Happy 50th Birthday! 🎉 Diddy’s Most Memorable MTV Moments EVER

Yo Puff. Yo Puff Daddy,
what’s the deal baby? We got to go get your gear
for the Video Music Awards.
Come on man. I was just trying to relax
with the kids, man. Are you ready though?
I’m ready. What’s up Quincy?
What’s up Justin? What stores are we going to? What do you want? Prada?
Gucci. Yeah, of course. Anything you want baby,
we’ll make it happen. Puff here we are in Gucci now,
the house of Tom Ford. Gucci. Can you all say Gucci?
Gucci! Who do you pattern
your style on, like we’re here in Gucci now. Is there anyone where
you’re getting this stuff that you think of?
I mean, I just get the vibe
off of the streets, you know what I’m saying? People in the streets
and I take a little Elton John flake.
A little Liberace. Come on, show the ice. This is the Liberace. But the G,
I like logos on my clothes. Since I’m paying a lot for it,
me personally. Maybe tacky to other people.
I like to see the G, the Gucci. Ah! Feeling you money. This right here,
this is after party wear. I just pray we get one more because this right here
with the moon man, it goes together. The shine off of it. MTV award with this right here, the combination of the shine off
of the moon, off of the shirt… And then to the camera. To the camera. It’s perfect.
How do you all like my outfit? Do you like it? It’s fly. Wow. This is… now where would you
wear this to? And the winner is… Ah. Win or lose
it’s how you play the game. At least we’re going
to play it in style. But notice how on this jacket, the buttons are concealed
on the jacket and the cuffs as well. See. Where the buttons at? This one goes out to everyone that has lost someone
that they truly love. Every breath you take.
Every move you make. Every bond you break,
every step you take, I’ll be watching you.
Every single day, and every word you, every game you play, every night you stay, I’ll be watching you. It’s kinda hard with you
not around Know you in heaven
smiling down Watching us
while we pray for you Every day we pray for you
Till the day we meet again In my heart is where
I’ll keep you friend Memories give me the strength
I need to proceed Strength I need to believe My thoughts big
I just can’t define. Wish I could turn back
the hands of time Us in the six,
shop for new clothes and kicks You and me taking flicks
Making hits, stages they receive you on
Still can’t believe you’re gone Give anything to hear
half your breath I know you still
living your life, after death Every step I take,
every move I make Every single day, every time
I pray I’ll be missing you Thinking of the day,
when you went away What a life to take,
what a bond to break I’ll be missing you [inaudible] NSYNC and number three “This I promise you”
Me and Puff. Yeah. We’re chilling in Puff
Daddy’s office as we’re taking TRL all over MTV
and New York today, live on the air
which is not easy to do. So basically what we did is you
and me just swapped cribs. Because my joint
is right down there. I don’t know if you can
come get a shot. Come get a shot at this. It’s just crazy. We’ve got the cameraman standing
on your very expensive desk. It’s all right. That’s your place. You were in your place.
That’s my place. Yeah. Now is this Bad Boys? This is where you come
every day to work? This Bad Boy Entertainment. I’ll come here
almost every day to work if I’m not out on the road and I got a great staff
of people, shout out to my staff
that’s out there. I work with them every day. Great family of people,
all my artists. And we just take care
of business here. The studio
is right down the block. So you know we are
in a centralized area, we are part of the family where the same neighborhood
with neighbors. Absolutely, we are. Who’s on
Puff Daddy’s speed dial? Okay. I have Shyne,
Whose album is in stores now. Shyne. We have Jay-Z. We have Fred Durst.
