Harry Potter 20th Anniversary Symphony

(Harry Potter theme starts) (Kids laugh) (woosh) (metal scrape) (fire roars) lumos maxima Hedwig squak Ridiculus (Lupin grunts) (howl) (woosh woosh) (harry yells) (scream) periculum (glass shatter) avada kadavra (roar) (slice) it’s not really goodbye afterall

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  1. Божемой это очень шикарно! До мурашек! Перфекционист во мне дрыгается в счастливых конвульсиях

  2. This is amazing. There's something so amazing like Harry Potter that bonds our generations together as we grow up the Harry Potter gang grows up with us. It's truly liberating. This video just shows how amazing it is. This is perfect!

  3. как всегда, просто восхитительно! всего минута-считай ничего-а буквально всё детство перед глазами пронеслось. лучшие моменты, музыка идеальная, я аж слезу пустила

  4. Это и вправду невероятно)
    Вот только заскучала по любимому ГП, а тут новое видео❤️❤️❤️

  5. Omg, this is video so beautiful. It's amazing, a real piece of art. Can't stop hitting the replay button and I'm having shivers everytime I'm watching !

  6. I waited until 12:00am for my birthday (June 26th) and as soon as 11:59 turned 12:00 I watched the scene where Harry turns 11 and he finds out he's a wizard. So glad I could share a birthday with him

  7. This is incredible you can tell so much time and effort has gone into it, well done you should be immensely proud !!

  8. This is magic! Not only did you match the beat of the music to the scenes, you have the movies in order at well! GREAT WORK!!!

  9. What's the music that starts playing at about 0:20 it's like the theme song but so much more epic and I need it

  10. Liked and Fav'd before the vid even finished!
    Jeez has it been that long already?!!! Yikes i feel old lol.

  11. This video is so good! Like omg all the feelings! 😭We are doing a week of Harry Potter videos to celebrate the anniversary! We started off with an original Harry Potter tag if anyone wants to check it out!

  12. I want to obliviate myself so I can feel the magic all over again. thank you for this, hp is really a precious memory.

  13. This story will never leave me, it'll stay with me forever. I wasn't prepared for this beautiful tribute. I feel… I don't know. All these years, memories, all my childhood – it's in front of my eyes and I can't find right words. Thank you so much, it was perfect! ❤

  14. WOW! I got the chills running down my back watching this! Anyone else got goosebumps?…great job and amazing tribute to a legend.

  15. OMG I can't stop watching! This is so well done and I love how the music accords so much with the video! I think I broke the replay button😂😂😂 Really, good job dude!⚡👊😄

  16. this is amazing, the use of the sounds and how you matched them to the score is astounding! Thank you for making this wonderful short but sweet tribute to the boy who's been a part of our lives for 2 decades now!!!

  17. Hey I have a question for you, I was wondering what's the technique you use to separate the background music from the movie to get a clean sound effect from the movie. This could really help me ((:

  18. раз 100 точно пересмотрела, великолепная работа, у меня то слезы в глазах, то мурашки на руках от каждого просмотра. спасибо тебе большое за эти эмоции :з

  19. WOW!! i absolutely LOVE your work on sounds here! it's a wonderful little tribute, that's actually quite subtle cause it reminds you of the struggle and important things of the story without going deeper, just reminding you subtly! wonderful!

  20. If I ever will be a movie director, I would hire someones like you, if not you. Because THIS IS WHAT MOVIE TRAILORS MUST BE LIKE

  21. Я прошу прощения, что влезаю в комменты – просто попыталась уже и в умыл достучаться, и в почту, вот – последняя попытка ) Вы не хотите побыть в жюри конкурса Руфем? Все подробности в умыле дайри! ) А клип – потрясающий! ) Замечательный способ отметить прекрасную дату )

  22. it's not really goodbye after all
    окончательно прорвало на этом моменте
    до мурашек просто, спасибо

  23. Oh my Merlin… Those goosebumps! Uuu! 😀 This is AMAZING video! Really… Exellent! Thank you so much for brightening my evening! 😀

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