Happy Birthday PRANK

– Abby decided very last minute, she was calling friends this morning. She’s like, “Do you wanna come over?” And so I ran and got the birthday cake, I ordered some pizza that’s on its way, and her friends are here. And I’m literally in my
bedroom going like this. (upbeat music) (brake screeches) (engine hums) You’re team two. Okay, you are blue, so that
means you have to switch colors. Go switch your shirt up inside out. Okay, Julie, that was speedy quick. So, your ride is gonna be here at 8:40. – Okay. – Did you braid your hair? Oh my gosh. It is so nice to have
independent children. It’s really, really nice. My gosh, look how cute you are. Are you nervous? – Kind of. (harp scales) – [Ruby] Julie hasn’t played soccer in– – Two years about. (harp scales) – [Ruby] And today’s your first game. Are you sad I’m not gonna be there? – No, not really. – I will be to one of
your games, I promise. All of ’em if I can. Today (laughs) it’s a little bit crazy. Let me show you what’s going on besides this hot mess. I’ve got two hooligans
who also need showered. (pants) What is wrong? – This sauce, I put it
in my burrito, is good, but it’s really spicy. – Speaking of independence,
these kids made their own breakfast because
Mama was sittin’ in the bathtub on her Instagram for an
hour getting wrinkly. Burritos for breakfast? ‘Kay, but listen, you can’t
put this back in the fridge. You can’t put metal
cans back in the fridge. I’ve seen you guys do that
and you can’t do that. – All right. – Capeesh? (upbeat music) You wanna see somethin’ sick? Can you see all the grease? It’s pretty disgusting. I’m trying to grow my hair
even longer, which is crazy. My hair hasn’t been this long
since I was a little girl. I need to get a different bristle brush, this isn’t the one I wanna use. But I read somewhere that
you’re supposed to brush your scalp with a boar bristle brush morning and night at the roots. Not through all of your
hair but just at your roots. (upbeat music) Russell? He’s taking out all the garbages for me. He’s gathering all the garbages. Russell. – What? – [Ruby] Someone’s on the phone for you. – Goody! – [Phone Voice] Russell. – Hi. – [Phone Voice] Hi. – [Female Phone Voice] Hey,
your guys’ teeth are twinners. – Yeah. – [Female Phone Voice]
Smile real big in the camera and I’ll take your picture. (laughs) – [Ruby] It looks like
he’s looking into a mirror. – Guess what we’re
gonna do on my birthday. – Yeah, we’re going to
go to Chuck E. Cheese. – No, we’re gonna go to Fat Cats. – What? You said you were gonna
go to Chuck E. Cheese. – I said we were either
gonna go to Chuck E. Cheese or Fat Cats and we chose Fat Cats. – Oh.
– (laughs) Aloha! (laughs) – Oh my gosh, why do you say that? ♪ Saturday is a special day ♪ ♪ It’s the day we get ready for Sunday ♪ So today we are in all
kinds of different places. I went over to the chapel
and helped clean the church for tomorrow’s services. And Kevin took his engineering
class down to Salt Lake City and they’re touring the
basement, the foundation of some of the church’s
buildings over there. And Shari took her first
big road trip all by herself and I’m really nervous. She’s driving with another
boy from her school. They are going to a track and field meet. Julie’s at a soccer game
and Chad is at a scout camp. So my kids are all over the place which makes me, I don’t
know, it’s kinda sad to start seeing all your
kids do different things and you can’t be at all
places at all times. So, let me show you what my job today is. My Saturday job. Brace yourself for what
I am about to show you. I went to the post
office for the first time in about a month. Look what happens when
you wait a whole month before going to the post office. – [Abby] What happened? – Look at all the packages
that I have to go through. And a lot of ’em are junk because
we get sent a lot of junk. And some of ’em are stuff I’ve ordered and some of them are stuff
that you guys have sent us. So, let’s do this. By the way, my favorite thing
to get in the post office are the illustrations of our family. I think that’s so fun. And then when you go
through and you’re like, what I love about Shari,
what I love about Chad, what I love about Abby, and
you have specific things that you are inspired by
each of the passengers. That is my favorite thing to
open from the post office. Okay, Lily and Ollie. Thank you, thank you,
thank you, thank you. Now I’m never gonna get anything
done around here. (laughs) You are the best. Warning to users, this is what, who needs hairspray? (laughs) You can have this. It’s amazing. So, I’ve told you before that
birthday parties stress me out and I think it’s because
I have this, (sighs) it’s not a correct belief, but I have this belief
that if you’re in my home I have to make you have a good experience. But the truth is, you are responsible for your own experience. I can’t make you have a good experience. I can provide food and I can provide music and all that kind of stuff,
but I don’t have to worry about what you’re thinking. Anyway, this is my problem and this is why birthday
parties stress me out. Abby decided very last minute. She was calling friends
this morning, she was like, “Do you wanna come over?” And so, I ran and got the birthday cake, I ordered some pizza that’s on its way, and her friends are here. And I’m literally in my
bedroom going like this. ‘Cause I’m like, Abby if
you need me come and get me. But she’s totally entertaining,
she’s taking care of ’em. Isn’t that weird that
I’m totally fine vlogging to all of you, but
entertaining a birthday party stresses me out? It really does. Does that feel good? – Do that to me. – Tickles. – [Ruby] It’s like the egg crack. If you go slow down, go
slow all the way down, all the way down. Keep going, keep going,
keep going, keep going. Isn’t that weird? (laughs) – Try it to me. – I’ll probably have to get used to it. – [Ruby] Go all the way down. Yeah, so weird. (upbeat music) ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ – Cha, cha, cha. ♪ Happy birtday, dear Abby ♪ – That’s beautiful. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ – Abby. – Wait, that’s what Cash did for Chad. – Oh, well that’s what we
always do for our birthdays. We always do harmony. – [Ruby] That was so pretty. – Oh my family just screams at the end. (laughs) – [Ruby] That was so pretty. – Thank you. – [Ruby] Can we sing it one
more time, it was so pretty? ‘Kay, we’ll do it one more
time and then you can– – You always make us do it twice. – [Ruby] I know ’cause I love it. Okay, ready? ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday, dear Abby ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ (blows) – Wow, that was the most
efficient candle blowing I’ve ever seen. – Yeah. – I’ve tried to clap
my birthday candles out and only got out like three. – Money! – [Ruby] Money, holy cow! – [Russell] She always brings money. – You have been an absolute
joy from the day you were born. If you look up the word
cute in the dictionary, you would find a picture of Abby. Grandma said if– – [Girl] Grandpa. – Grandpa said to– – [Girl] Sew. – Sew, I can’t read this. (laughs) – Do you want me to
read it for you, honey? – Do you need an interpreter? – No, please. We want you to know we
love you so very much and we are very proud of who you are and who you will become. – Who you are becoming. – Oh, that’s actually so pretty. I love it. That’s really cool. – [Girl] You should get one of
those for me for my birthday. Nah, just kidding. – [Russell] What is it? – It’s like a scrunchie except
it’s got little ribbons– – Now you can untie it and you
can tie your hair up with it. – [Ruby] That is so cute. – A Swig gift card! That’s the best present ever, thank you. – You’re welcome. (crinkles) You know me so well. – Also, Emily texted me and she was like please don’t get her a Swig
gift card, I already got that. – Yeah. (laughs) – [Ruby] Julie has something for you, too. Julie. – A Ream’s gift card. Sorry, there’s no money in it. (laughs) – [Ruby] You gave her a gift card. – [Kevin] With no money on it. – That would make me so happy, though. (upbeat music) (brake screeches) (engine hums)

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