Happy Birthday, God’s Love! Sponsor a Cake, Sponsor a Smile!

My name is Chuck, the baker, my last name is Piekarski. And translated from Polish into English, Piekarski means baker, go figure. God’s Love We Deliver began more than 25 years
ago, cooking and delivering nutritious meals to people living with all sorts of life altering
illnesses. We believe that everybody deserves a special
birthday, so our birthday cakes are hand baked, and hand decorated, by our baker Chuck. I really didn’t know about God’s Love until
I got involved, and than it just blossomed. We were doing 300 clients tops, and what we
are doing now is 2500+ and its a big change, and we are helping a lot of people. Birthday cakes were on-going when I came,
we probably were doing 10-12 birthday cakes a week, now we are doing 50 cakes a week,
which I will ice and decorate and personalize. Every birthday cake leaves with the name of
our client on it and I think it’s a great thing because sometimes some of these people
have forgotten, and it really means a lot to them. We got a letter once from a mother, who was
rather sick and she couldn’t bake a cake for her child. And she wrote us that she opened the door,
she got her meal, and she looked into her bag, and she had a birthday cake for her child. And she was just so happy, she wrote us a
letter telling us how wonderful it was and how grateful she was that her child was able
to have a birthday cake. This cake here, is for a client named Hassan. Hi Hassan, Happy birthday. thank you, happy birthday, thank you so much,
that’s so nice of you. we also made something for you here, for your birthday. Thank you so much. For 27 years we have been able to provide
birthday cakes to our clients on there birthdays, and that would not happen without your support. Happy birthday God’s Love

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  1. what a beautiful person, Chuck is an inspiration. i had the pleasure of volunteering in God's Love We Deliver from my company.  it was an amazing experience!

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