Happy Birthday Bentley! [The Return of Superman/2019.12.01]

– Things are peaceful in Australia. / – Goodbye. (Picnic Fashion Week with the Hammingtons) Let’s take a look at the Hammingtons’ Picnic Fashion Week. (Let us introduce you to their classic outfits.) (Walking nonchalantly) The dignity of a fine four-year-old, Jeong Taeoh. Cool-looking baby, Jeong Woosung. (Move out of my way.) (This is the place.) (He climbs on the stage.) (Smiling indifferently) – Does it hurt? It must hurt. / – It hurts. – It’s okay. / – Let’s go. Go. – Let’s go. / – It’s their last outing there. Their grandma is joining too. / – Have a great time. – Have a great time. / – We will. We’re going to Sovereign Hill. – She must be excited. / – It’s going to be fantastic. – She’s in a good mood. / – It will be interesting. (Excited Nana) – Right. Bye. / – Bye. Hi, John. She’s boasting to her neighbors right now. Nana. Go! Go! – “Let’s hurry, Nana.” / – Let’s go. Nana. – He’s checking if she got on. / – Nana. – I’m here. / – Nana. (I thought you weren’t in the car.) (You scared me.) (Cheeky) Let’s go! – Yes. / – Yes. – Here we go. / – Yes, here we go. – Nana. / – Yes? Where are we going? We’re going to Sovereign Hill. – Sovereign Hill? / – Today, we’re going to visit a very special place. I wanted William and Bentley to go to Sovereign Hill because it was very important that they learn a little bit about the history of Australia and of their family. The place she wants to take William and Bentley, Sovereign Hill is an exact reproduction of a gold mining town in Australia – in the 1850s. / – Really? Their great-great-grandfather worked at the mines too. That is a meaningful place indeed. You might find some gold like he did. – Gold? / – Yes, gold. You can see an old Australian town there. – I want to go there. / – That’s where we’re going. That’s where we’re going. (I like it.) Ben knows what that’s about. – Yes. / – Ben, you understood me, right? (Of course!) (Last year, when he was in Australia…) – Gosh, how adorable. / – He’s so small. That’s probably when he was four months old. Wow, when did he get so big? (I’m not the same baby now.) – When we get out there, / – Yes. Nana has organized a little something. A little surprise. There’s a surprise? A surprise? Some special birthday is coming up soon, isn’t it? Someone’s special birthday is coming up soon. – And it’s not William’s birthday. / – No, it’s not. – And it’s… / – Nana. – Nana. / – Yes. It’s Bentley’s birthday. Bentley’s birthday is on November 8th. (Happy birthday, Bentley!) (I love it.) William too? “William too”? But nobody bought a present for William. You’ll have your birthday party next July. (He’s just had his birthday party.) What do we do? We’re running out of gas. – What? / – The gas. We need to get some gas. Does the car need to eat? Yes, it’s thirsty. They need to go to a gas station. The car needs to eat too. It looks like the ones in Korea. All right. Hold your horses, guys. (But is there a problem?) – What’s wrong? / – He doesn’t know what he’s doing. I don’t know how to use this. He doesn’t? – Isn’t it written in English? / – Dad, I want to see. He supposed to be Australian. Do you want to see? Yes, I want to see. – Do you want to get out too? / – Yes. Okay. Go inside with Nana and have some snacks. Now I’ll put this in. What are you doing now? What do you do when you’re thirsty? You drink water, right? Right. It’s water for the car. Enjoy your drink. Is this for free? No. – Look. / – You need to pay. It goes up. We need to pay. It’s soaring. Look. Bentley went to buy snacks with Nana. Sit down. Good boy. (Nana, you’re the best.) Yes. (This is so delicious.) My gosh. He’s sharing food for a change. Is he sharing because it’s his grandma? Delicious. This is so touching. I’m sure she finds him so lovely. (No, two licks.) (No, three licks.) (And one for Nana.) (But you know what?) It’s too cold. (It’s great to have warm bread when you feel cold.) (Everyone who is torn between cold and hot food,) (just eat both.) (If you eat both,) (it will melt in your mouth.) – He eats both