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Hi, I’m Müge. Welcome to Happy Fig Tree. (light instrumental music) Today we’re going to make my four favorite Mediterranean dishes
that I make every week. (soft instrumental music) The first dish I’m going to make is the Mediterranean lentil soup. Lentil soup is one of my favorites, as lentils are packed
with plant-based protein, and are just delicious to enjoy even on its own, anytime of the year. So we’re gonna begin by chopping up the half of a yellow onion. Into a large pot on medium high heat, we’re gonna add our onions,
with a tablespoon of olive oil. Then give it a gentle stir once you add in some ground cumin, and
freshly cracked black pepper. Now we’re gonna grate a tomato, simply by cutting it in half, and using the skin to
safely grate it into a bowl. Stir in the tomatoes, and
get the lentils ready. We’re gonna rinse the lentils until the water comes out
clear, about three times. This helps remove the substances
that may cause indigestion. Now we’re gonna add the lentils in, with eight cups of hot water. Bring the soup to a boil first, and lower the temperature to medium. We’re gonna partially cover the top so the soup doesn’t overflow. Once the lentils are cooked,
we can add salt to taste, and our lentil soup is ready to enjoy. Next up, we’re gonna be making a Mediterranean Instapot
recipe, which is pepper steak. So to begin, we’re gonna
mince four cloves of garlic. I like my meals nice and garlicky, so I always end up mincing an
additional clove of garlic, but it’s totally up to you. Next we’re gonna dice up one medium onion. To the Instapot, on saute mode, we’re gonna add in some olive oil, along with the garlic and onion. Two pounds of steak cut into cubes, two teaspoons of black pepper, a teaspoon of crushed red pepper, a tablespoon of dried thyme, and just enough hot
water to cover the steak. Now we’re gonna cook the steak on high pressure for 25 minutes. While this all cooks,
we’re gonna nicely wash and julienne two bell peppers. We used green and red bell peppers here for different health benefits. So in Mediterranean
culture, we like to use the whole vegetable to prevent waste, so I kept the whole pepper
after I cut the stem, and discarded the inner core. Now we’re gonna safely
unseal, and open the pot to add in our bell pepper,
and we’re gonna cook it on high pressure for a final 10 minutes. And then we can enjoy the soft
and flavorful pepper steak, maybe with some dry red wine. Next we’re making tzatziki,
which is a perfectly refreshing summer soup, with some probiotic yogurt, garlic, and cucumbers. We’re gonna begin by mincing
three cloves of garlic. The garlic needs to be
cut into very tiny pieces since it has a very strong flavor. Then we’re gonna wash and peel two medium size organic cucumbers. Into our large bowl, we’re gonna add in our yogurt as the base, and
start dicing the cucumbers in perfect one inch pieces. I find it easier to dice it in my hand, but you can also use the
cutting board for this step. Next we’re gonna add the garlic, and sprinkle in one
tablespoon of dried mint, which is one of the most
important elements of this recipe. Half a cup of water, and salt to taste. Then you can give it a nice stir, and your tzatziki is ready to be enjoyed. You can find the full recipe
in the description down below, as well as more information on the different variations of tzatziki. Hope you enjoy tzatziki
as an afternoon treat, or a side dish for dinner. Lastly, we’re gonna be making a refreshing Mediterranean salad, packed
with nutrients and antioxidants. A Mediterranean salad
is what you make of it, as long as you wash each
ingredient with love and care. First we’re gonna chop up and
peel the ingredients to prep. And with the use of a peeler, we’re gonna shave the
carrot for a nice texture. Next we’re gonna grate a half beet, and a tiny clove of garlic. For the dressing, we’re gonna use some fresh squeezed lemon juice,
olive oil, and salt to taste. I hope you enjoyed the recipes today. Thank you for watching. See you in the next video.

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  1. Healthy, high protein and high fiber without taking any junk in your body yet in a simple and quick process. Hands down. Congratulations and thanks for representing Mediterranean food in a right way. There is one thing I’d like to add, that yogurt soup you made is cacik!

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