Happy Birthday Surprise Ruined😩

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>>What the heck? What? Why did you– Eve!>>She finds everything.>>Go put this in my room. Only Mommy does that.>>What the heck? What? Why did you– Why did you open this?>>I didn’t, Eve did.>>Eve!>>She finds everything.>>Go put this in my room. Where is she?>>Evie, you are not
supposed to open your packages.>>Is that mine?>>You know the rule. We’re not supposed to open
packages that are on the porch. Only Mommy does that. You have a birthday coming up,
and now you saw your present.>>Sorry, Mom.>>She feels guilty.>>I can’t tell if you’re trying to smile
because you’re so excited for what you got, or if you’re scared to death
I’m gonna wring your neck.>>I got my own baby set!>>I am so mad.>>I found my own
birthday present, Russell. And it’s a baby.
>>I know! I saw it. I’m so angry.>>It’s a baby!>>Present.
>>[inaudible] do you want a dinosaur one?>>I tried to do
something very special for Eve. The one time she opens
a package on the porch… Like my kids don’t open
packages on the porch. They know they’re not supposed to. Only Mom gets to do that.>>Thank you.>>It was for her birthday.>>How come you opened
a present on the porch? Why did you do that? Is it because you knew
your birthday was coming up?>>I didn’t know.>>Well, maybe that wasn’t for you. Maybe that was a present for Kate. You ruined your birthday surprise.>>You have to wait till next
year for another one.>>Maybe…>>Look, I don’t want you to feel sad
because it’s your birthday present. Look at me. I’m not– Look at me. It’s okay. Look at me. It’s okay. Just don’t do it again, okay? Can you wait till your
birthday to get it back? Can you wait? Did you love it?>>Yeah.>>It’s like the cutest thing ever.>>You have to– You have to ask
me if you want to play with it.>>Yeah, it’s got everything. It’s got like–>>A baby bottle, and I
can play with my baby with it.>>And it’s got like a bib,
and it’s got food. And it’s got everything, and it’s so cute.>>What is this?>>It’s mulch.>>This is the mulch here. I’m like trying to calm myself down. I think the hardest part of
parenting is controlling myself, because I so want to control my kids. Like my natural tendency and my desire
is like I just need to control my kids. If I can make my kids be good, if I
can force my kids to be obey the rules. I can teach them, but I can’t force them. The only person I can
control really is myself. I’m trying to like teach my kids
self-control by like controlling myself. And I’m really really upset because
Eve loves babies more than anything, and I knew she would just absolutely die…>>I got a set for my baby.>>There’s one more surprise
that came with the baby, and I’m not sure if she found it or not. I’m hoping she didn’t. If I mention it, then
obviously she’ll know. So I’m not going to tell her
there’s another surprise with it. Do you have a nice backyard now? Is it beautiful and lovely?>>I love it!>>Alright. When we have something
beautiful and lovely, and that we love it,
what do we do with it?>>We take care of it.>>That’s right. How do we take care of our
beautiful new backyard? Russell?>>We pick up all the garbage.>>Okay.>>And we keep it clean.>>That’s right.>>We keep it clean. We put away our things that we played with.>>We can clean up the floor.>>Yes. I like that. That’s a good idea. Sweep the floor. I see toilet paper and trash… Paper towels. I see M&M’s on the floor.>>Um Mom.>>I am going to give you the job
of cleaning up all the garbage.>>There’s a bag right there.>>There’s a bag right there. I want the M&M’s picked up, all the trash. Get the garbage sack,
and get all the garbage picked up. Say, yes ma’am.>>Yes ma’am.>>And I don’t want it to take a half hour. I want it done in five minutes.>>And do it right.>>Say, yes ma’am.>>Yes ma’am.>>I want you to pick up every single
piece of garbage, M&M, toy, trash, whatever, and I want it in the garbage. Say, yes ma’am.>>Yes, Ma’am.>>Do it right now,
and I want it done in five minutes. Come pick up this cup right now. And the lid,
and go put it in the garbage. Come here.