hot and cold food well. / – I agree. (It will burn the roof of your mouth.) (He’s the youngest food creator so far.) (This is Bentley.) Does it need to keep drinking? It’s almost done. It’s full now. Where do you put the money? – We’ll pay inside, William. / – I’ll close it. – You pump the gas first? / – This way. – So they pay after. / – Close the lid. (Shutting) Press it. In Australia, we need to go inside to pay. – What if someone takes our car? / – No one will. Let’s go inside and pay. (They pay inside unlike in Korea.) What if someone takes our car? He’s worried someone might take the car. – Will you stay there? / – Yes. Okay. – I’ll protect it. / – Sure. – Hi. / – Hi, how are you? – All right. / – What number are you on? (You must tell them the number of the station to pay.) Hold on. William, what number does it say there? – The number. It says above. / – The number? Wait a moment. Four! – Number four? / – “Four!” – Okay. / – Is it right? It’s good that William decided to stay there. He doesn’t know that? “He doesn’t know that?” – No. 4. / – That’s 112 dollars. 112 dollars? Has the petrol price gone up? Yes, it has been a while. It’s been too long since I came to Australia. It’s gone up a lot. – Okay. / – No, it’s three. – What? Three? / – It’s three. – What’s wrong? / – You were in three. – It wasn’t four. / – Not number three. It wasn’t No. 4 but No. 3. – My gosh. / – There’s a car next to it. I never realized putting petrol in our car was this difficult. – You have to get used to this. / – It’s so confusing. – Sorry. / – Have a good day. You’re getting it all wrong now. Because he lives in Korea, he’s forgotten how to refuel his car. – He almost paid for the big car. / – Thank you. (Are we going now?) Hey mate, it was No. 3. – It was not four. / – No, three. – Three? / – Three? – This is three. / – No. No, no. He insists it’s No. 3. Look there. Let’s look. – Was William right? / – If you see from the side… – I used the one on the left. / – It was misleading. Right. Let’s go first. (Let’s go and have some fun.) Now that they’ve refueled the car, their car runs through the vast field in Australia. Dad, this place is huge. – He saw something. / – He saw something. – There are horses. / – Horses. I saw horses again. (I can’t see them from here.) There are cows here too. – They are black cows. / – Are those cows? All right. A little bit. Only a little bit. What? Look at the clouds. (Rain clouds are coming.) No way. Is it going to rain? (Oh, no.) – ♪ Rain, rain, go away ♪ / – Oh, no. – Oh, my gosh. It just had to rain. / – It’s raining. Dad, you shouldn’t talk in Korean. It’s “rain” in English. – No. / – Right. They are in Australia. – Dad. / – Yes. We can’t go outside if it rains. Of all days, it just had to rain on the day of their outing. – I know. What do we do? / – That’s bad. At times like these… She’s singing a song. (Rain, rain, go away, come again another day) He seems to know the song too. (William wants to go and play) (Rain, rain, go away, come again another day) Whenever we sing this song, the rain clouds will go away. I think it’s listening. – Really? / – Really? Did it stop raining? What happened? I think it stopped. It’s sunny again. The song worked. Magic. William! (This is so cool.) – It’s a miracle. / – Seriously. It really is like magic. Hello, Sun. Hello. Now they feel sleepy. He’s sleepy. Take a nap. They’ll wake you up when you arrive. And you make Nana happy. Bentley is sleeping. It’s a happy world. Yes. (And they have arrived!) Let’s go this way. All right. – We made it. / – He woke up. – Wakey, wakey. / – He woke up as they arrived. (Where are we?) Sovereign Hill, we’re here. Welcome to Sovereign Hill. You can time travel back to the 19th century at this Australian heritage village. It’s like Folk Village in Korea. It looks just like the old days. This is a special experience for the children. