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  1. I swear im going to stop watching these vieos or im going to drown for this random waterfall that's happening in my house

  2. Super easy


    Kinda hard


    kinda impossible


    Like the comment if you found them all

  3. The 2 Greatest Commandments God's Says

    1.You Shall Not Kill

    2. You Shall Not Steal

    And If u Apologize to someone u killed and Steal God will forgive you and Telling Lie's Its Like Your Killing Somebody…*

  4. Vid see reply my comment : the woman gave the boy a dish he even asked her and she said take it how she is blaming le?

  5. Moral of the story: at CNY, always steal stuff from your neighbours and then apologise to them and return the things, then they will give you good stuffs for reunion dinner

    Edit: this isn’t legit don’t take it so seriously

  6. Boy : Asks
    Everybody didnt pay attention then suddenly got mad. Then, THEY BRING HOTPOT? Yea ifk what u call it.
    Steamfood or Hotpot?

  7. Well…..he din't even still or stole it the girls said '' here hold this for me'' then she just leave the boy whith the camera

  8. one thing i like in the chinese culture is they uphold family togetherness very highly..

    can see that in every chinese community that resides anywhere worldwide

  9. Why was it that at the end of the video, they were shown eating noodles from a Styrofoam box, but afterwards seen to be cooking steamboat?

  10. I need to learn from this kid, I should steal everyones’ things and in hope of them giving free things for me…..

    Nah, I’m just joking. Lol

  11. can anyone here who doesn’t understand please just don’t be mean

    read smokings bear comment so you could understand

    not trying to offend people

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