Harry Connick Jr. Shares His Favorite Cole Porter Tunes & More Ahead of A CELEBRATION OF COLE PORTER

(upbeat music) – Hey, I’m Harry Connick Jr. We’re hanging out with Broadway.com and I’m gonna talk all about Cole Porter. “Don’t Fence Me In.” My mom used to sing that to me. Bold, brilliant and sensual. Probably “So in Love,” love that song. Probably “In the Still of the Night.” Because you never… It’s about trying to find out if that person loves you or not, and it’s such a terrible place to be. That he hung out with some
really interesting people. Like, he was friends with Picasso, he was friends with Stravinsky. So he came up at a really
cool time in the art world. It’s probably the bridge
to “I Concentrate On You,” when he says, “And so
when wise men say to me “that love’s young dream never comes true, “to prove that even wise men can be wrong, “I concentrate on you.” I love that. I think I’d ask him what
it was like to be a gay man at a time when you couldn’t
talk about those things, and how that must’ve impacted
him, you know, personally. And what kinda, you know,
trauma he sustained from that. That’s unimaginable to me. I would definitely “All of You,” 100%. I mean, that’s, like, that’s
as suggestive as it gets. Hey, everybody, make sure
you come see my show, “A Celebration of Cole Porter.” We wrap it up on December
29th, so thanks to Broadway.com for having me and we’ll
see you at the show.

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