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How is it going? Can we go to the river? I was going to go to the river later if you want to go. yeah they looked a little like carrots. but you know they’re fennel did
you smell it? They don’t smell the same. yeah they don’t smell the same. Can you hold this, Zoe? I’m gonna make a
salad with this and some turnips if you want you can eat this lettuce head
and I’ll get another one for dinner, ok? when me and my wife Kate moved up to the
country and started this farm, we wanted to get closer to our food, be able to
cook the things that we grew, to make meals from the farm and from the land
but I think it never occurred to us the added dimension that the kids would add To be able to share that with our kids
on a daily basis is just such an amazing part of farming and cooking. The kids
just absolutely love it. I didn’t eat as many vegetables as my kids do or loved it as much kids who who can reach to the ground and
just grab greens and shove them in their mouth is amazing
it’s a… I think we feel like we, you know, we give
our kids this huge gift of being able to live that way when you’re living in the
city it’s just … it’s so different and you know that aspect of life wasn’t
available to us except on the weekends and so to be fully immersed in it and to
spend the afternoon gathering the bits and pieces for your meals, it’s just a
great way to spend the day. It’s such a wonderful way to spend time with the
kids to really spread out a meal over many
hours and let the kids see what the beginning from the harvest to the
preparation to the final meal. It increases the excitement I have for it
to see their excitement you know and it doesn’t matter what’s
your cooking you know it’s we just grab what looks good and we throw it together it’s not gonna be bad you know all the
fresh ingredients from the farm being thrown together. It’s gonna taste good the kids have seen the process
of raising the animals from the time they’re babies to to slaughter. The kids
take care of them they feed them and they see the great life that they
have and that circle of life I was a vegetarian for 30 years
until I could really be involved in the raising of my own animals. Love you Love you too. One more outlier. now the kids have gotten so
into it they started their own little farm in the back of the house. Without any input from me and Kate they set up beds planted seeds started
raising crops. In the winter they look out the window waiting for the
snow to melt so they can start their little farm back up Cheers. To food, family and farming Where’s one for me?

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