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Help me impress Megha. Don’t you feel ashamed?
She addressed you as brother. Tell me the truth. What is going on? Guys, I sleep-walk. Okay? Sometimes. We’re running out of money. We must make some other arrangements
for further expenses. What Ron did was an honest mistake. Have you invited me to talk about him? Avani. Avani.
Avani, please listen to me. Avu… It was great tonight. Hey you! -She was talking about ladyfingers!
-Scoundrel! I’ll be back shortly. -Where are you going?
-I’ll come back soon. All of you have gone there.
Why did you call me here? Apply all the turmeric on her. Why is there no vodka in my drink? There’s vodka in my drink. -Yeah?
-Yes. -Hi! Hello!
-Hello! Hold it, Avani. Picture! Picture! -Yes!
-Show me. On the nose? Apply some turmeric
on the groom too. Yes, after this. I’ll also put some. Girls who apply turmeric on the bride
get married soon after. Don’t you know? There’s nothing like that. Of course! They get married first! Thank you. There’s something on your nose. What’s going on there?
Why is Riva talking to that waiter? Hello. Hello?! Saru. Hey Saru. He’s such a cry baby. He always looks like someone
has beaten him up. No. No. He has lost something in Toronto. So, he’s upset. It’s not Toronto, it’s a tarantula. That’s a dangerous animal. -Don’t say that.
-Lovely! aunty, you’re looking so lovely. Avani, tell me… decide which one… Not today! Apply some turmeric. Oh! The decorator is waiting. -Okay, I’ll put it.
-Apply turmeric. -With this?
-Yes. Here you go. Oh! Done? Should I put some on you too? No. You can go now. -C’mon play the music loudly.
-Play loudly. Sir, you’re looking great. -Rishi… Rishi… Come with me.
-What happened? I have some work, come with me. Come on! Apply some on her hand. I have something important
to discuss. Let me at least finish one drink. There’s a problem. Tell me something new. Avani’s aunt and uncle have come. Who are they? There they are. The man in the blue
shirt and the lady in the pink sari. So, what if they’ve come? We don’t have separate rooms for them. Guys, if I knew that they’ve
finally separated I wouldn’t have allotted
one room for them. You think the hotel
is my personal property and you can book as many rooms you want. Ron, please. Not now. Do we have to deal with this right now? I mean… C’mon. I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. They don’t even want to
freshen up in the same room. Forget about sharing the room. Guys. I gave up my room
last night for Megha’s family or I would have given them my room. You can spend your nights
wandering around in the hotel. You’ll spend the night looking for Megha. -Please tell her to be quiet.
-Please be quiet. What are you all doing here?
Everyone is waiting for you upstairs. Nothing, mom we were just… Is anything wrong? No, mama… we were just. Mom, her aunt and uncle have
separated and she didn’t know about it. They’re not ready to share a room. And we don’t have an extra room. -Avani, what?
-Mom, I also… Why don’t you put it on social media
so that everybody finds out. Things only get more complicated
if you hide them. There wouldn’t have been any
problem if we knew about this earlier. I’m only sharing this with my mom. Roneet can move into Avani’s room. Everybody will be happy that way.
Isn’t it? Yeah. Exactly. Settled then. Roneet and Avani will sleep
in the same room before marriage? I hope you haven’t lost your mind. All my relatives are
present here for the wedding. I mean… They must’ve done it by now. Don’t people in Mumbai people check their
intimacy and compatibiity, before they commit? -Please, aunty…
-Mom… Aunty, I’ve seen them together. Please keep your mouth shut. Mom… Aunty, that’s not the issue. We’re only suggesting it
because we don’t have an extra room. We’ll manage something. Yes, we’ll figure it out.
Nothing embarrassing will happen. Guys, listen. Listen… Mom, uncle can stay in my room.
I’ll figure something out. But for now, can we please go upstairs? It’s my haldi! I want to enjoy. Come on. We just came here to call you. -Let’s go. Come on.
-Okay, let’s go. Yes, coming. Guys, please tell me
who’s staying in which room, so that I know which room
I shouldn’t go to, at night. Yes. We’ll tell you. Will uncle stay with you in your room? I’ll stay with Surbhi. Why will he stay with me? Are you crazy?
Who creeps up like this? It’s warm inside, Avu. -It’s very cold outside.
