Happy Birthday Julie!

– I am so excited for Julie’s birthday. – We wanna know what’s inside that box! – This present is a really big deal. Let’s get this birthday started! You’re going to follow
me, follow my voice, and you’re gonna get your shoes on. (upbeat music) (car screeching) Did I just hear you ask Julie
to take the garbage out? – I said I would do the sink and mirror. – [Ruby] Julie is not
taking out the garbage today because today is Julie’s birthday! Happy Birthday. (upbeat music) We are writing Julie some
Happy Birthday messages. What does this say? – I love you, have? – You have? I love you is– – I don’t know what. – I love you. Is you have a good birthday,
is that what it says? I love you Julie a lot. Even when I look like I don’t, I do. (laughter) – Only two more hours and who’s coming? – Olivia and Emma.
– Olivia and Emma! Julie just asked if she has
to practice the piano today. What’s the answer? – Nope.
– Nope. (upbeat music) – Mom, what the heck is that? – What is what?
– That? – This?
– Yes. – I wanna know what it is inside. – But we’ve been packing to move; look at all these boxes
we’re packing to move. – No, this! – Oh, the one that’s wrapped
that looks like a present? – Yeah. – I don’t know. – Yes you do. – Do I?
– Tell us. – Well, what do you think is in it? – Well, we think there’s
a subway or a mini car. – The possibilities are endless. I am not telling you. I am not telling you. I have learned my lesson. I have been burned too many times! I know not to get into this
little sneaky hole with you. – [Eve] We won’t tell her, trust us! We won’t tell her! – I am not gonna trust you. – No, we won’t tell her! – Okay whenever a child says, “Trust me!”, that is a form of manipulation. I am not gonna be
manipulated into telling you. – We wanna know what’s inside that box! – So yeah, let’s get
this birthday started. – [Eve] Is it a subway? – What is a subway? She keeps talking about a subway. – It’s something you ride on. – [Russell] But it has handles. – [Ruby] Oh, a segway? – A segway. – A segway! No, it is not a segway or a subway. – What about a mini car? – I’m not giving you any more clues. I’m gonna get ready. Get out of my room so I can get dressed. – No. – Get out of my room. – No. – Get out of my room! Oh my gosh! Okay Chad, come give us your opinion. Julie would not wear it, but I thought– – Not the shirt. – Not the shirt. – No, no, no, no, the
shirt’s my favorite part! – [Chad] No, Mom, no, that shirt’s awful. – Okay, I don’t want your opinion. What about the pants? Oh where is… see, now she left. See, now she left! – [Chad] No, no the shirt. – What about the pants? – [Daughter] I like them
separately, but not together. – [Chad] Not even sure. – (exasperated sigh)
Well, do you like ’em? – I don’t like them together. – You don’t like them
together, but separate? I have another top you can try. – [Daughter] Yeah, those pants
are really cute with you. – Those pants are darling. Turn around. Those pants are the cutest
pants I’ve ever seen! Do you like them better on, Julie? Well, what do you wanna
wear, the top or the bottom? And then I’ll get something else. – Bottom. – You wanna keep the bottoms on? That’s so funny because
when I showed them to her, she’s like I don’t like the bottoms, I will never wear the bottoms. I’m like, just try them on. Okay, I’ve got another top. Let’s try a different top with it. This present is a really big deal. Julie doesn’t know this. Kevin and I made a
little visit to a friend. – You’re not gonna peck
my eyeball out, are you? You’d let me cuddle you, aww. Ow! Is he biting my ear?
– [Ruby] No. – Something’s on my ear. – [Ruby] It’s his claw. – Oh your claw is in my ear! – On Saturday, we’ll come
back and get you guys! Julie’s gonna be so shocked. Not only is she getting one
bird, but she’s getting two. – We’ll see you next week, guys. Be good, behave. I expect you to learn to
be fully potty trained by the time we come back. – [Ruby] There we go. Nope, oh, oh, now they’re
on top of each other. (birds screeching) – He’s on my head. – He’s on your back now. Come here. Oh! Just grab him, just grab him. – I outsmarted you. – I am so excited for Julie’s birthday. I can’t hardly stand it. (upbeat music) Who’s here? – Olivia! – It’s good to see you. – [Ruby] We’re so glad
you’re here, welcome! – [Eve] American Girl doll thing upstairs. – Cool. – [Ruby] She’s been so
excited to tell you about her American Girl doll stuff. – I don’t know have a lot
of American Girl doll stuff. – Do you love it?
