Hard Corps: Uprising – House Party Trailer

Hi everyone, sup. I’m Kenji Yamamoto, producer of Hard Corps: Uprising. So, our Hard Corps: Uprising has been selected as a first title of this year’s Microsoft House Party program. Thank you for your incredible support and please stay tuned for our facebook page. And now, please enjoy the brand new footage for Hard Corps: Uprising. I hope everybody likes it. Thank you.

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  1. For the last time you braid dead morons: It's not a Contra game

    Konami never said that it's a contra Game

    not to mention that this doesn't look ANYTHING like contra in terms of Artstyle and design

  2. @Muffincakeswithsugar No joke, this is one of the best things I've read in a long time. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

  3. @dingo20 I'm just going to tell you politely (before someone else horribly and sadistically burns you for this question) that It can't be done. This game is designed for the respective home consoles. It's in HD and the psp simply doesn't have enough buttons to support all the actions in the game, let alone the visuals.

  4. Awesome game. Really feels like the natural progression that should have happened after Contra 3.
    While being a great game, Contra 4 felt like a 3.5! Like if Konami was trying to play it safe.
    Maybe it was a necessary step so that ACR could use that game to give them a better feel for what the fans would appreciate in a new Contra game.
    That just might be the reason they dropped the "Contra" name.
    And I kinda miss the "Contra" and the iconic flaming "C" in the title. Very original.

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