Hi! It’s my birthday! HURRAY! It’s, uh, it’s actually tomorrow. HURRAY! I’m turning 27! HURRAY! Someone told me I’m almost 30… HURRAY! And I’m dying… Hurruhh… It’s actually very weird to think that when I
started this whole Youtube thing, I was actually 22 years old. And NOW look at me! What the hell happened?! Either way I’m old, it doesn’t matter. But I just got back from VidCon and it was an amazing time. I-I got to meet so many other Youtubers and some of them mm-my favorite Youtubers that I haven’t gotten to meet in the past like Boogie. I’ve been watching Boogie2988, uh if you didn’t know for a long, long time and he’s big source of inspiration. And we got in, like, this… this circular
ass-kissing contest to be like, “No, YOU inspire me.” And then he was like, “No, YOU inspire ME.” And I’m like, “No, fuck you! You inspire me, asshole!” And he’s like, “YOU DICKBAG! You inspire ME!” So, it’s just….. a bunch of that bullshit. If you haven’t checked out his channel,
I’ll put a link in the description below He is a COOL, cool guy. You should definitely check his videos if you haven’t in the past. And then, of course, you know, I got to hang out with the Youtubers that I’ve known for a long time. Uhh, Jack was there. Y’know, Ryan and Matt were there. A whole bunch of other Youtubers that I met in the past were there and the problem is… Like with most conventions that
I go to, I get so caught up in… being there and doing the things while I’m there, that I totally forget to actually take pictures and record video because I’m a douchebag, and I forget to actually post stuff OUT for you guys! So in all honesty, I know yo- a lot of you guys wanted
to see a collab with me and Jack I forgot to do that! Tha-there wasn’t enough time! I was busy… So, I’ll just have to invite him out to L.A.
again, sometime in the future, along with, uh, Wade and Bob. Bob NEEDS to come to L.A. PLEASE! Tweet at Bob! Tell him to come to L.A.! He’s done with schooool! I need him!! I miss him… Poor Bob… And Wade too. I guess Wade can come along too. But I miss those guys, they weren’t at VidCon. And actually at VidCon, I had a panel there, and they wanted to stick me in the giant room. They had this room with like, uhm… seating for 4500 poeple. It’s the biggest room in the place and they
TOLD me that I would easily fill up the place, and that was intimidating to me because
I was doing the panel by myself. Which I’ve never done a panel just by myself, and they had an alternative, with… which was a much smaller room- it was about a 500 person room. And… it was a more intimate environment. I mean, even 500 people, still a lot of people but, something smaller scale like that appeals to me more, because I’m able to actually interact with people and I’m able to actually talk with people and it’s not like you’re watching me on these weird, big projectors. I mean! Next year, I’ll do it, because I heard that a lot of people were very disappointed that they didn’t get into the panel, and it’s something that I have to acknowledge. The fact that there ARE so many people out there that want to see me. And when I go to these conventions, it is intimidating… to see how many people wanna meet me. And security was a big concern this year, and it went very well. There was no incidents as far as I know. There may have been small incidents here and there, but uh, it went relatively smoothly, uh, from my end. There was actually this one moment where, uh, myself, Jack, Emma Blackery, and… Comicstorian were doing an event on the Maker Stage… And it was really fun, it went totally well, uh, some of you saw it livestreamed and we were playing Funemployed. But AFTER it was over, It was the only time… that we were a little scared. Because… a-as you know, like, there’s a lot of people at VidCon. There’s just so many people densely
packed on the VidCon floor, and there were so many crowding the broo- the booth that as soon as we got done… We literally had nowhere to go. We were
trying to get backstage but it’s like, we stepped INTO the zombie hoard. Not comparing you guys to zombies or- oh, I’m an asshole now… But not comparing you guys to zombies, but it’s just like so many people wanted selfies, that we were just getting phones shoved in our faces and we’re getting jostled around. And I mean, i-it’s flattering in a way that so many people want to meet us, but it’s scary when there’s… a hundred people at ONCE, trying very desperately to get a picture so… we were just trying to get backstage so we could go to another event because at VidCon, like all of us creators are booked VERY tightly, we’re going from one event to another to another to another, and then we get like, an hour break for a meal then another and another and another… And, uh, it was just… Very intimidating because security was SO beefed up. We had like 4 burly security guard and even they were like, “HOOLY SHIT, THESE KIDS! GODDAMMIT!!!” Apparently Santa Claus was our bodyguard this year. But it was jus- it was the only
