Happy 1st Birthday Hipster!

Hey! It’s me, Ali. I was out walking in good old Venice beach enjoying the sunshine, and I thought it a perfect time to give a “hello,” since we’re one week past Hipster’s first birthday. It was an awesome birthday party. The online birthday bash was hilarious. I don’t have the heart to take off the dancing fingers from the website, because I think they’re the funniest thing ever. Everyone had a blast with it. It was just a lot of fun. So I thought it would be a perfect time for quick recap on the year. Like I said, it was Hipster’s first birthday. As anyone who has started a business knows, a lot of that first year is really building a foundation—figuring out what it is exactly you want to be doing and how to best do that. I think Hipster’s figured it out. We’re to the point now where we’re just referring buyers for various opportunities, or various opportunities, mostly hands-off passive investments. I consider them a little bit off the beaten path just because people may not know about them. It’s not the obvious flipping or wholesaling, which I very much consider to be work more than investing. I would never hate on any flippers or wholesalers. I think they’re great industries, but it’s not really what I’m into. I’m all for lifestyle design as you can see. I live here in Venice Beach, and the beach is right in front of me. I was going to put that as the background but the lighting wasn’t very good. We’ve had a lot of success. I have a lot of people…You can see some testimonials on the website now. They’ve bought some properties. I make sure to tell them to tell me when they’ve gotten their first checks. They’re super excited every time. A couple of people have gotten so excited over their first checks that they’re buying more. Just really cool investments. Everything I’ve either bought into myself or I’m very closely tied to. I won’t refer you to just anybody, in spite of a lot of people asking me refer for them. I consider Hipster to be very boutique and specialized. If you are interested in using real estate as a tool to help create lifestyle design—maybe get out of your current job, retirement plans, something exciting on the side, somewhere cool to put your money —reach out and see what I have access to. I have access to what I consider to be the best people and some of the best out there. Very easy, hands-off, and doesn’t require any work on your part. So…Happy First Birthday to Hipster! Plans from here? I have no idea. I plan to keep referring people. Hopefully, I’ll come up with some really cool, adventurous investment opportunities that I can share with everybody. For now, reach out. See what we have. I’d love to hear from you. Alright. Take care!

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