Happy Birthday Surprise Ruined AGAIN!

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>>Sorry, bud.
You have to go to school. [screaming]>>Who put their thumb in the frosting? Was it you? [Singing Happy Birthday]>>I didn’t really need this. [laughing]>>He’s been doing this for the last hour. [grunting]>>Fetch me the thermometer. Put it in my mouth. Ahhhh! It tickles.>>97.4. Whoa, wait no.>>I don’t think he’s gonna make it.>>It’s official.>>Chad’s gonna die.>>You’re just a baby.>>Chad is struggling. If you can’t tell.>>He’s gonna die.
>>He’s convinced that for the last year, his body has been storing up waste and it decided today to release it. And he thinks he’s gonna die. I’ve never seen him like that.>>I’m not going to school
unless I feel better. Cause I might just blow up in my school. I’ll do my homework at home, I have it. You can stay home. All of a sudden I feel fine. All of a sudden.>>[Russel] You have to go
to school cause you feel fine! [grunting]>>Right now me and Julie are
re-wrapping some of Eve’s presents because we wrapped them wrong! And Julie is setting up Eve’s
secret birthday present. [Music playing]>>I really hope Eve likes this.>>What are all of you guys doing? Climbing on my banister?>>No.>>Get off of there. I remember a clip where you were
standing right here on the banister. I remember it was like, three years ago. [laughing] You know your family loves you, when they’re willing to get up at like…>>Five.>>Five in the morning.>>Six.>>And take all of Bonnie’s kids. Bonnie’s not here, but her kids are
because Aunt Ellie brought them. And, just to celebrate a birthday party. I’m like, you guys are the best. Hey, I’m going to put
you to work down here. Let me show you how this works.>>Okay. So Olivia just arrived. Julie is going to get the bow set up. And me and Olivia are
going to finish the carriage. [Music playing]>>These hammocks are awesome. Everyone needs a hammock in their life.>>Yes! And I have the best aunt ever.>>I told the girls to get
all the wrapping done. Now it’s time for the bow. [Music playing] Now, we’re set. I hope she likes it. Evie do you just love babies?>>She’s crying for one,
so I tried to bump her out.>>I interrupt this perfect birthday
party with a moment of reality. Chad called me, he’s throwing up. And I’m picking him up from school. I’m so sorry you’ve been sick.>>It’s just literally
I was singing in choir, and the singing just made
it feel so much worse. Like my stomach was just throbbing.>>Aww. I’m so sorry.>>I wanted to just leave
choir so I felt really sick. So I left choir to go sit in the bathroom and I called you, and yeah.>>Oh, well. Let’s go home and lay down.>>Yeah. It’s look like a film crew is here.>>I know it’s so big. Chad’s referring to how big my camera is. It does look like I belong to a film crew. It’s huge.>>It’s big.>>If you haven’t seen it yet. Here it is. Can you see it? That is it. Like look.>>It’s bigger than your face.>>It’s bigger than my face. Like I can’t even get it
all at, look at this thing. It’s huge. Alright. Back to the picture perfect, where nothing wrong ever happens, birthday party.>>Yay. Who put their thumb in the frosting? Was it you? Was it you?>>It was him. I saw him put his fingers in. I think, I have evidence. I have evidence right there. Calvin!>>Can I pet her head?>>Yeah.>>You just gotta like, close your arm.>>Like this.>>[inaudible] the snake’s out.>>Okay, can you take her ’cause
she’s about to fall off me.>>Our very own reptile show. And we didn’t even have to pay.>>The Unicorn is on fire.>>What?>>You’re not turning seven, so why am I lighting seven candles?>>Because I didn’t know that I was five! [Singing Happy Birthday]>>Make a wish! She even whistled. [Music playing] Here’s what we’re going to do, we’re going to open presents, and then we’re going
to give out the cupcakes.>>It’s Hatchimals.>>Yay! I have been waiting for this second.>>How did you know?>>I just knew.>>Yay! Baby! After I’m done I’ll play with that.>>Eve, this one is from Grandma.>>Baby shoes! [muddled, unclear speech]>>It’s two blankets for you and your doll. [muddled, unclear speech]>>That’s cute!>>Okay, is this a baby shower
or is this a birthday party?>>It’s a new baby doll.
>>It’s a baby doll!>>I didn’t really need this. [laughing]>>Do you love her? [laughing] She’s so pretty.>>Eve, now your
baby can have a sister.>>I don’t know about that. I need another baby carrier. I know.>>What? I have a stroller so, I can.. that’s gonna be hers.>>How do you know you have stroller? You don’t have a stroller.>>I saw that from her.>>You went and saw it?>>I didn’t show her anything.>>I showed her! No. I didn’t show her anything.
>>My favorite one is this!>>You’re welcome!>>Well what do you know. [muddled, unclear speech]>>I actually want to play with this. [laughing] [Music playing]>>Stroller! I wanted this for a long time!>>You can take this part off and put that up so
they can sit down on it. So your baby can sit down on it.>>That is the cutest stroller.
>>She’s going to love this.>>So cute!
>>Isn’t that so fun?>>Look and then she can
lift it up and have like a little one. When she grows older! Can you tell I want it? [laughing]>>One, two, three, eyes on me. [Children] One, two, eyes on you.>>If someone hits it and candy falls out, you wait until the adults say,
okay get the candy. So no one hits it with the bat. [Music playing]>>Okay, are you guys ready? [Children] Yeah!>>You be kind to each other, okay? Mark, set, go! [Music playing] [Children] Yeah!>>And this is why we built the great wall of the Franke household. Because someday it’s going to be
my little grandchildren sitting all along this great wall. Do you guys love each other?>>Yeah!>>Yeah?>>Yeah!>>Yeah? Did you know that that’s why
I wanted you to have this picture. So you know that you
have cousins who love you. Nothing, and I mean, nothing is better than a family. I’m glad I have a family.>>We’ve had so much fun today. I want to share with you
a little secret though, I’ve had when it comes to barbecue. We found this really good spice
company called Reggae Spice. They’re a local spice company,
but they sell nationally and internationally,
their spices are amazing. They’ve really made our meat incredible. And I got to tell you, I really like it. And I think you guys will like it too. So I’m going to put a link to them. I mean, this isn’t like,
a sponsored video or anything. I just sincerely like this stuff.>>That’s really good.>>So if you guys try it out too, let us know what you think. Get on the comment feed down here and say whether or not you like it and what your favorite flavor is. Mine personally,
is the African Curry Jerk. It is amazing. [Music playing]

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