Happy Birthday Alby! (Cabrinha Kitesurfing)

Nickname? well I mean everybody calls me
I’ll be and then from time to time somebody still calls me the Italian
stallion and there was the Alba nadir as well you’re in there yeah I mean every
year just kind of a different one but I’ll be it’s pretty standard West an arsonist at OPD donation Brezina
a seguramente you know the hospital Belmondo perfect height to same prevent
the harm that so lemme laguna desert and a vita pasta Pachelbel’s Minnesota’s
plan – a local president we are now at a pond or zealand diverse yeah 11 wagon
practically path 30 gentlemen a container for some of you body
it was the most respond when a session ahead bitch Nellis people it sang a stop
on across a unique upper back he’s our doctor Angela this is my word
this is my ride I remember the first time I came here you know because
everybody can save me that my dad brought me here when I was at four days
old you know after just after the hospital
you know before going on me drive me here to just to feel the smell of the
scene and the place you know Alberto Renato the pathology November dilettante
anova Missoula chili Palmer is oh yeah bellissima giornata Belle Bambino yo
Prez allamani eluamous urato el dijo el estreno Forte
Oh Tito van dokkum stranger foretell boma you John De Vil we serve s para
você and Kamisha participation Ariel Mara Elora Quatro Johnny doe pop prima
cuando se mu City dollars per dollar prima di andare casa some passata qui la
pelota sulla Riva del Mar a in the debt Alberto
respira Fort Saint aquí está el área de maría Christa start with su imprinting
propio coup de Monte LV LeClair Murano castrato suo primo almost pot espera
vocal merrily PGCC a passion a cell is poured amar man on shelf imagine evoke a
celeb element Otto camp unit Aliano camp you know repel calabasa do – I’ll tell
suppository campeonato del mundo a / Cristo from moto field Aloha perky
ilmari a toda la nostra Vita on eternity vessel a queen the Tontitown Tiago
reality Alberto BB NOAA Katie continuum re at a
mere compañía tutta la vita I’ve been living here on my life not so far I
think I’ve changed much you know I’ve been going to school
churches right there and my house is right there I mean learn to swim land to
surf the wizard hide yourself pretty much everything up in here and definitely pre-attached in this
place I start cutting back in 2001 and I am 2003 for I mean I was getting better
I was doing a conviction I was a youngin so everybody was kind of like pushing me
saying like yeah you can you can do it you can start reading
Kancha guess it’s better if we always basil red and he doesn’t get better back
sleeping on the couch I always have to be yeah to become a
talent champion first in 2006 there was a year I won every event and yeah was
good time – the my parents can kind of like set a limit
to finish high school today I had the old summer think about what to do and I
was I was pretty good in studying you know and yeah so I was kind of keen to
start University but there was this kind of other side of me saying right now you
can you can still have lots of fun kiting and this is the right moment to
do it if you want to do it then it was I know maybe destiny I I didn’t make it
to the medicine school so I started another University which is like a lower
lower one and then and then cabina came up with an international contract and so
was that yeah this is it this is the time do it and so yeah I stopped the
University and it’s it’s on hold so far and I start just competing and cutting
at 24/7 for the earlier greatest accomplishment I think just the fact
that I’m have been pretty much cutting full on the last 10 12 years so I mean
gotta be working sometimes here and there but I mostly you know I mean my
daily job was cutting and I think that was something you know pretty special
that a lot of people dream about so definitely feel pretty stoked about that
one what could bring it for me it’s a lot of things well I mean I always say
family because it is kind of like that you know we all kind of play and work
together to you know for the the same goal you know which is make our product
work great and I have everybody try to enjoy cutting as much as us wait a
second alby’s turning 30 are you kidding me holy Wow man it’s just seemed like yesterday
when Alby just first showed up in Maui he was just this little Grom just
ripping and he would show up every year and
every year was super cool to see because he wouldn’t seen for a year that he’d
show up back in Maui and he’d be just you know a step above every time but the
one thing that he was consistent with was the guy was just mechanical he was a
machine on the water like stopping his tricks anything he wanted to learn he
was just you know learning it right away and stomping it but he was doing it with
style and flair you know something that a lot of groms don’t really have at a
young age but he seemed to somehow and then yeah over the years he just
became part of the family and one of my coolest memories is he took me around
Italy we did a probe to her and we just went all over the place and I couldn’t
have had a better tour guide in and I frenched I’m Iranian
that was that was pretty pretty awesome so Albie happy 30th you’re part of the
Cabrini Ohana and you know you’re one of the most respected guys in the industry
and we couldn’t be more proud to have you on the team so thanks for everything
and have a great time yeah I again

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