Having Makeup Done on Wedding day

– Hi guys, it’s Meredith with Meredith Ren Carse Photography. And today we’re talking about makeup, and whether or not you
should hire a makeup artist for your engagement
session or for your wedding. Now with all of my
client I highly recommend hiring a makeup artist to do your makeup, unless your a makeup artist yourself, and even then, it takes
the stress out of your day just a little more by having
someone else take care of that for you rather than
trying to do it yourself. And that is one of the big
reasons why I say go ahead and hire somebody, is because you don’t want to be stressing
about that on your day. You don’t want to worry
about having forgotten your mascara, or having
picked the wrong color of blush, that just doesn’t translate well on camera. And a really
good makeup artist who’s trained will know what
translates well onto pictures, and whether or not you need to blend your contouring a little bit
better on your face. Whereas you have it done
yourself, or your best friend does it. It may
look really pretty when your look at it in the
mirror, but when it’s photographed, that
straight line that’s not blended well on your blush, or the lack of correctly applied eyeshadow, may not translate well onto
your wedding day pictures, and that is definitely
something that you want to have to look at day in and day
out for your pictures. So, I highly recommend, to going ahead and having a trial with your makeup
artist, ask around for good recommendations,
and have your wedding day trial done on the same
day you’re going to have your engagement pictures
done, and then you’re gonna get a really good
idea of whether or not you want them to be a little
heavier on the makeup, or a little lighter on your wedding day. So, if you need good
recommendations locally for a makeup artist, I have
some lovely ladies that I work with, that absolutely adore. And I would love to
connect to you with them. So make sure that, if
that’s what you need, reach out to me at Meredith
Ren Carse Photography, and I look forward to hearing from you, have a great day!

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