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hey everyone welcome back to my Channel
today I have another recipe video for you guys and you guys have been
requesting some vegan dinner recipes so that is what i am doing today you can also use these for life they’re
not like for dinner specifically but they can be dinner or lunch and this
actually club with my friend ashley hamilton here on youtube or raw in
college she’s an amazing Instagram amazing
videos she actually eats fully raw she’s being but also use just completely
wrong she’s been on like NBC it’s not like that is crazy so you definitely
need to check her out her video instagram will be a link in the
description box below she’s so inspiring just have so much knowledge and stuff
like that so if you have any questions about like being vegan because she would
be like the person to go to and yeah we’re gonna show you three
different vegan dinner if you guys haven’t yet i would love for you to
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and left and the dinners with the first recipe and we are making is as it’s a
tortilla pizza so I’m starting off a bike coming up
zucchini and you can use whatever kind of vegetables you like for this pizza
but i really like it the peppers and the zucchini combo together just go ahead and cut those up into
small pieces then I’m just cooking them on the stove top for a bit just so that
they get a little bit roasted and cooked otherwise they can make the pizza really
mushy then I’m taking a tortilla and i’m using a brown rice gluten free tortilla with some pizzas
sauce and i’m putting that down as the base and we’re going to be using their
tortilla as a crust so you can totally just buy some store made that pizza sauce
and just spread that around the tortilla next up go ahead and take your veggies and just pile them on
top of your tortilla you can also put vegan cheese if you like but i just
chose a vegetable then go ahead and bake that for about 12
to 15 minutes until the tortilla gets crispy and golden brown then all you
have to do is it cut it up this is such a quick easy dinner that
you can make different kinds of and it’s super yummy next up we are making of these jicama
fries and you can also do this with sweet potato or a normal potato if you
prefer but this is kind of like a slightly sweet root vegetable i thought
it’s really good to you and it has a ton of potassium and a lot of good nutrients
in it for you so I thought I would spice it up so go
ahead and cut that into Fry shapes then i’m adding 1 a tablespoon of some
organic olive oil and then I’m putting in a quarter of a teaspoon of chili
powder and then we’re also going to need a half of a lime and i’m just going to
squeeze the juice of that on top of it and i love the flavor of this like
chipotle lime and then put a little bit of salt on it as well because we gotta
have some salt on our fries go ahead and toss those up until
everything is coated with all of our spices and oil and lime mixture go ahead and spread it out onto a lined
baking sheet and just make sure that everything isn’t piled on top of each
other and it all has room to get crispy go ahead and make that at 350 degrees
for 20 minutes or until golden brown and then you will have these super crunchy he come off rise which are so good and I
taught this with a little bit of cilantro and then lastly we’re making or what I
call a PB potato and salad so I’m starting off by peeling a sweet
potato so go ahead and make sure you wash it
and then just peel it go ahead and bake two halves on a
greased baking sheet for about 30 minutes then I’m just filling a bowl
full of kale because i love kale have tons of antioxidants and great things
for you then I’m going to slice up half an avocado because it’s got great
healthy fast and as we all know I love me some avocado and I just slice that up
and put that on the side of my bowl once my sweet potato is done i’m going to add
peanut butter yes peanut butter to my sweet potato
guys this is so good i love making this and i just love eating at this bowl it
is so yummy i definitely recommend trying it thank
you guys for watching if you enjoyed it don’t forget to give it a good ol thumbs
up and don’t forget to check out Ashley’s video and her channel and I
will see you guys in my next video bye guys

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