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. Where are we, Dad? – Sovereign Hill. / – Sovereign Hill. This is what Australia used to look like in the past. It’s old-time Australia. Australia? – That’s very Australian of you. / – Nana. – Nana. / – He cares a great deal for her. I know. (You’re here too. Then all of us are here.) Because there are so many people here, we’re going to have to put your name on here. – One for William. / – She’s so prepared. – And one for Bentley. / – She’s prepared nametags. – Yes. / – Mate. Hello. (Wow!) Welcome to Sovereign Hill. And your name is Bentley. Is it your birthday today? How does she know? (Happy birthday, Bentley.) – Happy birthday. / – How does she know that? (Faltering) – He’s so surprised. / – He’s shocked. – This doesn’t make sense. / – He’s taken off his hat and his shoes. He’s so surprised. It’s their first time meeting her. Is it your birthday today? Yes, it is. How does she know? (Gosh, you surprised me.) He’s so surprised that he sneezed. How did she find out? This is so cool. What do you say? – Thank you. / – Thank you. You’re welcome. Ben, say goodbye. – Bye. / – Bye. How did they know it’s Ben’s birthday? I don’t know. What do you mean you don’t know? – Right. This is so fascinating. / – It’s suspicious. – Ben, bye-bye. / – Great-great-grandfather’s… Bye-bye. Look at all these people dressed up. Watching that makes you feel like you’ve traveled – back in time. / – I took a photo with your mom here. Did he come here with his wife too? This is so special and cool. It sure is. (Slipping) Be careful. Bentley? – Is he Bentley? / – Yes. – Everyone knows Bentley. / – Hello, Bentley. Hi! – Happy birthday! / – What? – What? Do they know as well? / – Seriously. What did you say? (He is so surprised that he does a split.) He is so surprised that he does a split. I would be surprised too. Of course! (The birthday song is in order!) They are even singing him a song. (His jaw drops.) How did they know it was his birthday? (Hurray) What a fascinating place! – He is so surprised. / – Hey, hey, hey. – His legs are weak. / – What do you say? – Thank you. / – “Thank you.” – He thanked him. / – Bye. Thank you. Thank you. Have a great day. Bye-bye. (I forgot to do this.) That’s right. He blew them a kiss. What a fascinating place! (Smacking) Birthday boy, what’s going on? Happy! (In any case, Ben is happy.) Happy! Seriously, what is going on? Hello. – Hello. Good day, mate. / – Hello. Your name is Bentley. – Even this grandpa knows. / – Happy birthday. I can’t believe it. – Everyone knows his birthday. / – Do you want a ride? Was Bentley’s birth registered at Sovereign Hill? Dad too. – If I get it there… / – Where? The wheelbarrow? – Sam is too heavy. / – No, I don’t know. (I am heavy.) He’s heavy. Very heavy. This could be good. I am worried about you. I am worried. – I am heavy. / – Gosh, sir. – Bye! / – Let’s go! (Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo) Oh, my. – Bye. / – He is very strong. (Hold on.) (Struggling) (He regrets his decision.) – Bye. / – Sir, put it down. – Sir. / – Happy birthday. – They look so uncomfortable. / – Put it down. – Ben. / – Dad. How was that? – High-five. / – Thank you so much. It’s a special memory. Thank you. – This can’t be a coincidence. / – I know. Ben, you’re a celebrity today. What’s going on? (I don’t know what’s going on.) (Fascinated) What’s going on today? I don’t know. “I don’t know.” (Are you sure you don’t know?) Yes. What’s happening? – Bentley knows it’s strange. / – How did they know? (Let me think.) Think about it, Bentley. I bet you know the answer. (I get it now.) – Does he get it? What could it be? / – Happy birthday. Realization is just out of his reach. I think he figured something out. (I am a star.) (Take photos of me.) (This is my debut stage.) Mr. Cool. (The big star of Sovereign Hill) Mr. Cool. “Everybody knows me.” (Giggling) He must think he is a celebrity. Are you a celebrity? I am a bit jealous of Ben. – Oh, there is a policeman. / – Dad. (Hi.) (A cool policeman.) Say hi. – Hi. / – Say hi. Hi. – Hello. / – Say hi. – Are you William? / – Yes. Who are you? – Ben. / – Hi. – What’s your name? / – He is a star. – That’s Bentley. / – Bentley. – Will he wish him a happy birthday? / – Oh, Bentley. – We’re