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-What’s going to be our package?
-Chrome. I’ll shift you to platinum package. Thank you, Jai. Thank you so much. You really saved the day. The gentleman who came with
you yesterday… tell him that his fiance has come
to meet him. -I want to speak with Avani.
-Yes, tell me. I’m sorry. I’m very sorry. I miss you.
I love you. Then tell them what you did. I’ll help you get back with Avani. It’s a promise. -Did you see ‘Chandni Bar’?
-No. -Did you see ‘Chameli’?
-No. Doesn’t matter.
I’ll you show you everything today. Sita, it’s time for your fire-test. That was a detestable thing Lord Ram did. Don’t try to normalize it. You’re going to pay the
bills irrespective of what I do. I’ll pay. Okay. Let’s go. -This way.
-Okay. Come on. Time to enjoy
something sweet yet cheap Threesome! Hold hands. Is it your first time? No… I’ve done it many times. -Where? In Bangkok?
-No… I’ve heard they’re very liberal. -Nobody judges our profession.
-Yes. I’ve also heard the same. I’ve never been there. Are you nervous? No. I mean… Listen. I’ve a condom. Me too. Would you like to have shower with me? Okay, we can do that. Fine. Help me. -Open this.
-Okay. The zip too. -Where are you going?
-No…actually there’s something downstairs. -What happened?
-I’ll tell you. -What happened?
-I can’t do this. Bro, I can’t do this. Well-done, my brave friend. Well-done! Wait and watch how I
help you patch up with Avani. What do you mean? You’ve passed the test. Have you gone mad? If you’re not interested
then why did you waste my time. Sorry…well… Sister, I’ve given your
payment to the manager. Yes. so? We’ve paid, sister. Okay. It’s okay. She was acting coy upstairs
but here she was quite smart. How will you help me patch up with Avani? -Spicy crispy okra.
-I’m not going to cook for you. Not for me. Are you crazy? For Avu… for Avu. Arun, I need similar floor plans
for all 550 square feet area flats and… and all 700 square feet area flats also. And here… Ron, she’s not taking the call. She’ll take the call. Have patience. Let me concentrate or I’ll burn the okra. Manny, we were never friends. I was tolerating you because of Roneet. And now I feel I was
tolerating both of you. So, stop calling me. Avani, it’s my birthday today. And I want to invite you. Please. Happy birthday. Avani, please listen to me. Ron is my best friend I don’t want to see his
face after what he did with you. You know that I’ve very few friends. And my friends are so
busy that nobody can come. You know how it is nowadays. Nobody has time for anybody. The world is… And I’m making crispy okra for you. There’s butter chicken too.
There’s butter naan too. -Desserts.
-There are desserts also. If you don’t come the food will be wasted. I’ll have to celebrate my birthday alone. Manny, don’t misunderstand me. I know. I’m just used to be the third wheel. My parents always preferred
my sisters over me. I’ve tolerated this since childhood. You’re also treating me in the same way. I just want to say that
I’ve no one except you and Ron. I don’t want to see his face so I thought if you were with
me on my special day I would’ve felt good. There’s a saying that
enemy’s friend is your friend. Sorry… enemy’s enemy is a friend. Okay, I’ll see you by nine. Thank you, Avu. -Why are you hitting me?
-Why are you calling her Avu? You called her Avu at
the hotel also the other day. Only I address her as Avu. Got it? -I’m doing this for you.
-For me? The personal touch is going to help.
Don’t you know? Tell me something. Why are you helping
me so much in this matter? I’m your friend. I’m doing the duty of a friend. Rascal! Come straight to the point. You’re not a good actor. What are your intentions?
Speak the truth. -Your cousin Megha Rastogi.
-What? Help us get together. Please. There’ll be another
wedding after your wedding. You’re very sweet. Did you ever see your face? She’s way out of your league. You want to get along with her. If you didn’t wish to
help then why did you hug me. I’m happy to see that
you’ve become audacious. Correct! Put it straight like the others. What are you doing?
