Happy Anniversary, LisaD. 3 Years in The Philippines, YAHHHH! This is BobbieD coming to you from Talamban Cebu Philippines. I’m having an awesome time in the Philippines, hope you are as well wherever you are from. Hey today, I want to talk to you about, Happy Annversay LisaD. 3 years in the Philippines! Happy Annversay LisaD. 3 years in the Philippines! YAAHH! Now when you talk about the Philippines, you understand this is country where many many people live that are freigners. and yours truly, BobbieD Is a foreigner and I have been married to LisaD for three years now and it has been a blessing So today, We’re celebrating our three-year anniversary Welcome everyone those of you that are here for the first time I wanna sugget that you click on them subscribe button and the bell notification icon so you can continue receiving fresh new Philippine videos as well as Motivational videos videos and worldwide videos as well and we are at a luxurious restaurant in Mandaue City Near J mall. We’re in City Times Square Mall which is next to J Mall But this is we’re at the buffet 101 international cuisine buffet 101 international cuisine And it is gorgeous guys. I’m gonna just pan around really quickly You see LisaDs already got her meal Try to start over there. They have, they have……. steak. Steak okay. I want to try to get me some steak. But man, this is place is gorgeous. It’s beautiful. It’s got gold Ceilings look at that guy’s gold Ceilings vaulted ceilings lights in the ceilings Mirrors and the ceilings and man it is gorgeous guys. You guys if you ever get a chance to go to Buffet 101 Definitely want to do so. And you have to make a reservation to get in. That’s how nice This place is they only you can only eat here That’s all for now guys!! You can only here if you have a reservation, LisaD said That’s all for now guys. No. we are just get started. hahahah Alright let’s , pray Heavenly Father we thank you for this day. Thank you for the food You’ve given us May it nourish and bless our bodies Thank you Lord for three more years of Marital bliss health strength and Wealth, we give you glory Lord in Jesus Christ’s name. We pray. Amen Alright let’s eat . So LisaD’s got her meal. I’m getting ready to go get mine Wooooo! And they have chicken over there and they have roasted chicken there also. They have lemon chicken Okay, I Can’t get internet on that. I don’t know why I got a mobile data. Wi-Fi is off. No internet Did you put a load on it? I don’t know if you received it I don’t think I did. Yeah, man, it’s gorgeous out here where do you get to plates at? Thers plates anywhere you go, there’s plates. huh? Anywhere you go there’s plates Okay, all right so I’m gonna get my plate Alright Guys uh, here’s my plate beginning in this place When you come to the buffet 101 international this is a hall you can eat place The prices are very reasonable So uh we’re we’re happy LisaD’s running all over the place because she likes this she was here before With a friend of hers, and she said we gotta go here we gotta bring it for our anniversary. So we’re here and we’re having an awesome time. So I just want to show you what I have. I have a pork cordon bleau I have some rice with vegetables I have some hash browns. I have a duck Uh, Filet and I have a pork Apple bacon filet. That’s just to start off LisaD’s got vegetables got rice , chicken with lemon and and juice and shimp. Shrimp and some other things so we’re just starting out. We’re just starting out guys, and we’re getting ready to throw down Alright guys, This is my second plate. Now this plate is composed of… Adobo fried rice, uh, brochli, vegetables, steamed brochli, beef fried rice And chicken curry and I have a watermelon smoothie to top it off So, I’m continuing,, to throw down at the showdown. hahaha Okay, this is Lisad”s second plate. She’s got fried crabs, shrimp, potatoes, and uh, looks likes she’s got adobo fried rice, has browns,,, potatoes,,potatoes and she’s got a smoothie as well. So she, chicken,,, and chicken so she’s getting ready to throw down So, let me tel you a little bit about the restaurant…. Uh, I;m gonna let you take a look at the menu Here they have a birthday special Uh, If you, it’s called a birthday treat three plus one celebrate your birthday for free on your birth month and They have a no leftover policy, hahaha No left to takhome No leftovers to takeout or sharing our table numbers 59 Okay, So that’s the birthday special And here’s the regular menu It’s clled Buffet 101 International Cuisine Monay through friday lunch and dinner Lunch and dinner Lunch is P5.99 dinner is P7.99 Saturday lunch is p6.99 and dinner is P7:99.And we’re here on a Wednesday. And we’re paying a 599 Uh, P799 dinner price Sundays and holidays Lunch and dinner P7.99. They have a senior citizen 70l years old and above discount you get 50% off chilren below 3.5 feet are free children below 4.5 feet P3.99 left over price is P9.99 And you have a 5% service charge Prices subject to change without prior notice, alright So there you have it guys It’s right there this the bill…And this is our this is our bill for our Table.. slip rather…. And uh,,,tht’s it….So um, yeah, this is a nice place I’m gonna pan around and just walkthrough Some of the areas so you can see all of the goodies that they have available and i’m going to bring me back I’m gonna come back. Give me some deserrt LisaD is having an awesome time, she’s so happy Want some shrimp? hahahahah Man this booth is the bomb watermelon is my favorite I’m lovin it! All right, so what I’m going to do now I’m gonna walk-around show you guys Some of the stuff I’m seeing so you can know How it looks when you come to Buffet 101 cuisine international cuisine international Music Playing……. They’ve got seafood, they’ve got steak, Oh everything that was cold was suposed to cold was cold, so we’ve had an awesome time here and it’s been Good this is our 3rd anniversary It’s so good to celebrate with the person you love. LisaD Is a wonderful person Yeah!!! So is Bobbie! She’s so wonderful to be with and uh,,I’m thankful to have her as a wife and a companion She she does a lot of stuff for me that I never talk about But she does a lot of stuff it’s hard for me to function without her Because she’s always she’s always doing stuff for me and I take it for granted a lot of times but I should’nt Love her so much… Care for her and it’s good to know that you have a companion in life that cares the same for you as you do for her So for those of you that are searching for a companion Uh, It doesn’t matter what country you’re in uh, It doesn’t matter your race or creed or nationality as long as they are of age and you love them and they love you. Go for it! Cause It’s a beautiful thing when you find the right person for you. You can be at peace you can join your life and you can both enjoy one another.. That’s what it’s all about,,, Living your life to the fullest and enjoying the company of the one you’ve chosen to be with LisaD is a blessing to me and I thank God for her everyday.. Hahahah Look at She’s smiling she’s smiling hahaha But uh, yeah, it’s a blessing and I Thank God for every day. So for those of you that are looking for a wife…keep looking… the Philippines is a good place to start,,women here are beautiful they are sexy, they’re gorgeous, and they’re family oriented..for he most part Now you’re going to find some that are you know scammers or whatever but you gotta just overlook those,,, You want to find the ones that, You want to find the ones that are true and okay? So keep looking,,, don’t become discouraged..because it took me.. several women to go through get to LisaD. It may take you a few.. But once you find the one you like and the one tha’s for you … stick with her… Question For The Day…What is the best cusisine you like? Leave your comments for me in the comments section of this video.. And always, remember to like share and subscribe. This is BobbieD, saying Take care, God Bless, and Peace!! Music Playing……

