Happy Birthday to the Happy Birthday Song Mildred J. Hill

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  1. Ok, I am going to try this porridge….sounds delicious and quick…I think I will like it just because of the almonds:-)

  2. Ya I know you like almonds @KeithEllisComedy Try soaking your almonds (I would have said nuts-but I am not going there) overnight and you will better absorb them.

  3. The copyright to this song ends up on the 31.12.2016! Haf a look here:
    But I like that you also have an eye on that theme! Thanks!!
    Nobody else care about that…
    youtube should share the earned money to the owner of the copyright! But they don't care…

    Here my version:
    Happy Birthday 2013 – GEMA-pflichtige Melodie von Mildred J. Hill und Patty Smith Hill


  4. Actually, it is a COPY of the Mildred & Patty Hill song: "Good Morning To You", written in 1893. "Happy Birthday" was copywritten in 1935 by Preston Orem, but the MELODY was stolen from Mildred & Patty Hill song: "Good Morning To You". Sort of like how Rappers steal the 70's – 90's music, yet tell people "Don't seal music!" I just HAVE to add: the same as they say "Nigga" in their "music", but tell others never to say [what they just said – ver and over]. It's the ultimate hypocrisy – but it's the human dilemma.

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