-Damn! You scared me. You’ve opened up your shop again? I’m still the bride. If I don’t take care of my skin
I won’t get my perfect wedding pictures. Oh wow! Nice. What are you doing here? I was missing you. People don’t want us
to stay in the same room. No one said anything
about a car. No? How will we sleep? Wait. -We’ll manage.
-Hold on. As if we have never slept in a car before! But that seat was bigger than this. No Ron, we won’t be
able to sleep like this. You go back to your room. Okay you sleep on my lap. Sleep on my lap. How will you sleep? I’ll sleep. I’ll manage. Come. -But, don’t disturb me.
-Of course not. Come on. I want you to look nice. Yeah. You’re comfy? -Yeah.
-Yeah? Okay, sleep. Why are you wearing a monkey cap? It’s so cold outside. -Just step out and check.
-Okay. You won’t be able to sleep properly. -Avu…
-Yes. -Avu…
-Hmm… -Should we go to my room?
-What? This is not helping my mood. Shut up, Ron. One track mind. Avu… Avani… You made your point. You wanted Ron to feel
the same way he made you feel. We get it. But, Gandhiji has said, ‘An eye for an eye makes
the whole world go blind.’ So don’t do that. Avu, I never went to your
best friend’s house to kiss her. -We were on a break.
-Yeah. What you did was just not okay. Not between friends. You should not do something like that. Anyway… What’s done is done.
It’s okay. I’ve apologized to you several times. Now it’s your turn. Say sorry. What a hot picture, Manny. Is it a recent one? I’m talking about something but
you’re looking at something else. -Very nice.
-Say sorry. And apologize to Manny too. Tell us that you won’t repeat this
in the future. Manny, you want me to say sorry to you? Of course.
What will the poor fellow say? Well, are we done here? I’m getting very late for a meeting. I’m leaving. Please keep some proper food at home. This will ruin my skin. Something healthy. Bye, Manny. Look at her! This is great.
You don’t need to change anything. Her skin is getting ruined. She hasn’t
ruined her skin. She’s lost her mind. Everything would have
been fine if you apologized. You didn’t just dig your own grave
but you went and lay down inside it. Why should I apologize?
What’s my mistake? Listen to me, bro. Apologising in a relationship is
about not being right or wrong. It is about being sensible. Got it? You’re giving me lectures. Who taught you this? I’m sure it’s Avu. What’s your problem? I’m pissed off. Enough of Avu and her nonsense. I want to move on now. The washroom should be good.
The rest is manageable. Yes. As long as I don’t have
problems taking a shower! Oh! That’s a big room for the groom. It’s okay. Let it be. Look, the TV screen is bigger
than my cell phone! -Great!
-You rascal! You’ve earned so many brownie points
by giving Avani your room. I’ve become your fan.
Great! You’ll realize how I feel
when you get married. Have you managed to impress Megha? What?
– Well, are you and Megha together? -You a$$!
-Yes. You didn’t even need me. Don’t make a big deal out of it. Relax. -You pulled this off without my help?
-Yes. You’ve changed a lot. She also has the habit
of sleep-walking like me. So, we’re just made for each other. Very good. Very good. Amazing! I’ve got a message. Rishi and Surbhi are
waiting for you downstairs. What they have to say is not so amazing. Good lord! Bro, who sells sweets
for 450 rupees per kilo? -450 for a kilo?
-Yes. What should the sweets cost? Around 300 to 350. Your budget is increasing
because of these expensive sweets. Manny is fooling you. Manny won’t do that. Look at the budget. -Listen…
-No Surabhi… It’s not like that. Take a loan. You won’t be able
manage without it. Rishi, I have already taken a loan. You want me to take one more loan. Two loans will just add to my woes. I’m very sorry. I’m very sorry. I tried very hard to control the budget
but it’s just gone out of hand. -I’m very sorry.
-Babe. I’m very sorry,
I’m not being able to handle this. -Babe, I was also with you.
-Really? You were with me?! What did you do to help me? Guys… Listen! Can’t you ever appreciate me? Guys, please wait. -Why are you fighting? Isn’t this enough?
-I’m sorry. Guys, you’ve done your best, it’s okay. We’ll manage somehow. Let’s figure it out. Should we ask our families for help? No. We had decided that
we’ll handle all the expenses. And I’m sure we’ll figure it out. But, whatever we do
we’ll do it on our own. Okay. -We’ll figure it out.
-Yeah, we will. Yes. -Cool.
-We’ll figure it out. Let’s go. Let’s get ready for the sangeet. -Let’s put on a good show. C’mon.
-True. -Come on.
