Have Fun With These Memes *.*

when I say wiggle, your hips no two bros
chillin in the hot tub fight where are they
the birds are tripping settles up in the sky beautiful weather is sitting here by
the floor permit the Sun setting all right listen here motherfucker princess pick it up you make the mash pick it up I can’t really pop Oh jump
I know me yeah let me get some name meow is someone mister Popo yo creo
Christians even their wrongs yeah that’s the wrong restaurant right here yo Jimmy
wait a me it’s the wrong restaurant man she meets the wrong restaurant
oh my god it’s to Wendy’s all right I’ll make it up to you I’m not gonna be
a S&T father no more imma be in your life all these years and be a good
father which it is dirty what are you doing I’m making holy water
how is that making holy water and boiling the hell out of it well ya know
he was a Vaseline and everything you is autoblog a young bull you like Harriet
Tubman mixed with Rosa Parks right now that’s all like I forget 42 only they can hear us have a wonderful
day because I accidently Jose Jose are you later see oh my fucking god process
yeah process in the house when someone flies in your deal
you be like back when I push it again my dog will miss him did y’all cookies oh my god excuse me I’d like to make an
announcement my sister just texted me that she’s pregnant you back in the bitch up my cell only fuckin
I can wear my household a whole bullfight a fuckin job your fuckin
sausage roll can do you guys like the fish you want to keep him forever
yeah then we are all right time to take a bath and then when we get done with
feed the fish hey membrane you want some chicken
okay we need to separate or give fail Savin skill and the number of the air
suits the collateral spirito Malo fell adequate for Phil and soos and the
number ahead soos estas Sano take it off put your arm is Dan away I came out my
mouth hang on something like yes sweet right
right very exciting
I try English I mean I’d sue me I say thank you I love you why did you do it
teenage alarm on

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  1. 4:10 this shit pissed me off like bruh did y'all have to fucking mess up his cake and birthday like that if that was me I would not celebrate my birth day I'm triggered rn 🤬🤬🤬

  2. 3:20
    my guy with the SLAYER shirt on lol
    eta: 4:10
    "aaaaaand welcome to the news at 6…. a 4 year old has committed mass murder today, killing her entire family, apparently on her birthday…. police have just released a statement, saying "after an initial viewing of video evidence, it appears the killings were absolutely justified…."


  4. I'm not trying to be rude or anything but at 4:25 why did y'all do that him like that 🤔 I'm not trying to be rude but still

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