We have Jennifer, of course. We have my mother and my kids
and we have my lawyer. Someone who truly understands, how to treat a man
This is what I need. Girl you made me believe again
If you happy then be with him, Go ahead mommy breathe again
Go ahead mommy breathe again, Don’t stop now
straight to the top now Go ahead mommy make it hot now I need me a love that’s going
to make my heart stop now And what I need is simple, five foot five with dimples
Come on, let’s dance Some of the biggest pop stars or rock stars
in the whole wide world. Some of the biggest icons
that are out there right now. I think this will give people
the chance to finally understand and see what I do
on a day-to-day basis. I think it will also
give people a true insight to the music industry and what we do on a day-to-day
basis on making stars. Diddy way. Road living is hard,
Joe. It’s always a bunch
of fast food restaurants. Hey, we got to find
somewhere to eat. He’s in a purge. They are opening up
the closed Wendy’s for you. I’m not supposed
to be doing this. I’ll go against my diet. So you have to see
how tall living really is. You aren’t running tomorrow. We’ll have a nice
session tomorrow. Eat hardy, train hard. Give me 110% tomorrow man
like you always do. Basically they are going to
whip my ass tomorrow. He’s going to take it out on me
and I really don’t care because I’m hungry like a…
I get a lot of love on the road. I’m not going to lie.
People open a Wendy’s. I could knock on somebody’s
door for a meal, you know. I try to, you know,
use my celebrity. To these advantages at times is. Because at times,
it works against me. What’s up you all? Yeah. The good thing about the road,
you see a fan and touch them. Go places that people
listen to your music but they don’t get to
see you every day. Show your appreciation for them. Thank them for buying support
for you throughout the years. You got me good man,
God bless you. My fans are definitely
a priority in my life and I embrace, I won’t be trying to act
all unapproachable, walking around like I’m scared
or I’m hiding. So you know, usually I don’t
really have any problems. Everything’s just all good. Strange episodes at TRL.
We got a lot of fans outside. That’s not the strange part. Take a look
at what’s going on inside. We have P.
Diddy running on a treadmill and our guest just happens to be
Brittany Spears. The reason you asked
why he’s on a treadmill, he’s actually raising money. He’s going to be running
the New York city marathon and the main reason
you’d want to do this is to raise some money
for some great charities. Yes, I’m trying
to raise $1 million for the kids in New York city,
for their health and education. We got the number on the bottom
of the screen right there. You can help me out. There it is right there. If you want to donate some money
to Diddy’s charities and if that was not
enough celebrity for you, Ms. Britney
Spears is here. You got this much anticipated
new album coming out. It’s called “In the Zone”
and by the way, did you fire your publicists. You don’t even need one
at this point. You still look good
though in my opinion. Thank you, you’re sweet.
You want to towel off Diddy.
Diddy he’s kind of tripping. How are you doing over there? You’re doing good?
Get him a towel. You’re really inspiring me
to work out right now. Wipe that forehead there.
There we go. All right,
let’s keep the countdown going. More with Britney Spears
in just a second down one. Number eight is Fefe Dobson
and “Take me away” on TRL. No. Oh, not on my back. That’s not enough,
Sir. There’s one now and one to go. Oh no, come on, man. Just wait a second. Hold up.
Let me talk to you. Okay. All right. Let me talk to you. Let me just talk
to you one second. We’re moving too fast.
No! Some cold water for you? No, stop please.
Do I still look sexy? Was that an unsexy look
for me right here? Ten yards from the finish line, I still wasn’t feeling better.
I crossed the finish line, and everything
just stops into slow-motion. I did it. I can’t believe it. Anything you put your mind into. Anything. You put your faith in.
God is the greatest. Put everything in God’s hands.
You could accomplish anything. We did open time, baby.
We raised $2 million for kids. If you believe you can
do anything, baby. This right here
is just the start. What’s up everybody?
I ran a New York city marathon on Sunday.
I’m sore, I’m tired, I’m hurting.
But it’s my birthday and I always have time for TRL
and it starts now. Not getting your votes like it
used to but nevertheless, a damn good video
is still on the countdown. Time to bring out
our first guest. You can call him Sean. You can call him
Puff or of course runner number three zero nine
seven two bottom line. It’s the birthday boy.