-Have you practiced? That’s what we’re going to do. I think I saw your friend, Gautam.
I think I saw him. -Oh! He has come?
-Let’s go. It’s going to be fun. [Punjabi folk song] Hey come. Where are you going? Come here. [Punjabi folk song] Where is aunty?
Call her. Call her. Hey aunty! Hey aunty! Hey aunty! What are you saying? Let’s go. -Where are you going?
-I’ll be back. They’ll be back. Will your father pay for this? Send him back. Sorry. There are 2 people involved in this. Ranbir Kapoor in ‘Rockstar’ said that true love can conquer anything. Today I’ve witnessed it. Yes, bro. I also saw the movie. What? That’s what you want
to talk about now? What’s going on? Hello, everyone. -Hello, aunty.
-Hi! I went to arrange the locksmith. He’s on his way. Sorry, I can’t find where I kept the keys. Aunty, what have you done? You’ve broken the bed. You know that my budget
has already gone for a toss. How will I manage the extra expenses? Ron, are you crossed with me
because I was f****** your friend? Or because I broke the
bed while f***** your friend? He’s my friend, aunty. Yes, aunty. He’s her friend. It would’ve been okay if he was my friend. Disgusting! For the bed, ma’am. Was it emperor Shah Jahan’s bed? This is a heritage bed, ma’am. It was gifted to us by
His Highness of Kumbhalgarh. How much is it? Forget it. I’ll handle this. Aunty, use a stronger bed next time. This was weak. Sorry, love. I don’t repeat my mistakes. Here he is. Sir… -This is the lock.
-Okay. My child, did you have breakfast? Yes, dad. Hello. No. I told you earlier. Yes. Yes. I’ll be back after a couple of days. The documents are ready. -Hi!
-Hi! I’m Ragini, Avani’s sister-in-law. Oh! Come. Come. Please. Sit. Do you mind if I smoke? Alright . Okay. So, enjoying yourself? Everybody here is talking about you. If you’ve come to lecture me
then I’m not up for it. No. I mean… I’m just curious, how do you do… whatever you feel like
without giving it any thought. I’ve spent half my life worrying
about what people will say. People will gossip. It’s their job to do so. Don’t listen to anyone. Just listen to your heart. And everything will be fine. Trust me. I can’t say anything
in front of my father-in-law. He’s so orthodox.
I can’t explain how he is. Does he know about
Ron and Avani’s love story and their famous break? I’ve heard of a breakup.
What is a break? Actually I would suggest sir,
you should have this, -with barbecue sauce.
-Okay. It’s going to taste even better. Thanks. Excuse me, sir. Are you comfortable? -Did I tell you your jacket is so cool.
-Really? -You like it?
-Yes. I’m glad. -Should we order something?
-Yeah, sure. -I’m hungry.
-Waiter. What does he want? Lotus stem? Okay. I’ll make him some
special lotus stem. Move aside. I’ll cook this. Give me that. Here you go. Eat this. This too. Looking good. -Thank you.
-Hope you like it. Here. Have some. Yeah. What happened? -You don’t like it?
-Something… -Waiter… waiter…
-Yes, sir. Come here. Please call your chef. Is there a problem, sir? Can I help? -Are you the chef?
-No, sir. -Then, call the chef.
-Okay, sir. -And excuse me. Call your head chef.
-Okay, ma’am. Look, I’m really sorry. Hello. This is Roneet Bagchi. I’m the head chef here. Any problem? Hello. -Mr. Bagchi, this lotus stem…
-Lotus stem… I’ve never had such
delicious lotus stem before. I just loved it. You mean it? This one? It was awesome. -Actually we loved it.
-Yeah.. Totally. Actually you know what… Do you mind if me and my
girl take a picture with you? Why would he mind? He keeps clicking pictures
and putting them up, with people. Yeah. Why would I mind?
I would love it. -Perfect.
-Sure. Baby, you should… There you go… Actually can you click
the picture from there? The angle will be better from there. Yeah sure. I’ll click it. No problem. Yeah. Yeah… just a little… Actually, you should click it.
You’re taller. -Trust me, that angle is better.
-Okay. -It’s okay.
-That’s a better frame. Yeah, very nice. Just a little smile, bro. Just a little smile. Yeah.
There you go. Nice. Why don’t you click a picture of ours? -Well, that’s not important.
-Actually, yes. Buy soaps and then shampoos. I don’t understand why people take a bath. Do you want a drag? What happened? What happened? Hey lover boy! What happened? Why do you look upset? No… There’s nothing wrong. I’m feeling great.
