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[laughing] I wanna thank this prom that’s
turned into one big boo-ba-dee-boo! OK, that sounds horrible. ♪ Yeah boy, let’s get it started ♪ Here I am! Just walking through school. Hoping the Flour Bomber doesn’t ruin
my awesome expensive outfit, by you know… Flour bombing me. That better not happen. OK. There’s my girl,
just blending in with the crowd. Hi, Beck! My daddy just got richer
and I got prettier, let’s make out. OK, let me see if I understand you. Let’s see if you do. Because you and I date, I can’t be friends with other girls? You can be friends with ugly girls. But not girls who are
gorgeous socialites who text message you
a hundred times a day. You know what? You–
Tori, Tori. – Can you come here?
– What? If you were my girlfriend… Oh, great way to start the question. Would you be all freaked out if
I was just friends with Alyssa Vaughn? Who cares what she thinks? Honestly, I wouldn’t love it. I care what she thinks. How can you say that?
You don’t even– You know, I really don’t want
to be in the middle of all this. – No, you stay right here.
– No! You don’t think a girlfriend
should just trust her boyfriend? No, I do. – Get out of here, Tori.
– I’d love to. Uh, sweet farm girl… Would you mind getting that tray
of quesadillas from the kitchen? Oh, I wouldn’t mind at all! – Oh wait, that tray just–
– Ah! The oven… [whimpering] My goodness, that tray was hot! Well, look there. My skin’s starting to blister. And I do believe that’s
the sweet smell of my burning flesh. – Jade, perhaps I should drive you–
– Who’s Jade? My name is Betty Sue Goldenheart, a happy farm girl who is experiencing
extreme pain right now. Ahh… [moaning] And yet, she never broke character. Move this car! [glass shattering] You broke character! OK, something’s dripping on me. Something’s dripping on me. N-nothing’s dripping. Yes, look on my arm. See? And on my forehead. What’s going on? What’s happening? – You’re sweating.
– No! No I’m not, I don’t sweat.
I am not sweating! – Look at me.
– No! – Look at me.
– No! – Look at me!
– What? You’re sweating. [screeching] We… we gotta get out of here. No! Worst night ever. Oh, you think I’m having fun on this date?
‘Cause I’m not. – Then let’s not talk.
– Fine! – You know…
– Oh! There is no good reason why you and I
shouldn’t be able to sit here together and have a conversation. – I got a good reason.
– Which is? I don’t like you. Really? You can’t think of one thing
that you like about me? I like when you’re sad. OK, try again. Reach deep down into
your twister bitter soul and see if you can find
anything nice to say about me. Uh… OK. Your singing isn’t awful. I’m sick of this! Ice cream reminds me of my childhood. You didn’t have a happy childhood? My favorite toy was a hammer. You finish the puzzle. – You know, you don’t have to help.
– Don’t push me. What? But if we win and Kesha does do
a private concert here, only the people who helped
find the letters get to come. Only the people who help
find the letters get to come! I don’t talk like that! So before you booked our trip here, you forgot to find out that
this is the worst country on earth? Yeah. Jade, don’t be such a Crabby Cathy. I have every right to be a Crabby Cath– That’s, OK, OK, custom. Uh, Crabby Cathy is about
to get a little bit crabbier. [giggling] Hey! Get your hands off
my boyfriend’s head. [hissing] Whatever, yeah let’s hang out
tomorrow night. OK, but we can’t invite Tori
to come with us ’cause she’s– What’s Tori doing tomorrow night? Nothing, I don’t know.
She told me not to tell you. – Five…
– Oh, God! – Four…
– Don’t count! – Three…
– Oh, I love three. Two… Have you heard of the new Pear pads
with the slightly better screen? – One!
– OK, OK. – Tori and Beck are going out together.
– What? You gotta give me a hug. – I will not.
– Just do it. Oh, see? Giving Tori a big old hug
isn’t such a bad thing– OK, that’s really tight. Oh, God help me.

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  1. 'Hoping the flour bomber dosen't ruin my awesome expensive outfit, by you know…. flour bombing me!'😂😂😂

  2. What about?

    “My eyebrows are gone!!!!”

    “No there not, I told you there right here!!!!!!!!!”


  3. I wish Nick had an "not so for child" channel like cartoon has. So they could continue some shows like Victorious or Ned's with more mature topics. And of course Jade would be crazier xd

  4. Aww happy birthday 🥳 🥳 🥳 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😞🥳🥳😞😞😞🥳😞🥰🥰🥰

  5. Pfft who else loved when jade told her to hang out a cat accidentally spilled the secret and who saw cats face😂 at 5:07

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