going to have to arrest you, Bentley. / – What – Arrest him? / – What? What is going on? It’s you. – It’s you. / – Stop it. – It’s not funny. / – Seriously. He didn’t do anything wrong. – He is my brother. / – It’s his birthday. (What is this?) Yes. Now this hand. He is a scary uncle! (What?) How could this happen on his birthday? – Come here. / – Ben realized this man is scary. – Baby, run! / – Ben is running away instinctively. Don’t run away. (It’s futile.) He didn’t do anything wrong. He was in such a good mood. (I won’t go with him.) Of course he is scared. (Take this!) – No. / – He won’t go. – You. / – What? – William? / – Daddy. Daddy. Daddy. No, he is my dad. This is my dad. (They are good sons.) Happy birthday. – How did he know? / – Even the policeman knows. I know all about you. What’s going on today? – I don’t know. / – What is that? Hi. How are you? – I am very well. / – Excellent. I have come in to order some posters. – She’s so sweet. / – It will be a big surprise. – She prepared it. / – Could they put them up around… – All on the walls? / – Around the place? Yes, we can do that for you. Oh, that would be wonderful. There are even photos. That’s how everyone knew. (It’s a big success.) It’s your birthday. I can’t arrest you, Bentley. – This is so nice. / – Happy birthday. Happy birthday, young man. – Happy birthday. / – This is really nice. – Thank you. / – It’s okay. – Bye. / – Bye. Bye. – Nana, I am hungry. / – Are you hungry? – How about lunch? / – Food! Come on. I think we can go – for lunch now. / – Shall we get some food? Let’s go in here. Over here, mate. Food! – “Food!” / – Yes, it’s time for food. – Happy birthday! / – Happy birthday! – What a gentleman! / – He’s having – a grand birthday party. / – This birthday will be a special one for Bentley. – Bentley is… / – Bentley likes food the most. That’s right. (That’s right. I am two.) (Will I get a gift?) He thinks he will get a gift. – What do you want? / – Wait. Food. Baby needs food, Dad. Do you want food? – Soon. Soon. / – Wait a bit longer. Okay. – Yes. Soon. / – Okay. – Okay. / – I am hungry. I am hungry. All right. – What is that? / – This one is for you. William. (Hurry up and give it to me!) – Lovely. Thank you. / – It’s the Australian staple. – Bread. / – Fish and chips. Let’s go. Who wants to eat? Me! Look at that. (William takes a slice first.) We are having a nice feast for Bentley’s birthday. An Australian feast. He wants three slices. – That’s right. / – He took three slices at once. I expected Bentley to take as much. He is incredible. (It’s seasoned perfectly.) It’s seasoned perfectly. Gosh, is he eating ribs? Baby. You shouldn’t just eat bread on your birthday. – It’s birthday bread. / – Bread! It’s birthday bread. (Mister!) (Give me some meat.) (Meat!) Meat? Sorry. I am sorry. He takes a bite of bread and a bite of meat. (The meat goes well with the birthday bread.) (Swallowing) – It must be tasty. / – Bread. – That’s right. Bread. / – And back to the bread. (It’s tastier when you alternate between the two.) He is eating with gusto. Baby, cheese is… (Baby, cheese is good.) – It’s good. / – It tastes good. It tastes good. – Give me this. / – It’s butter. You can spread it on bread. You know what you are doing. Oh, my butter! Oh, my butter, baby! – Oh, my butter, baby! / – “It isn’t on my bread.” – Do you want butter? / – He wants it on his bread. I will do it for you. A bit of butter. Once he gets a taste of butter, – It’s tasty. / – he will become absorbed. (Butter is tasty.) (It’s tasty and moist.) Is he putting it on his hair? (Ben’s hair becomes shiny.) (It’s not hard to have the glossy look.) Nana, when is your birthday? Nana’s birthday. 