There’s M&M’s under here.>>And the wrapper.>>And a wrapper. Get the M&M’s and the wrapper,
and you put it in the garbage.>>Look, there’s two wrappers and an M&M.>>Why is there a plate
out here and a Twinkie?>>That thing has been there for weeks.>>Pick it up and throw it away. There you go. Now, go get the rest of it.>>Go get rest of what?>>There’s more garbage. Go get the Twinkie that’s been
sitting out there for three weeks. Go get it. Have you guys ever sneaked
on purpose finding your birthday present or Christmas present?
>>I did it with my tonsils. When I got my–
Do you remember?>>Oh my gosh, I forgot
about that until just now.>>I think I actually was looking
in your closet for legitimately something, but I came across my
tonsil presents for after surgery. And like, I kinda, you know, looked at it.>>What was it?
Do you remember?>>Bubble bath? A coloring backpack where I
could color the front of it. Some movies, some nail polish, and I remember I felt
really bad that I saw it, and I remember like you
were kind of upset that I saw — But the next morning, I was like,
I forgot what I saw Mom, so it’s gonna be surprise again. And I was just trying to
make you feel better. So I just told you that I forgot. but I really didn’t.>>Have you ever looked
at a present on purpose?>>I’ve never tried,
and I never accidentally did it, and I probably never will.
>>Evie.>>Julie, have you ever found a present
that was supposed to be yours, but you found it or sneaked a peek at it?>>Never tried, never will. I always want it to be
a surprise because… I always don’t want to know what
a present is before I actually open it.>>Have you ever accidentally
come across a present? And what did you do? Did you like go tell your parents,
“Hey, I accidentally found this”? Or did you try to keep it a secret? Or did you go back and play with the toy,
and then try to put it back? I think I’ve done all of the above. I remember sneaking into a cassette
tape once that my grandma had given me, and I was so excited. A lot of you have asked
for an update on Nollie. Let me give you a little update on her. Oh, she just… Oh, she just rolled over. Nollie has not been doing the best. She’s got a little mass right here. It’s been there for a while, but the one
that concerns me is this one right here, and this one is getting really big.>>Oh Nollie.>>I’m– I am going to
get a vet appointment. She’s been into the vent on a regular
basis, but it’s been a couple months. I’m kind of putting off
taking her because I’m just afraid of what it’s going to start. I’m afraid it’s going to be a chain. Yeah. Our mulch is really cool. It looks like little screws.>>I found it.>>I wonder if the vet is going
to recommend we put her down just because winter is coming. She’s 13… 14 years old.
>>But in the Winter she just stays inside all day. Have you seen her walk? When she is ready to lay
down, she like falls down. Like she doesn’t just bend her
joints and lay down, she like plops down. And then to get up is
really hard for her, and so… This is the only dog
I’ve ever owned as an adult, and so I’m not really sure what– If you guys have any advice,
I’m open to it, and I’m willing to hear it, and would
love to know what the best thing is. Like do you put them on pain medication,
and try to give them a few more years? But at 13-14, she’s like
between 13 and 14 years old, is it just kind of time to say,
we’ll let you go? But you don’t do that with humans. Like you don’t like say,
okay, you’re suffering, so we’re gonna let you go down. Like that’s not how you do it with people. So I’m just having a hard time
like wrapping my mind around it, and it makes me really sad.>>Because when it’s comes to people, you just let them be
miserable until they die.>>I’m so excited. I really wanted to go to the Lagoon,
because I wanted to go in that boat ride.>>Talking about lagoon when
we’re talking about Nollie’s death.>>And we’re really random here. So anyway… She’s eating, she’s drinking well,
and she’s always wagging her tail, and she seems cheerful, and she doesn’t seem depressed,
and so that– That’s nice that she’s feeling that way.>>She doesn’t seem miserable. She’s just tired and old. She’s not miserable.
>>She’s just tired and old.>>She’s not miserable. She’s happy. She’s really happy. I give her another five years.>>I don’t think so. You guys, thanks so much for
showing us so much love in the Vlogs. Thank you so much for showing my
family love, and concerned for our pets. We’re trying to love them
the best that we can, and we want to do what’s best for them. And stay tuned for Eve’s
birthday surprise. I don’t know how surprised
she’s going to be, except that one. She will be surprised. It’ll be fun. Okay you guys, thank
you so much for watching. Bye.

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