This is P. Diddy. It’s a long walk to the stage
if you’re P. Diddy right now. He’s getting all
the water he can. Little bit of a limp going on. It’s good to see you again,
my friend. Take a step on over here
if you can. Try to minimize
the moving around because we know you’re so sore. Hey, this is what it
all comes down to. This is what it all comes down
to right here, ladies and gentlemen. This is the official medal
right here. The official medal
of the New York city marathon. You get that when you complete
the race, right? Obviously. How are you feeling,
bottom line how you feelign? I feel great and I want to thank
everybody that supported me. All the MTV viewers, everybody,
all over the world. I love you.
Thank you. I’ve never seen New York,
you really, they didn’t really get
to see the city. You need that vehicle. Yeah. I told you it’s going
to be rough this weekend. He’d get vehicle on possibly…
You could possibly… I’m starving too. You know something?
I want me a piece of cheesecake. You know where to get
a cheesecake spot. Downtown. Yeah, and you all can walk
from here, get the cheesecake, enjoy the sights,
would you? Show him around. Take him over
the Brooklyn bridge let that
wind hit them off the water. See how you all feel as a group.
It’s not about me trying to do a mean spirited initiation
hazing act to them. It’s a bigger picture tour
in the world of music, I got to get up every day
and do a bunch of that I don’t want to do.
I got to bite my tongue and I’ve got to do it
with a smile on my face. But I do want some cheesecake. You’ve got to take your own
initiative just like you did and just like I did, but the government can be
a little bit of help and your vote will determine whether the people in power
reflect what you care about or whether it reflects
what the fat cats care about. And that’s what voting
is all about. I want to say to you right now
while you’re in front of me Sir,
that right there makes sense, you know? I’ve been hearing
a lot of bulls today. I have been disenfranchised
all day because I’m asking questions. They are not answering
my questions. This is how young people feel, you want to be the president
of the United States, you call your man, call MTV. We’re going to give you
a platform. We’re going to give you
a way to speak because you are
onto something kid. You’re making sense to me.
You got me. I am franchised. Back to Times Square
and Thursdays back to school week
On TRL here, And we’re here with the man
who has visited TRL more than anyone. They call me Diddy.
What’s up people? So Diddy we actually have a picture
of you back in high school. Let’s show that real quick. What do you think of
when you see that right there? When I see that
it was a young time for me, I’ve come a long way and I remember
I loved my high school years. Make sure you save it.
Don’t let them just pass you by. I loved those years and
I’m loving my life right now. And that’s a picture me
in high school. He needs a pulpit right here.
He needs a podium. They call me Diddy. What are you doing, man? Hold up, stop.
Now wait a minute. Don’t stop, get it, get it. Now you are all wondering
about the name change thing. Okay I’m going to use
this time to address this one time
and one night only. Okay. I’m going to take you
through the evolution of how I got to this point
right here, right now. Okay? I was born Sean Combs. Yeah. Ladies, you all liked that ass,
don’t you? Then, I was Puffy
then I was Puff Daddy. But you see, that brother was
getting me in too much trouble so I had to leave him alone. I was going through
a little Afrocentric phase so I tried this name,
it didn’t make the cut though, but I tried Kunta Combs
and you will know right now I’m in the studio
working on a new album. I’m working with his brother,
so I tried Shawnae West. Damn, we kind of look alike,
don’t we? Then, I begged you all to vote
or die and you all didn’t
and I sold a lot of tee shirts and I got political and all that
and I tried this one. Sean Delisa Diddy Rice. So
that’s the history of my name, but you all can just call me
Diddy. Can you send
both the stylists in? Okay. For my party, I’ve got
to look super fresh, super fly. So today I’m in New York with my dad’s stylist
about to go shopping. Well, I definitely want
some crazy, fly, fresh, but I want her too dressy. You can’t call yourself
a stunner unless you’ve got one of these. Get out of here and go buy up
New York, boy. Let’s go. This is New York. I would just not speak a smile
to any at anybody. I would just keep focusing on with
just the way we walk around. We don’t speak to each other.
