Happy 244th Birthday, USMC

I just got outta high school a week and joined ’em, and a buddy of mine joined, and another buddy of mine joined—but—joined on the “Buddy Plan.” All of our friends and everyone in the Army and the Navy and my cousin and myself ‘n that… said let’s go for the Marines, so…off we went. I got a phone call and I picked it up and
this gentlemen said, “Nancy Baker?” I said, “Yes.” He says, “Are you still interested in going
into the Marine Corps?” Ya know, I thought for a minute…”I don’t
have anything else to do. Why not? Sure, I’ll go in the Marine Corps.” I had some good times in—in the Marine Corps, and I, uh, served my time overseas and come back to the states. I was stationed at Lejeune. And we traveled, uh…had a Caribbean cruise and a Mediterranean cruise. I spent fourteen months in Vietnam and six months at Quantico. I was sitting at my desk—daily routine. All of a heard—sudden I heard this commotion out in the hallway and I said I saw all these guys in these black suits walk by. And, uh, I looked up and I could see the president, but he was going this way. All of a sudden he stopped—the noise stopped. And he came back. And he came in the office and he say—come over to me. He says, “Hello, I’m Richard Nixon. How are you?” I’m going “Uhhhhhhh.” [LAUGHTER] I’d say join the Marine Corps. Everybody in my view should go in military. The Marine Corps would be one of the best…IS the best to go into. They would keep the mind strong. They would keep your body strong. Pay attention to what they tell ya, ‘cuz they know what they’re talking about. This Marine wishes all Marines a happy birthday. Uh, all I like to say next to all the Marines
[and] all the former Marines: Happy Birthday, and Semper Fi! I wish the Marine Corps a happy birthday and… Oorah!

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