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Hello, everybody. My name is Markiplier and welcome to Dinner Party. Now dinner party is a game where you host a dinner with a party of people. You have a dinner party. It’s a party dinner. It’s a dinner party you take the dinner in the party and you *wack sound effect* mash ’em together. And you make a dinner party. Have I made myself clear? It’s a dinner party, so uh, the basic- uh… *tone gets louder and more suspicious* Hi. Hello? There were no instructions in this nightmare of a game! I have no idea. Okay, ah. I’m just gonna let this one die. Because -I know-I feel like I walked into the wrong dinner party here and I don’t think I have any idea what I’m doing here. My whole introduction about this game was probably for naught and I have no idea what’s happening. I’m so scared. I believe I’m going to die. Let this one just rot. *reading text* Congratulations *laughs* your score was 78. *shouting* I don’t know what that means! *higher pitched shouting* What does that mean?!? *reading text* Control puppets using the first letter of their- *realization noise*. So I think the point of this game is to convince you guys that this is real. Because there’s no one else here besides me and my dinner guests. So I’m just going to lay down the masterpiece of this family meeting. And we’re going to have a great time here at this dinner party. *authoritative voice* All right I’d like to start this meeting of-Excuse me, that was a little early Diana. I’d like to start this meeting. Okay, if you jokesters can just shut up. I can get started with the meeting. How ’bout that? I’d like to start this meeting of the, uh ‘Jacksepticeye Impersonators Club’. This is our 13th meeting. I-uh-think the others have gone very well this past few weeks. I’d like to thank Reginald in the back especially. Come on, don’t be shy Reginald. There- there’s a Reginald. Yeah, “Top of the morning to you laddies”. Aw that was good. Yeah. No. It was great. No its good. You can stop now. That’d be great. So in our 13th week, you might be asking yourselves ‘What does it take to become a good Jacksepticeye inpersonator?’ Well, say with me! *Attempt at an Irish accent, loudly* Top of the mornin’ to ya lad-
*normal tone* no. Alright. I called you guys here for this meeting of ‘The Ugly People’. To come to terms with the fact that we’re all really fucking ugly. I know. I know Reginald. You especially. Yvonne- you don’t need to try to be best at this one, being ugly is not a winning thing. So how do we deal with being ugly? Look don’t speak out of turn Jeremiah or I’m gonna slap you even uglier than you already are. *fake laugh* I know that’s very funny-can’t be done. But look, Reginald and I have been talking about this, and we think that there’s a way to solve our problems if we can just- Chad, Newberry-if we just stop stuffing our gourds for one second! No, I’m not saying being fat makes us ugly. I’m saying our fucked up faces makes us-eat as much as you want. That’s not the point here! Look. The point is that we’re ugly and we got to do something about it. We either got to change or the world’s got to change around us! Look. Hey! Come on. Don’t be so rabble-rousing about that. *shouts* Oh come on! *angrily*
Fucking! Alright. *Tiredly* Look guys. I know you guys are look at me in disbelief. But yes- I called this meeting of ‘Those who have no ass’. I am aware. I know. It’s a sensitive subject. Diana- shut the fuck up for a second let me talk. Look. I know we all have no asses and that’s fine. We live with it. We love it. We’re fine with it. We-our-our parents accepted us even though they threw us in the wood for not having asses in the first place. But that’s not the point. The point is that we’re here now. We all made it this far in life because we have no ass. Not- despite it. We are stronger for not having two meat cheeks between our buttocks! We are better than our forefathers who threw us out. Say that we were. Now who’s with me? *louder* Who is with me? *softly* Aw, fuck you. *bored tone* Alright. I’d like to start this meeting of ‘The people who are very bad at bideo games’. No, not video games I said bideo games, and I meant it. What? *angrily*Ok whatever it’s video games Diana. Just shut the fuck up for one goddamn second! Look. Obviously, I’m bad at video games. Yes. My name is Markiplier. I’m bad at video games. I get it. All of you are just the same as me. But, look. Maybe there’s something that we can do without being good at video games. Maybe we could still play video games and be bad at it. But if we scream real loud and make a lot of funny facial expressions because all of you guys, just like me are incredibly ugly. Yes, especially you Diana. *angrily* Shut the fuck up! All right look. We’re all incredibly ugly. We’re not likeable in the least. I mean in fact we have very few positive qualities amongst all of us. I mean split evenly down the middle- I mean, I’d say Newberry is the worst stop over there-but I’d say none of us have any extraordinary talents. But. Listen to me! Listen to me! This is new thing called “YouTube”. If we just make videos, put our faces on it, and just scream at video games and-uh-ga- *quickly* Look,look we don’t have to be good. We’re not gonna embarrass ourselves. Or actually we are going to embarrass ourselves because it’s going to be completely ridiculous what we’re doing. But look! *hopeful* If we put it on the Internet. Maybe we can make something out of it. Maybe we can have a career out of it! Oh okay. You fuckers just laughing at me. *angrily* Well. Who’s gonna be laughing when I’m-th-the- the king of this new YouTube thing. And then you guys can all just shut up and eat a dick- And I- Sorry. Did I say something to offend you? *louder, excitedly*
Oh! 95. Alright, thank you for-Diana. Shut the fuck up. Alright. I’d like to thank you all for meeting with me at the eve of this auspicious occasion. We’re here to commemorate the absolute low point of Markiplier’s channel. I know. You all thought it couldn’t get any lower. I-Diana. Again. You shut the fuck up your input is not needed. Look! We all didn’t think that it could get any lower. But, hey here we are and you know what were the better for it because once you hit rock bottom then you can climb up. As all of us here who have known the depths of depravity of Markiplier’s mind. We know that there is only up to go! There’s only up to go. There’s only-like we can only go up. There’s no other way to go but up. When you’re a Markiplier fan, it’s more than just watching videos. It’s about living it. It’s about living the life of the man who inspired all of us to be worse than we ever thought that we could be. Agreed Reginald, agreed. I know I should probably throw myself off a bridge but look. Beyond that we’ve got other responsibil-*crowd gasp noise* Look, I’m Gonna level with you guys. I called you here to kill all of you. Reginald look you-you had this coming for a while. You all have done various things to earn my disdain over the past few years, but chief among them was Yvonne. Yeah, Yvonne., I know. I know. You killed my gerbil so how can I be any kinds of happy about that? Oh, Newberry look. Your thing was you subscribed to Pewdiepie, and I don’t know. I just- I’m not about that so if you could just yeah. Just because I’m gonna kill you guys doesn’t mean that we can’t still be friends. Look I poisoned all this food that you guys are eating. Oh ya-like ya didn’t see it coming, okay? Oh, yeah, rabble, rabble. All you want but look you can’t say that you weren’t deserving. Y’all fucking assholes. You pagan pieces of uhp- *crowd gasp noise* Have no idea about this game. *laughs* This is so silly. I felt like I started to go insane there. I uh- I really did *laughs*. I was in another world entirely trying to make this ruse. *joking tone* So was it real? Could you tell? I know! There I say, I am a master ruse man. *Quietly* Such as story teller. so handsome. So anyway, that was ‘Dinner Party’. Hope you *chuckles* enjoyed it. It was a short experience, but I *laughs* had-I went into there way too many times. But thank you everybody so much for watching. Let me know where you thought down the comments below. If you want to try to set up your own dinner party, check out the link in the description below. So thanks again everybody, and as always I will see you in the next video. Buh-bye! *outro music plays*

