Having Ice Cream with Cats to celebrate 300,000 Subscribers

Believe it or not. My mom actually made a video for this moment So before I get into any of the stuff, I want the show It’s honestly hard to believe it was only a month ago That we hit a 100K subscribers on this channel, and I’m not saying this to brag or anything I’m just saying this is like a sign of the times and how insane things have been lately The channel has tripled in size in the span of a month. That is an insane and absolutely ludicrous amount of attention for one guy to receive In just such a short span of time and I know I’m gonna sound a bit like a broken record Just coming off the 200k video, but seriously Thank you. So goddamn much everyone for support and when I do in life like This was always my dream Just to kind of do YouTube and twitch like this Just to be like a content creator just to play video games and share that experience with others The fact that there is now so much support behind the channel I’ve got so many people here. It just boggles my mind I, I, I Still find a hard to believe that like around this time a year ago. Like I Was supposed to quit all of this. I was gearing up to go a different direction in life And now we’re just here I’m like, I’m the child’s just here to stay like there’s no doubt that I’d ever quit doing this seriously, okay Thank you so much everyone I know it sound like a bit of a broken record just saying that but I’m at a loss for words I, i, i Re ally am They’re just things that move so gotdamn fast. So I thought again just in similar vein the 200k I just talked about a couple of things that gonna be happening on the channel the next one the first big thing I want to get mentioned to ah next weekend. I am doing a 24 hour charity livestream for child’s play it’s called the black Chico charity bash me and a bunch of my mates are gonna be playing Team Fortress 2 and We’re gonna be trying to raise as much as we can for child’s play charity They give Sick Kids and Hospital video games to play just to take your mind off life Which is a pretty damn good cause if you can ask me We’ve already raised $10,000 for it which which is honestly insane. The time zones are a bit awkward because it starts at like 4:00 a.m My time, but I’m gonna be there like from about five hours after lunch And from that point on I’m gonna try and stay until the very end for the EU stream on Sunday at 12 p.m. Midday Again for the EU Crouch we’re gonna be playing minecraft multiplayer We actually have an RT game minecraft server for the twitch subscribers to play on it’s kind of just a little extra thing that we’ve always done as Just an additional. Thank you for subscribing on Twitch We’re gonna be playing on that server this weekend We’re gonna be loading up a custom map and we’re gonna try to do a bit of an event if anyone’s heard of minecraft Skyblock Survival, basically you spawn on this island and you have to try and survive in the sky with like very limited resources we’re gonna try play that map but with like 50 people so It’s going to be a disaster and I can’t freakin white last lash For the NA times and I’m just gonna go quickly through the list here cuz it’s quite a few Sunday 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time. We’re streaming more of the Sims. We have to see the family True to the end at this point Looking kind of dire for the Bob family household at this point given how we set up the world But I think at this stage I owe it to everyone here We have to see the family true past that stream though the next day on Monday. Same time 8 p.m. Eastern Standard Time I am going to be streaming another multiplayer session and I don’t want to reveal what the game is for this one but it involves roller coasters and It’s going to be another Interesting experiment to say the least pass laughing on Tuesday. I’m gonna be doing some more spore I’ve been having a lot of fun playing and just Designing things out of play-doh a lot of people seem to hate the stuff I make so and that’s just great So I’m gonna play more and yeah pass that like I really haven’t got much else I can say discord been exploding on activity we’ve just been kind of chillin there the last couple of days just kinda hanging out playing games The twitch streams have gone from about a hundred folks per stream to 1500 every stream. That’s that’s kind of insane I’m still failing to make actual Japan vlogs that has not changed I’m only here two more months now, so I kind of got to get on that I want to show off japan some more. Seriously. Thank you so much. Everyone. Here’s the true 300K Here’s to whatever the future may take us Thank you so much for supporting what I do in life and as a little extra request just at the end of this video my mom made the little star fit of this video with my cat George if you’re gonna say anything on this video if you’re gonna Come anyway, but in relation to something else Just include a little tidbit about that one little bit in video because that would absolutely make my parents day Just say something about George. Basically, that would make them very happy. I love my parents.

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  1. I was going to say this anyway but I cried from wholesomeness from the adorable George video in the beginning. That's so sweet and so cute ♡♡♡

  2. Your mother is a genius. Getting cats in a video increases a person's attention span by several minutes, and starting with a dancing cat is just adorable too. Keep doing what you do, George.

  3. 1:25
    I sear that’s my cat Pete. Because that’s what he looks like right now. Although we didn’t have him when this vid was uploaded. He is around a year old and yet looks just like that!

  4. George is the goal in life. Be so happy with who you are, so pleased with how your life is, that a stupid little song makes you dance.

  5. Got this recommendation just today, in just a month you had 300k subs and now after 11months you almost 1.9mil. Congrats Mate I've been here since 200k subs I've always loved your videos, I hope you keep being yourself, love your streams and love your YouTube contents keep it up

  6. George is best boy and is the cutest (Ik im late still tho he is so cute) but I have a question is George George from Peppa Pig

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