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This is Pierce’s 5th Year Birthday. We are in 2015. He’s growing up way too fast for (us). We just want things to slow down a little bit, so we can enjoy him a little more. He’s doing so much now. He started his own YouTube channel this year. And that has really grown his personality, made him a lot more confident. He’s a lot more vocal. He’s a lot more eloquent. Blue Thunder… Feel the Energy! All of them do that, too. He’s just grown as a person. And now… Golly, I have so much love for him. I can just start to cry if I think about it. And here goes Daddy… Yeah We just have so much love for you, Pierce. We do these celebrations pretty big. You are our only son, and you matter so much in our lives. We love you so much! And you bring us such joy. It’s unimaginable. I really feel sorry for those people who can’t have children of their own because the joy that you bring to us is amazing. I can’t even imagine all the things that you do… The little things… All the cute little things that you do. And those little things aren’t so little because they mean a lot to Mommy and Daddy. Yeah And we are so proud of you. You’re so confident already. And you have a tender heart. And you really have a lot of love. Happy Birthday, Pierce. Happy Birthday, Pierce. Thank you for inviting me. Happy Birthday, Pierce. “Happy Birthday to you.” “Happy Birthday to you.” “Happy Birthday, dear Pierce.” “Happy Birthday to you.” Cha Cha Cha Happy Birthday, Pierce. Hi Pierce. I can’t believe you are turning five. And I will continue to look forward to coming to your birthday parties cause it’s so much fun. But, anyway I just want to pray that you be blessed by the good Lord, and that you grow up to be a great person. And when you look back at all these tapes, you will realize how blessed you are when you are five. You have all these friends and loved ones who care and love you. So, you’re blessed. And we love you, Pierce. Happy Birthday Happy Birthday, Pierce. It’s been a joy to see you grow up over the past couple years. You’re a joy to have. You’re a blessing. So, keep up the good work on YouTube, and thanks. Happy Birthday, Pierce. I remember the first day when you were born. It was the best day of my life. I held you in my hands, and it was so wonderful. I was so excited to meet you. And have a cousin of my own. And have a relative that close to me. And I just want to say, I love you. I hope you grow up to be a great handsome, young boy. Thank you. Hi, Pierce. Here’s Uma. Happy Birthday. You are five years old today. Uma is proud of you. For you have accomplished a lot things within a year. Hi Pierce. I just noticed that this year you grew up a lot. And you improved your language skills, especially in Mandarin. And also, your swimming. And it is good. Keep on improving. And we love you. Be a good boy. Be an obedient boy. At home, at school, or anywhere else. And don’t forget your God, ok? Ok, you need to pray daily. Ok, and be loving. To love your God. Ok, with all your heart, your soul, and your mind. One day when you grow up, you will understand what Uma is trying to tell you, ok? Ok, I love you, Baby. Bye! Pierce said all he wants to do for his birthday is dance in front of room full of his friends and family. So, we are going to make that happen. I need a B! “If he wants his birthday cake!” “Let me see your birthday shake!” “If he wants his birthday treat!” “Let me see you move your feet!” “Celebrating at the Gump.” “Now, it’s time to see you jump!” Happy! Birthday! “Bring it on down.” “Happy Birthday to you!” “Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you.” “Happy Birthday, dear Pierce.” “Happy Birthday to you.” Hello, Pierce. You’re Super Boy! Everybody loves you, Pierce! And including me… Your Grandpa and your Grandma. Thank you very much for inviting us to this party. And happy, happy birthday to you, Pierce. Hi, Pierce. This is Moo-Moo. Moo-Moo just wants to wish you a Happy, Happy 5th Birthday! Hi, Pierce. This is Ie-Gong. Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday, Pierce. YouTube Star! YouTube Star! Oh yeah, party. Oh yeah, party. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah… PARTY! Hi Pierce! Happy Birthday! He said to be healthy. The way you speak. The way you look at us. Your behavior… your mannerisms. And the things you say… The questions you ask… Just everything about you, Pierce, is just amazing. Happy Birthday, Pierce. Happy Birthday, Baby! Let’s do this again next year! Happy Birthday, Pierce! THANK YOU!

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