Happy 50th Anniversary Star Trek

Star Trek has inspired many real-life
explorers including NASA scientist, engineers and astronauts who often cite
star trek as inspiring them to focus on space exploration from earth’s largest
federation of scientists, engineers and explorers we congratulate Star Trek on
its 50th anniversary from the birthplace of ” V’ger ” so from all of us here at NASA
Headquarters as Star Trek continues to push the final frontiers of our
imagination. Happy 50th Star Trek. Happy 50th anniversary Star Trek! Happy 50th anniversary Star Trek! We set a course to seek out the strange new worlds in our own universe. Warp factor 9 Engage! Happy anniversary Star Trek! for boldly going where no one has gone before. Going boldly for 50 years. Live long and prosper. Live long and prosper. Happy 50th anniversary Star Trek! Live long and prosper! [Cheering]

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