HAPPY BIRTHDAY… | Resident Evil 7 – Part 6

Hello everybody! My name is Markiplier and welcome back to Resident Evil. Now I can kind hear the thumpin’ beats of a house party going on in there! So, uh, Lucas might be havin’ a fun time but something tells me Mia and Zoe are not. So I just got the blue key card and I don’t know if it’s going to do anything just yet without the red key card. OH! I’ll handy that! That’s saved me an inventory space! *Mark having momentary lockjaw* What was that? What was goopy over there? “Welcome to Paradise” I don’t recall that being there but maybe I read that before! Okay, so I’ll get the there in just a second! But if you guys recall a few episodes back in, uh, Daddy’s thinkin’ room, and Daddy’s sh*ti’n’throne, there was a door with a “crow” key that lead to a whole bunch of supplies. So I’m gonna go there first grab what of the supplies I can, because I’m very low after that Mama fight. Uh, and then go up here where there’s the last Snake door I think it’s the last Snake door but there’s a Snake door right there that leads to the Master Bedroom and the Storage key which is… Where- wher- Daddy and Mama! you know… slept… Why am I being weird about that? I don’t need to be weird about that… Okay! First things first – I need supplies! So, if someone could give me some supplies and everyone can get the f*ck out of my way! I should be able to make my way down. I did grab the key! I’m not too silly that I wouldn’t grab the key! BUT… Considering there’s a lot of growth here… And I have met one of you assholes here before! ooOOH! aaaAAAHHH!! *another momenary lockjaw* I thought I heard somethin’! thought I heard one of them groaning at me! oooOOOkay Alright… God damn it! I wish that goop did make so much damn nosie! Why can’t I just get on with my day without any of that bullsh*t? Oh God, thank you! Thank you for the squiggles in that one! Oh yeah, and I forgot… Dad’s tackle box! I can open this up! Hellow!? What do you got in here for me? oooh!! I’ll take that! Thank you! Yes I need lots of shot gun shells! I can’t believe that I’ve blasted every single one of my shot gun shells Into Mama>:( Alright here we go… Crow Key! Get me in there! This better be good! This better be REEAALLL good! I mean it’s not exactly out of my way but- WOOOOOOAAAHHH I forgot about that! OOOHHHH F*CK YEAH!!! OOOOOHHHH I should have gotten that for Mama! Oh that would’ve taken care of her in TWO shots!! Holy Sh*t! Oh hell yeeeaahh! Awe damn it! I don’t have enough space. Really? You kidding me? GOD DAMN IT! I gotta run back and make a ruunn?? FFFUUUUUDDDDGGGEEEE! That thing’s just taking up so much space I mean that’s awesome! That’s like legitimately awesome! But… I don’t even know if I wanna use that That seems like it could be cumbersome and problematic if I blow myself to sh*t. Alright well I’ll be right back! Okay so, I just gotta grab the rest of these stuff-stub off and the go to the Master Bedroom. Alright Boop boop boop bupa boop badbadea ♫ Am I forgetting anything ♫ ♫ I bet I am ♫ ♫ theres tons of stuff! ♫ HHAAAHHH!!! I knew I would’ve forgotten something here! Heeeh HAheeee You can’t run away from me! I know exactly where you are and what you’re doin’ Hellow Buckaroo! Ooooh Don’t make me… Don’t f*cken move on me! Yeah you better not…okay Alright so let’s dump this for now I’m gonna hold off on that. Strong bullets. Sounds like a good idea. I could make a large first aid though… That might be a more beneficial because I’ve go a lot of bullets… But I don’t got a lot of…. …eeeeeehhoooo…. …hard callllll….. Yeah I’ll make the strong chem because Yeah because I’ve been gettin hit a lot and it seems like there’s a lot more damage going around than there ever was before So I’m just gonna off on this. Hold off on that. I need the snake key I need all this stuff. I’m gonna put- Aaaaeee you know what I’m gonna- I’m gonna put the lock pick away because it’s not like I need it immediately now. It’s only conditionally when I find a lock and then I want to get a random supply out of it. It’s like a little bonus more than anything Alright! So all that lallygagging aside! It’s time to go upstairs to the Master Bedroom and see what goes on Ahhh God, I don’t know why I want to see what’s goes on in the Master Bedroom. I mean. Both Daddy and Mama are dead [Sarcastically] Quote on quote “they’re dead” “I don’t believe that they’re dead and gone at all!” They’re not actually- Oahh F*ck I forgot about you guys UUUM, you gonna be- Ooooh F*ck you are gonna be a problem Okay! Can I burn you to death? Can I shoooots you to death? Okay. You know what just line up! Get real orderly like! This Brave Boy doesn’t feel like spending a lot of energy… Llliinnnee UP! Alright one of you- WAAAYYYY OOOO HABOOSKY! Oh no! Oh no, your head is gone! Well to bad for you. Good thing… The General/Colonel in there decided to give me his shot gun. That was awfully kind of him And then I can make my way up here and Badaboosky Anything in here that I have forgotten? No not at all, alright let’s go. Come on! Come on!! Come on!!! Whhhoooo’s in there? Whhhoooo’s in there?? Ahh anybody? HI GRANDMA! What are you doin outside of your bedroom? I don’t recall this being YOUR room Grandma! Ohh wow I see something under the bed there ALRIGHT GRANDMA! I’m just gonna plum the secrets of this room. Don’t do anything to me…. You frickin weirdo. (remember kids to be nice to elders) Yyyeeesh Alrighty then… So Grandma! How’ve you been? Just staring at a picture of your son? That I killed? GGGRRRREEEEEAAAAAATTTEEEEEE So much love in this family! Gonna take this. Don’t mind me takin all your gun ammo, I just feel like that it would be better spent on me and not you! Do I need a-? Aah… Oh wait… I know what time it is! It’s been 10:15 the whole house! I remember that! HEEEELLLL YEAH HEEEELLL YEAAHH My memory served me! Ha HA! “Same time as all the other clocks” Yeah thanks for the clue I already did that! Im a BIG BRAVE SMART BOY NOW!! You can’t stop the Smart Boy! All right, hello! Ma’am, how are you? Are you feelin’ well grandma? Can I get you anything? You know, you seem like the most harmless person ever but I have a feeling you’re holding the deep dark secret to all of this. Eew… Whoa… Sorry! Don’t mind me, just taking some shotgun shells. Can I open this? Dentures? By the way I found your dentures in case you want them. Right, anyway… Yygh… Lockpick, ok. Geez… Nothing in there. If I pick up this picture with your are you gonna kill me? Who is this? “April, 1980 – Jack joins the Marines” Oh, it is Your son! Again… …sorry for killin’ him (no You’re not Mark) Was just part of the jooob. Uugh… Alright… Whoah… Halo? *in Geman* Hello? *now more English* Well, it seem awfully nice, you know, it’s weird… this seems like a nice perfectly ordinary home and yet its home to these horrible creatures that have infected this lovely family.