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  1. Wow you were really getting into talking about Jack's channel! And then the video just got all hyped up with nonsense and calling Reginald, Yvonne, and Newsbury ugly. Lol! Amazing!

  2. Mark: " I get it I'm a terrible youtuber, I'm ugly just the same as you!"
    Me: " why the fuck you lying why you always lying ohhhh my god stop fuckin lying"

  3. I thought this was going to be a horror game, or a skit where all the different versions of Mark sat down for a "nice" family dinner.

  4. "We have very few positive qualities-"
    "I'd say none of us have any extraordinary talents."
    Me: mentally lists off all of the great things about Mark, takes me three days to list all of them

  5. 2:10 made me laugh so hard the way he said it 😂😂 and Mark noooo you are not ugly!!! 😭😭😭❤️

  6. Yes your life has brought you to this video and this comment… Im sure your proud of your life choices right now…

  7. Yes your life has brought you to this video and this comment… Im sure your very happy about your life choices right now

  8. I play this game with myself all the time! But instead of puppets, I imagine story characters are there, and instead of it just being dinner, it can be driving, chilling on the couch, studying, etc…………………………………being a lonely socially awkward introvert with a fear of talking with strangers is hard.

  9. I thought this was going to be a horror game based off the thumbnail, but I honestly liked this game. Please play more:)

  10. First off, let's employ Lixian to make an animation based off of this.

    Secondly, if you look closely at the table, the plates keep twitching and moving about. Apparently this game has a physics engine when it's not really needed! Fascinating. I wonder why there's physics in a game that doesn't need to employ them so much?

  11. This looks like my normal Friday night dinner party…..don't see anything strange at all. Just a night in with some close friends.

  12. Is it weird that this is actually one of my favorite videos that Mark's made? Yes. Aite then…I'll leave

  13. 1. I can impersonate jack
    2. Im ugly
    3. I have no ass
    4. Im bad at video games
    5. I like to talk about the low point of marks channel
    6. Mark wants to kill me
    Ive learned so much today thanks Mark

  14. This is a video of a man who is single as hell and trying to convince himself that he is okay with speaking with his ugly imaginary friends

  15. This is probably one of (if not my top) favorite videos on Mark's channel, solely for the fact that he continuously tells Diana to stfu continuously, and that just happens to be my real name lmao

  16. I want to watch Markiplier slapping the table and yell “nein nein nein nein nein” at his guests and see what happens…

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