Harry Potter Party

Rodney: you’re gonna be entering the Triwizard Tournament, whether you like it or not Kat: that’s fine gathering all Hogwarts houses and have them enter the Triwizard Tournament ask them to battle dragons recover what they’ll sorely miss and get through a maze then give them all Bloomsbury’s event kit Kat: so that we can all hold our own Harry Potter Book Night as surprise, a Hufflepuff hosts something to do with food there’s some Mermish… Hannah: *mermaid like sounds* Kat: I think that’s what mermaids sound like Tom: She said she speaks Mermish and Gryffindor and Slytherin rivalry Rodney:…which animal can Rita Skeeter transform into? Tom: Beetle? Rodney: Correct Hannah: We were trying to get Kat to answer one Tom: I thought it was a joke Kat: As a Slytherin who likes to skip her classes to come to a dinner party like this…I failed as they battle to win the Triwizard Tournament this is a Triwizard Tournament themed Harry Potter Book Night

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