this?
-I am ready. Change, please. Change here. -Come on.
-What? We are getting married, right?
Why are you feeling so shy today? Subhash, this one template fits all
doesn’t work for me. Ma’am, our designs are famous
all over the world. Even foreigners use these decorations
for their weddings. And they appreciate them a lot. Appreciate them or dislike them? Wow! Avni’s Hindi has really improved. Will you guys concentrate? You are very funny, ma’am. Just a second.
What are you trying to say? That I should accept these desgins just because foreigners like them? This is exactly what I am saying. That’s what I have been
trying to explain to you. Could you please excuse us
for a few minutes? Yes, sure, ma’am. Please… Ron, those designs don’t
like wedding decorations. They look like a paint company’s shade card. I mean, I know that we are on a budget. But can I have something pleasant,
something aesthetic. -Of course.
-Something that won’t blind me. -I am sure you can.
-Is that too much to ask for? No, not at all. Of course. Of course. We are paying him so much. We have to put our foot down. This is just not done. -You don’t worry about it.
-Just look at these designs. -Of course. I will deal with it.
-I am so mad. I will handle this. You don’t worry. You… I will show you what I can do. He is taking this very lightly. I am Ron. Ron is my freaking name.
I will deal with him. Listen! Please come here. -What is all this?
-Come on. -You go first.
-No, you go first. -Come on.
-Come on quickly. Vikram, remembver you told me that you
designed Prem Narayan Gupta wedding. Yes. You also showed me some
beautiful pictures. -Yes.
-Remember? Then why can’t we do something like that? Sir, that’s our titanium package. What? Package? I didn’t get you. Sir, you must remember
that when you first got in touch we shared all the details with you. Everything from chrome to titanium, right? Which package have we taken? Chrome. Can’t we use the titanium package
only for the decor? -I mean…
-We’ll bear the extra cost. Actually, it’s not possible because, we have to align all
the resources accordingly. And if you want to upgrade the package you’ll have to buy the whole thing. -But you’ve…
-That is ridiculous, you mean… Avu, let me handle this. Vikram, this is just ridiculous. Vikram, there must be some middle ground. You include a full tour of Kumbhalghad
in your titanium package… -Correct.
-What will we do with that? That’s a package add-on, anyway. That’s not included. Vikram, this is really wrong. This is wrong. Come up with another solution. Why should we pay for something
that we are not going to use? -I’m saying…
-You help us out. -Just a minute.
-Listen to him. Listen to me. Let’s not stress about it. Let’s do one thing.
Can we have a quick chat? Come on, guys. -They are talking, let’s wait.
-Calm down. I’m… Hi, Roneet sir. Avni ma’am. Let’s do something…
We will shift you to the platinum package. -How?
-It’s simple. There’s a wedding next day. We’ll use the same decoration
for them and wrap everything. -Okay?
-Oh! You won’t have any problems… Wait a minute. Who will pay for this? We’ll handle it. Don’t worry about it. -We won’t have to pay for it?
-We’ll handle it. -Then it’s sorted.
-Didn’t I tell you? Thank you so much.
It works for us. It’s sorted. Sir, for such a beautiful… You are such a beautiful couple. You deserve it. Come on. -Right?
-Jai, keep… Keep Mr. Subash in the loop. Of course, done. Oh, I totally forgot. Sorry. Thank you, Jai. Thank you so much.
You really saved the day. Anytime, ma’am.
Anything for you. I’m glad at least someone is worried about
the wedding and not about the package we take. So, 19 extra rooms for 37 extra people
whom we didn’t take account for. We didn’t account for them,
because we didn’t invite them. It’s the same thing. Seems like the whole family has a habit of
gate crashing weddings. What can I do if they have come uninvited? Okay, fine.
Look at it this way. You’ll get more gifts at the reception. -Yeah, that’s right.
-See, that’s a point. Correct. -It’s a good thing.
-We’ll never get these gifts though. Right? Can we concentrate on the issue at hand? Yes, please do that. I feel that these Punjabis
mistook the wedding for Canada. They are coming in droves. Hi, Avni. How are you? Sit, sit. I’m not your teacher.
You don’t have to get up. And you must be Roneet. The one with the wrong spelling. Hello! You must be their friends. Yes, we… You don’t have to tell me your names. Then I’ll have to remember them. We won’t meet after the wedding anyway. Am I right? Avni, you must be first in this family to get married a second time. Lol! Hi, Saransh. I’m so glad you came. Saru, touch your aunt’s feet. -Touch her feet.
-It’s okay. He’s a little sad today because
we didn’t bring Happy along. Otherwise he’s a well-behaved kid. Saru, who is Happy? Tell him who Happy is. That’s his spider. It’s a tarantula, not a spider. Yes, that. I’m sure you understood.
– Tarantula! We have made plans for sightseeing
with your brother. See you later. Okay, sure. -See you all tonight. Bye.
-Bye. Bye. You refused to touch your aunt’s feet.
