‘Happy Birthday’ at a safe distance

We have a student called Veronica. It’s
her birthday today, and we decided that we’d make the best birthday that she
could have. She’s got cake. There’s some cupcakes for the other students. We
are doing everything we can to make our student guests as comfortable as they
can be, and that means recognizing and understanding how hard it is to be away
from home. There she is! None of the students who are here with us, they are all our guests. None of them are SUNY Brockport students, but they are from other SUNY
schools. There are people that are in communication all the time with whatever
it is that they need, we go out and help them find it, and so we are doing
everything we can to make sure that they’re engaged. Make sure that they have
things to do. That they are, you know, connected with the internet. They’re
connected with Netflix or whatever else they need to be connected with, so
they’re entertained. Have you signed the card? You need to. They’re also connected, of course, to their own host home institutions and working on their
studies as well. That’s an important part of what they’re doing here. 1, 2, 3!
(Singing) Happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you … It’s a long time to be sitting alone by
yourself. If you’re not there with your family, can you imagine how that would
feel and you’re thinking to yourself, “This is a really significant day for me
and there’s nobody around,” so we wanted to be able to show the support and the
love that a community has, and I think that’s why we’ve all come together
to do this work today.


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