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  1. Hey Bobbie… Buffet's just keep you wanting to come back when they are good… I want to try everything, but when I get half way through that second plate, I'm just about through dealin!!! The prices there are in line with Vikings buffet… Would you say the food was comparable to Vikings or better?? Congrats on the anniversary… I hope you many more.. You guys are a cool couple.. Take care, Man…

  2. Happy Anniversary! You guys are the best. Mine's coming next Aug. for the big 50… Take care always checking you guys out because you tell the truth and I can relate to you guys. My wife is from Cebu City and I've been there three times to visit our family. Take care , God bless.

  3. Happy Anniversary Bobbie and lisa D .I'm in Cebu now just missed your blog when you was in the Ayala Mall the other day .Well anyway I'm loving it here in the phillippines I should have been coming here years ago .I have not found my future lady yet but hopefully in the near future .Once again happy Anniversary PEACE😎

  4. Happy 3rd wedding anniversary Bobby D and Lisa D. I'll be celebrating our 19th yr wedding anniversary next month. There's a big casino here in California that serves all you can eat whole Maine lobsters and lots of seafoods. I can honestly say all types of seafoods are my favorites. Got me a little dizzy watching watching your fast forward tour of the restaurant. Take care guys and God bless.

  5. Congratulations and God bless to you and the infamous photo/video bomber, Lisa "Bomb-squad" D. Lol. Keep the documentary of your life in the Philippines coming!

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