moment where it’s ever been intimidating. And I think that’s just because it’s VidCon. And VidCon… Y’know, you guys who go there are MUCH more intense. It’s like the fan-central thing. So, of course there’s so many super fans there, whereas if you go to PAX, y’know… It’s gamers, it’s chill, it’s whatever, y’know. We’r- they’re mostly there for the video games and not mostly there for us. But VidCon is just like… ONLY the people that are there so, i-it gets a little intense sometimes. But the other thing that happened at VidCon was, there were 3 separate families AT VidCon that wanted to meet me from the Make-a-Wish Foundation. And that’s a HUGE honor, like, uhh, people at PAX came to meet me, uh,
from the Make-a Wish-Foundation, I’ve done Make-a-Wish stuff before, it’s a complete honor to be able to walk in that room and meet people who’ve gone through so much struggle. And, uh, I-It wa- It was really, like… both a heartwarming and a heartbreaking experience to be able to talk to these families And I got… I got about, like we were booked so tight, like I said, that I got about half hour each uh, with each of these families, just to be able to sit down and talk. And it was a great time because… I walked into the first family… uh, and… I-It was… It was like, there were very tearful
and they were so excited to see me. And I was just like, “Hey! How’s it going?” “Oh, gosh! Don’t cry, I’m normal! I swear!” “I-I’m weird but I’m normal.” An-and by the end of the conversation, y’know… I-I hope they realize that I’m just a normal guy. Uhh, I hope they realize that I-I relate very closely with these experiences that they have gone through, and that, y’know, really, really, I do care, uh, about their well-being and I care about them, and I care that they watch my videos to get them through these… tough surgeries, y’know, chemotherapy that
some of them have to go through These harsh experiences that children should
not have to deal with but they do… I’m glad that my videos can help out in any way. So, it was a huge honor, and actually, I recorded a few videos with each of them so here they are, in all their glory. Hey guys, I’m here with the Make-a-Wish
Foundation, with Katie and her family, the Clemens family. So, just wanted to say ‘Hi,’ they gotta get going,
we just wrapped up our meeting but I wanted to record this and say, “Thank you
for meeting with me. (Say bye guys.)” Everyone: Byyyyyeeee!!! Nathan: Hi! Oh gosh…
Mark: I… Mark: (jokingly) Let me do the video! Mark: You’re not in charge heeerree.
(laughing in the background) Hi guys, welcome to MY vlog and not Nathan’s there. He’s intruding, that’s why he’s standing
in the shade and I’m illuminated. Nice to meet you, I’m here with him and his family, uh we just wrapped up our little meeting here at VidCon and I’m trying to get everyone but they’re so spread apart. (woman laughing) That’s Scott! He work- he works for Make-a-Wish. He doesn’t want to be on camera but he’s
gonna be on camera so ‘Hiii…’ Scott: (mockingly) Hiiii~ Mark: But anyways, so I’m just saying goodbye right now but, uh, say to Nathan and his family. (woman: Hi!) Okay byyyeeeee
(woman: Bye!) Hi! Markiplier here with another
Make-a-Wish family from VidCon This is Tyler. That’s Kathy. That’s Jessica. And we’re here to say… what are w- Tyler: Dicks. (laughter) Tyler: I had to. Mark: Oh, I-I told him the secret to Youtube success and it’s all dick jokes but that wasn’t a joke. That was just saying the word ‘dicks’. So, thank you, Tyler. And thank you everybody for watching. We’ll see you later, byyyyyeeee. Sweep! Sweep!! Byyyee! That was Tyler at the end there. He REALLY got me. Tyler really understood me and he’s gonna start a Youtube channel pretty soon That guy is funny. Mostly just because the whole time I was there,
he was telling dick jokes and that is like, *laughing* Oh! That warm- that warms my heart to
hear a good old-fashioned dick joke But it was an awesome time and VidCon was a great time so, thank you everybody who came out to meet me and I’m sorry if some people wanted to meet me and couldn’t. It was crazy there. There were so many people, there was so many creators, so many fans and we were booked so tight. Like, there’s only one of us. Each, individually, there’s only one of us creators and there’s so many of you guys, and we’re trying to spread the love. but thank you everybody who did. And thank you everybody who went to VidCon to meet, not only me, but all the other creators there. And thank you for all the birthday wishes!!! I don’t need any presents, it’s okay, I’m perfectly fine. Thank you for all the well wishes and I will do something! I’ll stick a candle in one slice of cheesecake and I will eat it and that will be my celebration. So! Thank you everybody so much for watching and as always, I will see YOU in the next video! BUH-BYE!! (extremely high pitched screech-singing) Byyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

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