You know what I’m saying? If we don’t look up
all that good not to play like “Hey, how are you doing?”
No, don’t do that here. This New York people,
but have a good time. A little gift for you. I’ll turn off the lights.
Let’s check out the video tape. Justice is just 16.
I’m not going to be letting them just drive the car around
the city like that right now. This is your gift. This is not just a car. This is what we call
a car fit for a king. Something that I’ve
never seen any kid. …Ever get your own
personal driver. How we will be driving
from point a to point B. This right here
is my young brother. He’s been a big support of mine.
My album’s coming out and you know we got
the crew going around now you in New York city and we’ve got
the Dirty Money Crew and we wanted to make you an official member of the Dirty
Money Crew. Are you serious? There you go. Justin Bieber. That is swag. Is it your swag? Then you’ve
got to do the swag walk too. Okay. Okay, so when we walk down
the streets of New York, we hit him like this. So when me and you walk
and we hanging out, you know a little late at night
after the Usher concert, We’ll get those ladies, right? Right after that ladies,
we didn’t street Times Square, we’d go swag, swag.
You see my hand right there? That’s pushing the hate back
because there is a lot of hate, sometimes.
Yeah. Swag, swag, swag, Try it. This way?
The other hand. Push it back like
you’re pushing the wind back. Swag. Ooh, you got it, son.
You got it. Now hold up, Diddy.
You’ve been on TRL 39 times. I don’t think
you all understand. I said he’s been on TRL
39 times. That is legendary. What’s your craziest moment? What’s your favorite moment
that you can remember? Oh, I remember that we came here
to MTV, it was like maybe the week after
NSYNC was here. So it was the first time people
really knew that they could come and go and be out in the streets
and they used to have this rule where
you can’t go to the window. And so I was into breaking rules
and being very disruptive. And so I went to the window
and everybody went crazy. I was banging on the window,
the crowd’s going crazy. And then the cops shut it down.
Yeah. Of course. Yeah.
No, no, it wasn’t a bad thing. They was so much energy.
Shout out to the cops. Ain’t no beef right now,
but it was just so many people, you know, that was out there
and the energy was so electric and I just want to say
thank you to everybody, MTV for helping me
launch my career, the bad boy. Well, you ran a treadmill
marathon live in our studio now. You are bad boy for life.
You can’t stop. You won’t stop. You believed in Total Request
Lab before anybody else did, Sir, let me tell you something.
You are Mister TRL, brother. And in honor of that
we’re going to do something that’s never been done
on the TRL stage in Total Request
Live history. We are officially retiring
your Jersey, so
if you want to walk over here, we have this special made
Diddy jersey and for the people wondering why
is the number 98 on there and that’s representative of the
first year that you came to TRL. Wow, that’s crazy. Are you ready for this? Yeah, he got caught earlier. All right. Here we go.
Send it up. Watch this. Diddy, with this right here
you have to give us a speech. Yes, yes. Some true inspiration, brother.
Here we go. Thank you. First of all, I just want to say thank you
to everybody at MTV TRL. Such a huge moment in my life.
The support. This is a family that’s here. Shout out to Ellie Cola,
Rhonda Cohen. These are two young ladies that
really helped me with my career, helped me with
Bad Boy, and helped a lot of
young artists come through here and just the whole MTV family.
I truly appreciate it. My Bad Boy family. I want to thank God, I want to thank my kids,
my momma. I want to thank DC, I want to thank you, thank you. You’ve got to understand
when I came here the first time it was an honor
to be on the show and it’s still an honor
coming back to be on the show. Feels good to be home. But it’s dope, man.
It’s dope to come back. And I feel like I did something
with myself and I want to say, Mama, I told you.

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