7th of April. Dad, didn’t I go to Nana’s birthday party? (Didn’t I go?) I can’t seem to remember it. – You called Nana. / – What is that style of speech? (You are all I need.) French fries? – It’s hot. / – It’s hot. – I am sorry. / – Sam was just as startled. (You should blow on it.) That… – It won’t cool down quickly. / – No. It’s hot. – It’s hot. It’s hot. / – He swallowed hot food. (This is the taste.) – It’s hot. / – It’s hot. Gosh, it’s hot. – It’s hot, right? / – He is so cute! (But I won’t spit it out.) – It’s hot but tasty. / – He won’t spit it out. Is it good? Do you want another? Bentley, happy birthday. Who is that? Oh, it’s a cake. Here. (He bows to show gratitude right away.) – Who wrote this? / – I did. Did Grandma write this? – Grandma wrote this. / – Did she write on the cake? It’s a special cake, then. (Last night, Nana was concentrating hard.) It’s not very good. – It’s so touching. / – It’s getting – all over the place. / – What is she writing? “Happy birthday.” – That’s the Korean letter “bieup”. / – Is that so? She wrote “Bentley” in Korean. This is a big surprise, okay? – It is a big surprise indeed. / – Don’t say anything. It’s one of a kind. It’s an incredibly precious cake. You can write in Korean. I can write in Korean. Amazing! – Amazing! / – What do we do? – Happy birthday. / – One, two, three. (Blowing) (Oh, I’m not the birthday boy.) (Everyone is happy.) – He’s deep in thoughts. / – He’s suddenly reminded of the past. He must be touched. He was born two years ago. Gosh, he was tiny and cute. (He was born amidst everyone’s good wishes.) Ben, I love you. (He was born bald.) I remember those days. That’s right. He was bald back then. Even when he didn’t have hair, he was handsome. (Kissing) (Thanks to his brother’s love) (and his strong stomach,) (he ate white rice at five months old.) – Even then, he liked to eat. / – That’s right. (When he didn’t have teeth, he used his gums.) He ate with such gusto. (He developed his palate by eating fruits) (and became the youngest food fighter.) (He tried new food tirelessly.) Bentley always ate diligently. (He diligently ate and ate.) (What do you mean I was born to eat?) What? (I will show you) (my other sides.) Eating wasn’t the only thing he was good at. – He was good at partying too. / – That’s right. He was born with a good sense of rhythm. (Do you know how strong I am?) – He was strong too. / – That’s right. (Bentley used his strength.) (He was sweet too.) He is a bundle of charms. Many things have happened over the past two years. That’s right. Days past must be passing through his mind. (His life as a three-year-old will begin!) (Time passes so quickly.) (Being a two-year-old feels just like yesterday.) Hurray! Hurray! (I will blow out the candles.) Give it a big blow. He is touched. (I didn’t make a wish yet.) (I want everyone who is watching this to be happy.) Ready. One, two, three. (Did you see that?) Good. Bentley, please grow up – as cute, healthy and energetic / – Happy birthday. as you are now. – He wants to eat now. / – He blew out the candles. Is it tasty? – This is touching. / – Thanks, Mom. I love you, I love you, I love you a billion, zillion times. – “A billion, zillion times.” / – Thank you. Let’s go outside and play after we eat cake. (I love Nana too.)

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  1. I never want this lovely family to leave TROS. Sam is a great son, husband and father. William didn't even ask for attention because he understood they are celebrating Bentley's birthday (tho he said that he is jealous which is normal keke). And Bentley, too! He is a ray of sunshine. Time really flies so fast.
    Love Nana so much, she makes every effort to make them happy. Please stay strong and healthy Nana!
    I've grown to love this family over the years!

  2. Omg ben is going to be a model in the future oh a chef lol his tooo handsome I think am going to cry lol it’s like I raised him his grown tooo much

  3. Nana is so sweet and amazing. The love she gives to her grandchildren is beyond everything. I just wish i can experience it. Btw, been watching ben since he was born, he indeed is so special, and so william.

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    12:53 another one? What's happening I'm dying

  6. Awesome surprise to Birthdayboy Bentley by very fun-loving, kind-hearted Nana. Appa Sam sure got his sentimental heart from her. 💞

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