“He Was Terrified!” Married at First Sight Couples React to Season 10, Episode 8 | Lifetime

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  2. Lol "was" …past tense…I killed the devil …and took his kingdom….I already said that…I am the source of all evil and a greater source of danger…😉

  3. Zach is scared of Mindy. He doesn't understand how to approach her in his usual manner… she is not wise enough to understand that. "Attraction" means you feel confident and competent…. that's why we're attracted to a "type"…. their connection requires the building of real intimacy that is earned first. Isn't anyone intelligent on this show? And by that I mean the experts.

  4. Zach is a total jerk/loser. How can he be kept on this show if he is not living with Mindy?
    Do these people not sign CONTRACTS to marry, go on honeymoon and LIVE TOGETHER?

  5. Watch the Australian version. They have a commitment ceremony because it’s illegal to marry a stranger. And the show puts them up in apartments and have a weekly dinner with all the couples. Watch on you tube

  6. Zach acts like he is disgusted by Mindy. He doesn’t even want to live under the same roof with her. As if he doesn’t want her to misconstrue the situation by thinking they might actually be intimate, or fall in love. Dude wants to make sure he keeps her in the friend zone and that it is as clear as possible.

  7. On the after show, Zach said he's attracted to athletic girls ie., volleyball players. Mindy is just not his type. She's too thin and add all of her insecurities and that will be a huge turn off to a guy with the confidence of Zach.

  8. I hate how Mindy accepts these little crumbs from Zach. Like she needs to either hold him accountable or leave him alone and be done. He can’t even say honeymoon. In my opinion the reason he didn’t want to move in is because he’s still acting single. I bet anything he only wears his ring around Mindy. The experts got it wrong this season. I think their only match will be Austin and Jess. A person who has never been in love shouldn’t do this experiment.

  9. Zach isn’t really feeling Mindy like that, but is too nice of a guy to hurt her feelings—that’s why he talks in circles. Is there a nice way to tell your wife you’re not sexually attracted to her? They’re both great ppl INDIVIDUALLY but together…I just don’t see it.

  10. Did Mindy just say "we're not friends, we're married"? Why can't she just accept the fact that Zack doesn't fancy her? If I were her, would have left the show long ago. I can't be disrespected. She's acting like she's not seen his type before. Gosh!!!

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