Ask Mr. Dubey to help you. Straighten it like this one. Weren’t’ they supposed to
put the white one in the middle? Hey! Will I get a chocolate fudge?
Not too cold. So, you’ve come. “You invited me and here I am.” “I’ve risked my life to come.” You sing so well. Why don’t you
participate in singing reality shows? What’s this? Who’s doing the furniture shopping? You? I had promised Avani that we would
refurnish the house after the wedding. That’s why I’m buying new furniture. You’re not yet married. You’ve many expenses.
You’ve lot of liabilities. And you’re already bankrupt. Right? If you’ve a sponsor there’s no problem. Buying it with my SBI debit card on EMI. But, you should’ve money
in the debit card to use it. Do you’ve money? Now I don’t but I had
money in the account earlier. I’m a molar customer. Oh! For the first time I’m
seeing a proud molar customer. This is nothing to be proud of. Don’t tell me that
you’ve got another loan. It’s not a loan.
I’ve taken it on EMI. I just told you. I get instant EMI worth
100,000 in my debit card. That’s great. You get EMI when you’re short of money. When you’re short of money you get loan. -Manny brother! Hi!
-Hi! Bro, come and join us quickly.
You need to learn the dance. -You also freshen up and join us.
-Yes. -Let’s make him dance too.
-Yes. Both of you’ll dance together. -Okay, see you.
-Bye. Bro, help me get Megha. Don’t you feel ashamed? She addressed you as brother. Are you crazy?
She used to call me during brother childhood. I’ll talk to her. I’m tall so she addressed me as her brother. I’m not going to be her brother. She’s not Megha she’s Giga. She has a eight figure salary. Look at yourself. “Megha! Ah!” Remember you promised me. Okay. Let me get married
and then we’ll think about it. After marriage the guests
will have diner and leave. Do it right now. Before the wedding. Okay, before the wedding. Done. Before your wedding or before her wedding? Look… look…
she lifted her legs the moment she saw me. I feel as if she’s praying for me. I’m yours and you’re mine. Let the world be jealous. Let the world be jealous. “You’ll soon be two instead of one.” “O girl, what do I do?” “You’re your husband’s now.” “Just like a kite, you fly high.” “You’re your husband’s now.” “You walk with great style.” “You also apply make-up.” “You’re fluent in English now.” “You’re our queen Victoria.” “You’re like the Big ben clock.” “Entire London dances with you.” “Everybody dances along with you.” “Entire London dances with you.” -Ron, this is not right.
-I know. I’ve to quit. I’m not talking about this. I don’t care if you die. Please die after getting
Megha and me together. I promised you.
I’ll do it before the wedding. You don’t understand my problem. The Delhi guys from Jamuna
Park are staring at her lustfully. As if you look at her differently. Carry on with the smoke. You’re so ungrateful. What didn’t I do for you? Your wife kissed me without
my permission and consent. -Did I say anything?
-You’re sitting here. -Who were you talking about?
-Kiss… -Whom?
-Yes. No. We were not talking about any kiss. Whom do we love? Okay. Forget it. Come with me. -Where?
-Where? Come on. Come quickly. What’s wrong now? It’s been many years
but you didn’t apologize. Don’t force me speak the truth, brother. You should apologize and not me. Apologize for what? You’re insulting your elder
brother before the family. What else do you’ve to say? Are you the only one
who can insult others? I was about to get married to Chammo. But you went there dressed as the groom. You broke my heart. Chammo was mine. You were the one flirting with her. You’ve been lying all these years. Okay. Are they competitors in love? They can outdo anybody. Son, they’re talking to
each other very lovingly now. Wait and watch what happens. Come inside.
We’ll find out who’s stronger. -Okay, let’s go.
-You also come with us. Okay, Take it out.
We’ll find out everything. Let’s see what you do inside. Come on. Inside? People go out to fight.
