Happy Birthday, Peter Gabriel (Mercy street cover)

Dear Peter Gabriel! I hope this video will, by some miracle, find its way to you and you get the chance to watch it. Your music has been with me since I was five. you could say, I grew up on it. I remember dancing as a little girl to “Kiss That Frog” and “Shock The Monkey”, and that girl was happy. I first discovered Genesis at the age of 13, and after that, my life would never be the same. Back then, I already knew I wanted to play music and I had something I wanted to sing about. It was thanks, in great part, to you that I decided to get into music. Of all your precious songs, there is one that has been with me my entire life. It brought me solace and support on my hardest days. That song is “Mercy Street”. Thank you so much for this song and all others that inspired me and let me experience something beautiful. Please keep on creating, and remember that, somewhere in Russia, there is someone who sees you as her guiding light in the world of music. Happy birthday, Peter.

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