Everything is great. You haven’t shaved for a week. -Your hair is disheveled.
-Hey! And you claim that everything is fine. Don’t act like a detective,
everything is fine. Okay, I accept it. This is how bonds become strong. Come on. Why do you come to my building everyday? There’s a wedding in Choudhury family. -Whose wedding?
-Choudhury uncle in A wing. His son got married first
and now it’s his daughter’s wedding. And do you know… Choudhury uncle
and aunty will renew their vows on their 30th anniversary.
That too a Christian wedding. Weddings are so interesting! So exciting. Right? They’ve ordered a lot of sweets. Laddus, sweet almonds… Do you know… It’s all because of me… Because of me… I’ve spoilt everything. I’m so sorry, man. I miss her. Do you know… The other day I saw her with
some other dude in my restaurant. Of all the places in my restaurant. Manny, I want her back Manny. I want her back. I… What is this? You’ve come to your senses
one week early. This means everything
is actually great. Good. Are you a friend or an enemy?
You’re showing me a timeline. -I’ll burn you with this.
-Hey! -Manny, I want her back.
-I know. -Please help me.
-I know. Please, bro. Please. Hello. Check. Check. Check. -Hi guys!
-Hi! So, I’m not the usual emcee types. But, there’s so much love in
the air that I remembered a couplet. That’s why I’m on the stage. When God made Avani he
also must have fallen for her. He must have thought of
keeping her in heaven, but then he must have thought
of Roneet with double ‘e’! Wonderful! Cheers! Very nice! To Avani and Ron. Cheers! -Hi! Hi, guys.
-Hi guys! Hi! Hi! I propose a toast! Toast! Toast!
-Glasses up. That is way more than what
Rishi has proposed in seven years. -Oh!
-I know. I know… I keep telling him that
my biological clock is ticking. You know… Marriage…
Babies and all. But you never know…
Maybe he doesn’t want kids. That’s okay. After all, he himself is a kid. -Hold on.
-Yeah. yeah. You guys know… Whatever he wants…
I do everything for him. -Everything.
-Surbhi. He likes to pretend that I’m his mother, and he wants me to feed him
with a milk bottle. Surbhi, are you crazy? This is the… Come on, babe.
Why are you… What happened? Don’t do this. After seven years, now I kind
of feel, maybe he doesn’t love me. See… He walked right off the stage. Probably, he does not love me. Maybe he doesn’t value me. Correct. You’re correct, my child. Absolutely right. This is a youngsters’ party.
Why is uncle here? A person can do anything
for his or her spouse… He’s far from being my husband, uncle. -She’ll ruin the party.
-He’s not my husband. Okay, my child. Boyfriend also. Nothing is enough. Love is the cause of pain
and also the companion. But what shall the poor heart do
if no one puts their hand forward? Well-said, my child! You’ve won every heart in the gathering. That was great! Uncle, come.
Enough poetry. Come. Sit here. -I love you, Surbhi.
-I love you too, Avani. What happened? Why is everybody so silent? Talk. Dance. It’s a party. -Why?
-What are you… Where’s my drink? Listen… This screw up is a tie. Neither yours nor mine. Okay? I like how you’re keeping count. Your intentions were very different
when you came to patch up with me. Which patch up? We’ve patched up so many times in
the last 3 years. I don’t even remember. -Should I tell you?
-Tell me! Avu… I’m sorry, very sorry.
Okay? Let it go… Please. I’ve got this for you. See this is… Sorry. The right side of the bed was always mine. -So why would you fight…
-It’s over. It’s over. What? Our relationship isn’t
a videogame that it can ‘get over’. Nothing is over, it’s all good. I’m already on dating apps. I get messages from several guys everyday. I want to settle down
with somebody who’s best for me and not someone who cheated on me. The same old thing.
You’re stuck with the same thing. We thought… I mean…
I thought we were past that, Avu. Clearly we are not. And I don’t even know if I ever will be. Stop calling me Avu. And just go from here. -Go.
-Okay, I’ll go but take… See, I’ve got this for you. Take this. -Take this.
-Thanks for the effort. Take this, please.
Please. Take this. Okay? Okay, I’ll go. You take this. -I’m leaving, Avu.
-Bye. -What do you think?
-Megha… What is she going towards
the staff quarter? Open the door, f*****. Brother, it’s not like that. Are you lesbian? What happened? May I come in! Hi!

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