Why did they go inside? You haven’t realized yet
that my family is different. We should make a web
series on this wedding. What do you say? It’ll super hit. Shall I speak with TVF? Yes. There’ll be a season 2 also. -Uncle!
-Uncle! -One more.
-Of course. Okay. Stop it. Uncle! Uncle! What’s going on here? Uncle! Uncle! You haven’t understood it? It’s a drink off. A what? They’re Punjabis. They’ve
only one solution for all problems. Alcohol. Uncle! Uncle! They’re drinking so much. -Uncle!
-Uncle! -Uncle!
-Uncle! The one who’ll pass
out drinking will lose. Stop it. Bury the hatchet. Hug each other. I’ll resolve all differences between you. Get up and hug each other. I’ve won. Come on. -Uncle!
-Uncle! Chammo. My darling has come. Take him to his room and make him sleep. Enough. Stop it. Chammo… Let’s go. Go to bed. The pre-wedding rituals
will take place tomorrow. Go. Two people had four bottles of liquor. Okay. I’m sorry to tell you
guys that we’re running out of money. We need to arrange something
for the further expenses. I told you to cut expenses
in other things but not alcohol. You know my family drinks
when they’re happy, when they’re sad and all other times also. We also do the same. Brother, serve them. What’s this? Alcohol? No, thanks. You can go. -Hey!
-No. Not now. Listen, I got Megha’s message. Megha is in the lobby. She has met her ex. Go and check. -Really?
-No. We’re discussing something serious
and he’s increasing the expenses. Tell me about the expenses. Already finished nine
bottles from morning. Rishi, this was your responsibility. You should’ve organized
it in a better way. -What shall we do now?
-I didn’t know that they would drink liquor like water. Increase the budget when we get married. I’ll manage the expenses
when we get married. Why are you brining in your issues? We’ll run out of the rest by morning. Can’t we buy liquor from a wholesale shop? Avani, that’s a long process. Send mails to centralized process,
talk to the regional manager. The liquor will arrive
on your honeymoon that way. If we keep serving liquor at hotel price,
I’ll be ruined. I’ll be paying off
wedding loans all my life. Ron, we’re in this together. Well, let’s settle the present bill. Give me my wallet. My cards are in it. Take it. You’ve given this one. Others are exhausted. Don’t order expensive wine. I know. Don’t worry! Hello. Hello. Sir, this is Sanjay
Sharma from the reception. Can you please come down? Sorry what? Sanjay Sharma speaking. There’s an emergency here.
Can you come down? I won’t come even if you are
Sanjay Gandhi. What’s the problem? What? What happened? Mr. Bagchi, around half an hour ago Mrs. Nicholas found
your friend Mr. Chaddha in her bathroom in an objectionable state. -What?
-Yeah. -In her bathroom?
-Yeah. What the f**k!
What were you doing there, Manny? I don’t give a f**k, just call the police. Sir, please calm down.
Let me talk, I’ll handle it. Sir, I’m sure there’s
some misunderstanding. Let me talk to Manny. He’s my friend. -Just give me…
-Sir please… Sir, please calm down. Sir please… Sir, please calm down. -Manny, come.
-Sir, please. Let me talk, I’ll handle it. -Are you crazy?
-I’m really sorry. I’ll slap you hard. We invited you for the wedding
and look what you’re doing. Stop smiling. What am I asking? I was looking for Megha. You… Is he mad? Take the number from Ron. Will you go into rooms looking for her? I didn’t mean it. Manny, speak the truth. I know this is not the truth. Tell me the truth. Why did you go there? Tell me. Guys, I sleep walk. Okay? Sometimes. When I’m at home mom and dad lock my room. My room here wasn’t locked so I went out.
I’m sorry. How did you reach her room? What do you mean? If I could control myself
I wouldn’t have gone out. -I didn’t realize.
