Happy Birthday Miranda

*Loud Horn Sound* Good Moring Everyone I hope you all are having a good day Today is my Birthday *Many Loud Horn Sounds* I am now to decades years old. Which now might seem old to some of the people in my audience. Little Kid: I’ve been watching the odds1outcomic for quite some time and well he’s just freaking awesome Dude you can’t say freaking in a Youtube video Little Kid: yeah i said freaking in a Youtube video whatcha gonna do ………..Well…. Dang……..you got me there but i can assure that 2 decades its not………… i don’t feel old I am now the same age as Leafy Which makes me slightly uncomfortable And a little embarrassed. And now sadly I am to old to be on Teens React Which was always my life long dream. but now that ship has sailed and burned to the ground *in a whisper* Tragically I’m to old… I’m 20….. that’s not a teenager anymore. 20-teen…. nah it doesn’t work But their is someones birthday that needs to be metioned It’s a girl….. She was born the same day as me….. I’ve mentioned her before.. She’s a big part of my life…. She has long hair…… IIIIIIIt’s Miranda Cosgrove. It’s her birthday too Happy Birthday Miranda.

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  4. What it was somebody that I thought you don’t mention in your videos I haven’t seen you mention in your videos one sister so weird it’s just weird OK weirdo you’re still you’re still my best YouTube or OK credible

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