Healthy birthday parties – ideas & tips

Every parent wants their child’s birthday party to be special, but nowadays it’s common
to find tables piled high full of junk food and sweets, but it doesn’t need to be that
way, does it, guys? CHILDREN: No. FLIP: Now, I’m not going to be a party pooper. You can
still have your pies, sweets, and of course cake, because really what’s a kids’ party
without them? But, you can easily replace them with goodies that are a lot tastier and
a lot healthier and the kids will be none the wiser. You’d be surprised with what kids
will eat, especially if they’re hungry and other kids are eating. It’s all to do with
the presentation. If it looks good, that’s half the battle won. Who wants some rock and
roll? CHILDREN: Yeah. FLIP: A colourful fruit platter and celery sticks with cream cheese
and sultanas, quickly get gobbled up by hungry partygoers. So, what do you need when you
make fairy bread? Fairies, of course, and as it happens, I’ve got two right here. CHILD
1: Yeah. CHILD 2: Yeah. FLIP: Yeah. Now, let’s get stuck into it. For the fairy bread, just
replace with mountain bread for a healthier option. It’s that simple. The mountain bread
has less yeast and is lower in carbohydrates than the white bread alternative. And there
we have it, fairy bread. How perfect is that? Parties and pies go hand-in-hand but why not
make them yourself? The home-made variety have less preservatives and are more nutritious
than their supermarket equivalents. A cute idea is to give the different pies fun names,
and make signs to go with them. No need to tell them they’re veggie pies. Okay, who’s
for fish and chips? CHILDREN: Me. FLIP: Fish and chips are great for the party plate and,
no, I’m not talking about the takeaways from the local fish and greasies. CHILD 3: Oh,
they look pretty. FLIP: Pick a nice, firm, fish and just add your favourite herbs and
along with the chips, bake in the oven. Definitely no deep frying. But, remember, they’ve still
got to look good, so wrap them in butchers’ paper like they do at the shops. No kid can
resist. CHILD 4: I love fish and chips. FLIP: Distractions are a great way to keep the kids
away from the junk food and there’s no better distraction than party games. Pin the tail
on the donkey is always a party favourite, and to keep the kids active, you can’t go
past a good old-fashioned three-legged race or egg and spoon race. I want a clean race,
no fighting. On your marks. Get set. Go. All that exercise is sure to create a huge thirst,
but instead of pulling out the bottles of soft drink I’ve got a better idea. Simply
blend some fresh fruit and then for the bubbles just add soda water. Not only does it look
fantastic, but the kids have the benefit of consuming lots of fresh fruit. Okay, so I
hear you asking what about the sweets? Well, Honey Joys and Chocolate Crackles are an old
favourite and really aren’t too bad. These can be done the night before and they’re a
great way of getting the kids in the kitchen to help out with the food preparation. Orange
Jellies are also an oldie but a goodie, and you can do them in huge range of colours that
will look and taste sensational. Last, but not least, is the birthday cake. Sorry, there’s
not a lot of healthy options here, but try and avoid the mega chocolate cake. Why not
try something like angel or sponge cake? They’ve got less sugar and fat. Happy birthday, girls.
Time to blow out the candles. But, hey, a little bit of icing and cream can be allowed
on a special day. Hope those tips have helped. The real message here is not elimination,
but moderation. Transcript by Luminaire Pictures | [email protected]
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