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  1. Markplier – didn´t watch the "Happy iBirthday" tape in first place
    Me – just counting down to see Ethan get burned…

  2. i like how markiplier predicts everything thats gonna happen but still refuses to believe himself until it actually happens

  3. You know I love the story for this game but FUCK do I hate the person playing ethan, he acts so bored in this damn game, ON FIRE and it takes him like 8 seconds to go "oh hey, I appear to be on FIRE, my skin is bubbling OH GOD IM ON FIRE" What a moron.

  4. He forgot get Backpack because he didn’t notice point on this backpack.
    He lose to Lucas on Happy Birthday Puzzle without watch the Tape. Lucas won who had succeeded killed Markiplier on his puzzle.

  5. Markiplier: stares at the treasure photo

    Markiplier: LOOkeS liKe TheYRe dOinG reNOVaTioNs heRe

    Everyone else watching the video: visible frustration

  6. every one forget about the trasur photo that mark "knew" about and if u go to 17:10 minuets in the vid its right there and go back one episode where he said he knows where the fuck that place is

  7. Fun to watch with your commentary, but honestly all the RE games have such shit voice acting and character animations, they should cut back on the cinematics where it's really obvious.

  8. 21:08 MARKS REALIZATION THAT MAYBE ALL TRAPS MIGHT HAVE A BOMB IN THEM but it turns out thats hard to tell……but he still takes a second chance 😂😂😂😂 guy has chromes

  9. Mark didnt play the VHS tape 🙁
    Thats not big brain boi you missed it …you didnt even need to die if you just played the happy birthday tape ….

  10. "I have a feeling granny is the mastermind behind all this"

    Effing called it mark, effing called it lmao

  11. 8:11. He saw one of these outside in the first episode and didnt say anything. Now he says something after all he's been through. It's not even as big

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