You are so stubborn. Hello! It’s better if she’s
busy with sightseeing. I agree. You both go and check the flowers first. Yes, let’s go. Oh yes, he’s going to come. Get it done today. He’s wasting time. That’s all I said. Done. Avu, who’s that quiet girl sitting
at the last table with them? Ragini.
Their daughter-in-law. She looks completely out of place
at that table. Do you remember Jimmy Shergil’s
track in the movie ‘Mohabbatein’? The one where Preeti Jhangiani,
would wait at the railway station? Whose husband died in the military? Her case is somewhat similar. Two years after her wedding,
Kushal went missing. He must’ve been 20 or 21 that time. Generally in such cases, the girl gets
married to the husband’s younger brother. But Kushal being the only child… So she couldn’t get married… That’s ridiculous. That’s outrageous. That’s how Shankar uncle is. Like Amrish Puri from the 1990’s. But they make sure she is well looked after.
They love her very much. What if this had happened to
their own daughter? Would they have done the same to her? Don’t shoot the messenger. I am just telling you the situation. Don’t go to woke on me. Here we are. It’s beautiful. Aunty is here. -Aunty!
-My darling! -My darling girl.
-Please come. -How was your flight?
-Absolutely not. -Why? What went wrong?
-What’s wrong? -God bless you, son. They sprayed so much room freshener
before take-off… I can’t smell anything else now. Now I’ve got a cold. Now, I’ll go to the room and take
steam with carbol. I’ll take some medicines too. Hi, how are you? Good? I had a physiotherapy session
for my knees last month. -Yes
-I don’t have much time left. I just want to see your wedding. Don’t say such things. The wedding will happen, whether you are here or not, Jagjeet Kaur! Nothing will happen to you. I know nothing will happen to me. But you don’t hesitate. Even if something happens to me,
your wedding should happen. It will happen. Aunty, please rest in your room,
I’ll send a cold drink for you. You want to have a cold drink and take steam in your room? How will that help? Darling, my ‘imty’ has also gone down. It’s called immunity! Oh, stop with your English! Where is Rana? -Yes, where is Rana?
-Here he is. Come on, let’s go. How was your journey? Rana, room number 206. Will he stay in the same room? -Or should I book another room?
-Shut up. Tell Surbhi that the list I gave her… Hello, ma’am. Your ID. Are you done? Checking in? Checking you out. Sorry, ma’am. Smoking is not allowed. If we had someone like her in my family, we would never stop talking about her. And when I came to your house to beg you at least someone would have
been on my side. Uncle, I just need to talk to Avni. It’s urgent. Please talk to her. -Talk to him.
-Avu, listen to me please. Please listen. Look, son. It will be better if you leave right now. Got it? She specifically told us
not to let you in. I just need to talk to her. Avu, please. Just five minutes. Just five minutes. Hey! Bittu! Let me talk to him. -Avu, what is this?
-Tell me. Say. Avu, let’s talk inside…
With some privacy. Why? Everyone is here.
Let’s talk here. -I need to pee as well…
-We will talk right here. Avu, I’m sorry. I’m very sorry. I miss you.
I love you, you know that. -Oh, you do?
-I made a mistake. Then tell them what you did. Avu, what are you saying? I said I’m sorry… I’m… They haven’t even seen ‘Friends’. They will think that I’m
the villain of the story. If I had told them, you wouldn’t
be standing here in one piece. And you are still asking me to tell them? Yes, because that’s the way. You tell them. I said I’m sorry. Avu… -Forget it.
-Okay, I’m sorry. -Hey!
-Okay. Everyone… Uncle! Auntie! Auntie! Bittu! Aunty! And whoever you are… I was in Madh. I was in Madh… And Avu came there. And then she… Damn! They will kill me. Who is it at this hour? What are you doing here? You’ve started drinking during
the day now? I went to your house,
but nobody opened the door. You are not answering my calls. My phone is on silent. And Ron, I don’t care what the problem is. But you don’t have the permission
to come to my love nest. I need to pee. Please, can I use your bathroom? -Ron! Ron!
-I need the bathroom. -I just want to use the bathroom.
-Ron! I just want to use the bathroom… Who is this? She’s your sister-in-law. You got married? -Get lost.
-Why didn’t you tell me? You dog! -Hello, sister-in-law.
-Ron! I’m your brother in law.
My name is Roneet, with double e. What is your name? Hi, I’m Priya. And I’m not your sister in law. We are just good friends. Whoever you are…
Just remember one thing… Don’t ever go on a break. Never. I’ve hadn’t seen ‘Friends’ and I got into trouble. -What are you saying?
-I mean… I’m very hungry. Can you cook something for me? Can you please make
a dessert for me? -Please leave.
-I’m very hungry, I’m famished. I’m dying of hunger. Can you give me some water? Please. You have ruined my day. Water. What are you doing? Thanks, Manny. I feel better. I would’ve been married by now. But I couldn’t tell them that I cheated on her. I’m a coward. -I’m a coward.
-If you had told them Avni would never come back. Now do as I say. Now, you are Govinda and I’m your Salman. I’ll help you get back with Avni. Promise. -I’m Govinda?
-Yes. You are a very good man. You are the only one
who helps me unselfishly. Don’t worry.

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