– Yeah. – Oh come here, Olivia,
my sweet little niece. You look so beautiful! Look how beautiful Olivia is! What is this? – We’re talking secrets! – She said that during tanning
I have to raise my arm after. – This isn’t a secret! I said, Kevin Franke, have
you been going tanning? (laughing) – I am so mad at him! – I know! Skin cancer, hello! – I know, and his dad had skin cancer. Big deal. – You look really nice though. – I’m like, just spray
tan like I do and Bonnie. Lift up his arm. He doesn’t lift up his
arms so that he’s… (laughter) – No, I was like, wait, you’ve gotta lift your arms halfway. – Can you see it? Yeah, like, it’s just like
this white circle right there. – I can show you where else it’s white. – Ah! (upbeat music) Julie, what do you think? So do you like it? – I don’t know.
– No. – Okay, you are not allowed
to talk anymore, Chad. – I’m just saying. – No, keep your mouth shut. – I’m helping you. – It is cute. Let me help you, let’s
just unbutton the top. – [Friend] I really like it. – It’s a horse for an American Girl doll! – It’s so cute! Eve has been so excited, Olivia, for you to come over so
she can play with you. She’s been talking all morning
about how excited she is. – Can you find a pair of earrings, Mom? – We’ll find a pair of earrings for you. – [Bonnie] No, no, no, look! Stop, stop, stop, stop. – Could you hear me screaming? Chad, you singed your hair! – Just a little bit. I didn’t mean to; I was
trying to play with– (laughter) – You kept getting closer,
I thought you were doing it on purpose; I was like,
what are you doing? – No one can tell, it’s fine. I’m fine. – Stop playing with fire. Where did he get that lighter? – [Child] Dad bought it.
– [Kevin] I bought ’em. – K, give ’em back to Dad now. Chad was turning the lighter on that we just got for Julie’s candles, and he was looking down at it like this, but what he didn’t
realize was his long hair was being fringed as he
was turning the lighter on, and so his hair was like fringing up. If Bonnie hadn’t told
you, you would’ve fringed the entire front! I think kids get so much
more fun as they get older. Yesterday Shari said,
Mom, would you like me to order Julie’s cake? And then she went and picked up the cake, and then she’s like, she had
everything set up for lunch and made bean and bacon soup for everybody with some cheesy tortillas. Thank you so much. Chad’s been helping. He went with Shari to go pick up the cake. – Mom?
– What? – Mom, can you get me some soup? – Yes, I can get you some soup. (upbeat music) – [All] ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday dear Julie ♪ ♪ Happy Birthday to you ♪ (overlapping chatter) (cheering) – [Ruby] Did you make a wish? What was it? – I’m not telling you. – [Bonnie] Will you tell me? – I think we should say something that we all like about Julie before she opens her present. Okay, I’ll go first. I really like that
Julie is not intimidated to try something new in
front of other people who know what they’re doing. She’s shown me this with swimming, she’s shown me this with gymnastics, and dance and basketball,
and I love that about you. – I noticed that this year,
every time I look at Julie, she reminds me of, like,
someone I would hang out with in like high school. She’s super mature and
independent and responsible. She’s gonna be an awesome adult and mom. – [Ruby] Aww – [Bonnie] That was so cute. – [Ruby] That was really cute. – I like how me and Julie
always have the same ideas, we’re practically always
thinking of the same thing. And we’re always doing things together that, like, sometimes is not
okay, but we still do it. – [Ruby] She’s your partner in crime? – I like that Abby and
Julie are basically twins. (laughter) – I really like Julie because
she’s a really good cousin, and whenever there’s a problem, I can either go to Julie or Julie. She’s really nice and kind,
and she’s really trustworthy and she’s just an amazing cousin. – [Ruby] Aw, thanks. – I like that Julie is
always willing to play with the little kids. She’s like the middle where
the kids love to play with her, but we like to have her with us. – [Ruby] That’s a good place to be. – Whenever we go on a
roller coaster or something, she basically comes with us, and sometimes she’s scared sometimes. – It’s supposed to be
something nice about her. (laughter) When I come home from work,
the first person to come and give me a hug is almost always Julie. And she’s always been that way. She’s never been afraid
to show her affection. – Julie is the best cousin. – [Ruby] Aww, we feel like that about you. – When we do family get-togethers, and all the cousins rush
in and rush downstairs, she always come over and
says hi to all the aunts. She always gives me a hug
and smiles, and I like that. – [Ruby] That’s kinda hard
to do when you’re a kid. – Yeah. – Last time we left a family event, Joel said, do you know
what I love about Julie? I said what? And he said, she is up for anything. It doesn’t matter if
it’s scary, adventurous, she’s always up for
whatever the group is doing, and I like that about you too, Julie. – We hope that these
gifts are a little token of how much we appreciate
you being in our family. – Yep, I guessed it, it’s money! – I was thinking that you could use that to buy some exercise
clothes because you keep stealing Shari’s. Well, we love you Julie. – So what about that big
present in your bedroom? (upbeat music) – I can’t wait! You’re going to follow
me, follow my voice, and you’re gonna get your shoes on. – Mom, I’m starting to
sweat; can I take it off? – No, get your shoes on. (car screeching) (peaceful music)

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