-Okay. I get it. You’ve a condition. We’ll talk to them. They’ll understand. I hope they understand. Listen… if they’re
not ready to listen tell them -I’m ready for any punishment.
-No… If they want to punish me,
I’m okay with it. Even threesome also. I’m ready for it. If they want to hurt me,
if they want to tie me up, I can do that. What is he saying? He has gone mad. -It was so nice seeing you, Nicholas.
-Yeah, me too. Hey! Hope you’ve a good stay. I’ve managed to convince them but we’ve to invite them for the wedding. -Why?
-They wanted to see an Indian wedding. I can’t help it. Hey! See you soon. Bye. Why don’t you send them our wedding video? Why haggle at night
for my two extra plates? Guys, please don’t tell
Megha about sleepwalk. Please. Nobody will tell Megha.
Get yourself treated first. If you choose to go into anybody’s
room then come to our rooms. Please don’t come to my room. Why don’t you sleep in my room? We’re already so stressed. Okay. Let’s go. -What?
-What? Who are you talking
to early in the morning? Nothing important. Jai is
sending me references for the décor. Okay… Please pass me water. -What?
-Water. Just now you asked coffee. She doesn’t need it now. Sometimes you want coffee
and the next moment you want water. What nonsense is this? Isn’t it? I told Vijay to send more references. I’m not talking about this,
I’m talking about this. -What?
-Look what’s happening. Oh no! You’re family is melodramatic. What are you doing? People are looking at you. Let them watch.
I’m giving myself a massage. In this cold weather. One should enjoy the sun in an open place. Roneet, I suggest you also join me. Do some yoga. It’ll make your body strong.
Look at me. -Uncle, I do it regularly but in my room.
-Okay. Sir, can you please request him to move? That’s what we were trying to do. Don’t you’ve a terrace
where he can do this? Sir, we’ve one but it’s already occupied. -Right now?
-There must be some other private space where the other guests
won’t feel disturbed. Ma’am, we’ve presidential
suite where you get direct sunlight. It’s big and he can do yoga there. -But, the tariff is different.
-How much? It’s costlier than the
rooms given in your package. No. In that case we don’t need it. Get rid of your uncle from here. It’s great. Hope you like the suite, sir. It comes with a free massage if you want. -Thank you.
-Thank you. Uncle, he said that you don’t have to give yourself a massage in this room. Somebody will come and
give you a free massage. Is he crazy? I’ll give myself massage. Uncle, oil for you. Avani, tell your auntie
that I’ve changed the room. Okay. We’ll send your luggage here. -Okay.
-I’ll get his luggage. I’ll make tea for myself. Your standard family wants
to f**k with people’s brains alright. Yeah… even they don’t like
to f**k people when they’re on a break. Great… -How is it?
-Quite good. Thanks. It tastes as if Ron has cooked it. Avani, Ron is not bad. He’s a good guy. He’s a good friend and a very good chef. You and Ron looked good together. What Ron did was an honest mistake. No… I feel so. I think it was an honest mistake. -Did you call me here to say this?
-No. We’re here to celebrate my birthday. Did Ron come here? No. Why will Ron come here? He cooked the okra. Right? I cooked it. Come on. Avani… How can I be so stupid and gullible? I knew this would happen. -Is it even your birthday today?
-Yes. It’s my birthday as per Hindu calendar. I’ve got a cake too.
We’ll cut it. Avani, Ron told me to do this.
He loves you. He was after me to call you here. So, I said it was my birthday. That means I’m right. I hate liars, Manny. Avani… Avani… please listen to me. If you lie for somebody’s
well-being it’s not wrong. It not what I’m saying.
It’s written in the Holy Gita. It’s written in the Holy Gita.
Lord Krishna said it. Whose well-being? Your well-being.
Your and Ron’s well-being. Avani, please. Avani, I’m sorry. Manny, it was great tonight. I loved the fingers -She was talking about middle finger.
-You! -She was talking about lady’s finger.

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