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Kinder Playtime! (children laugh) (children cheer) Welcome to Kinder Playtime! Today we’re having a Hatchimals birthday party! Woo! We want to thank Spin Master so much for these Hatchimals to discover. Woo! Yeah! Okay, so the girls have picked which egg they want. Emily, which one are you doing? I’m doing the pink one. And Chloe’s doing, which one? The purple one. The purple one. Are you ready to hatch our Hatchimals? Yeah! I”m so excited! Look how cute the eggs are! Chloe has a lot of spots on it. You’re doesn’t have very many, but still cute! I wonder what’s inside. I think we can either get a Penguala or a Draggle. What do you think is in yours, Emily? Umm, a giraffe. A giraffe? That is not an option, but thank you. Chloe, What do you think is in your egg? A pengula or a draggle? A giraffe. A giraffe? They want giraffe’s. Sorry you’re gonna be disappointed girls. So to start your head hatching, you’ve got to turn the little security knob things and then it will start it’s hatching process. (the eggs begin to talk) So cute! Look they light up a little bit. Mine is cold! You’re egg is cold? You’ve got to warm it up. Mom, warm it up. It’s trying to get out. It’s trying to get out? I hear knocking. I love you baby egg. Give it a kiss. Nice baby egg. You better come out wherever you are. Alright, so we’re going to take care of our eggs. And the different colors tell us what we need to do. Oh mine is pink! Pink? You want to cuddle it. And if it’s light blue. It’s cold, you need to rub it. So it’s warm. On the bottom? Everywhere. Wee! Wee! I’m making it fun. That’s its heart. That is his heart. Mine is red! Red? That means it’s angry, so pat it. Here’s what the colors look like. Oh it’s hatching! Chloe look! Her’s is hatching! It’s coming out here. Oh my goodness, it’s coming out. It’s going to come out! It’s going to come out! I don’t know what it is! I think it’s a giraffe! It’s probably not a giraffe. I can see it’s fluff! I can see it. It’s fuzzy. A big piece! There’s a crack! Right there. Chloe’s is ready too! Yay! Mine just started. It’s singing a little song. It’s say blah! I can see it’s nose! Take that thing off. Don’t give up! Keep coming out! Chloe’s like, come out, come out! Oh that is a big piece. Yeah. Show everybody the big hole. It looks like it’s pink inside. Whoa! We’re starting to get some big holes. Oh careful Chloe, it’s gonna peck you! It’s not pecking anymore. It’s yellow in the front! Is it? How do you break him out? It’s cracking the side! I woke it up. I woke it up. I can see a little hair. It’s breaking the side. It’s nose! Look at the green beak! Mine has a blue nose. Mine has a blue nose! Yeah, look. Wake up! Keep hatching! Keep hatching! Get out! This is one of your egg pieces. Lots of egg pieces now. Yeah, he’s green and purple. Wow! You have holes all over. Mine has yellow. That hurt me. I got it! Here it comes, here it comes! Hi little eggy. Mine says, look at my egg! Oh yeah. Yours is falling asleep. You better wake it up. There you go. He’s awake now because he wants to have his birthday. Look! They’re almost done! It looks like this is a Penguana. Hold on, we got a draggle. We got a dragon. Cool. THey’re almost done! Yeah! Happy birthday little Hatchimals! Chloe took the egg off! Look at that! Oh wow! These are hatchimals. So cute. Mine is a penguin. He wants to get out of his egg. Alright, let’s pull them out of their eggs. Whoa! Mine is a penguin! Alright! Yay! (everyone starts singing happy birthday) Oh they’re tired. They’re tired. Can you get mine out? Yeah, I’ll get yours too. Yay! They’re so happy to get out! They’re so fuzzy and cute. Wee! Yay! Look, mine is moving. Awe, cute! Here’s our purple and green draggle hatchimal. He’s so cute and fuzzy. And he’s got green colored wings. Like a dragon. And a light purple tummy. Oh there’s a button on the front. That’s cool. And Chloe already put a name to this little draggle. What are you going to name it? Umm, stinky! Here’s Emily’s penguala. Pink and yellow with some blue. And green! Well kind of. The blue and the yellow look like green. Do you want to name your penguala? Umm, mine is, I’m gonna call it a girl, so it’s flower. Awe flowers. Wee! Two hatchimals flying! Mine is flying too! They’re flying together! Wee! Yeah! Woo-hoo! Okay, so there’s three stages of life after hatching. They started out as babies and you care for your hatchimal by feeding, cuddling and comforting it. Awe, they’re talking together. And then it turns into a toddler where you can teach them to walk, talk and play games. And then finally, they’re a kid. And you can play with your hatchimal and unlock different games and stuff. So there’s lots of different stages of their lives that you can play different ways. So cute! You love them? Okay, if you’re ever wondering what stage your hatchimal is in, all you’ve got to do is push it’s tummy. It’s laughing. Okay, you push it’s tummy. You see it’s eyes are yellow? That means he’s a baby. And then if you push it’s tummy and it’s purple, That’s a toddler. And red is a kid. So cuddly. Awe, it’s mad now. You’ve got to be nice it. There, now it’s happy. Come back little guy. Chloe’s is hungry because it’s purple. You tip it forward. See? Now it ate it. It’s happy again. Oh, mine is hungry. Now it’s happy! Yay! We’re taking care of them! Hold on little guy. Mine is pink! Mine is pink! I think it’s cuddly. Now it’s yellow. Now it’s happy. Now they’re dancing! Now they’re toddlers! Isn’t that fun? I’m so proud of them! Awe! And now they can walk around and talk and play games because you took good care of them while they were babies. So, what do you want to do? Want to play the pizza game or the hot dog game? You want to play the pizza game or the hot dog game? Yeah! We’re playing silly sounds right now. Oh, it turned into a kid! Yay! It’s a kid! We’re playing hatchimal says. The different things mean you do different things to him. Red is pat his head. Blue is turn him upside down. And pink is squeeze his belly. Teaching him how to walk. So one clap is move forward, two claps is turn around. Are we going to have a good day today? Uhh, I don’t know. Are you happy? Yeah! Do you like your name? Do we need to give you a new name? Yeah! Do you like Iggy? Yeah! Iggy’s a good name? Do you like Emily? Yeah! Do you like Kinder Playtime? So this is the dance game it has and it dances for you. Okay so now we’re playing tag. You got to pat his head when his eyes turn red. Got him! Hello Stinky! Hello Stinky! Are you a good dragon? Are you a good dragon? We’re having so much fun today! We’re having so much fun today! I love Kinder Playtime! I love Kinder Playtime! Alright, they gave us some Hatchimal cookies to celebrate! Woo! I want this one. Happy birthday Hatchimals! I want to open it, momma. I’m trying. They look tasty. Yeah! They pretty good? They yummy? Mmhmm. Mmm, cookies! A Hatchimal cookie! We love Hatchimals! They’re so cute and fun. And I love how many different stages they have. And the games are pretty cool too. Happy birthday Hatchimals! Thanks for watching, bye! Leave us a like, write us a comment, and “sumscribe.” Thanks for watching, bye!

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