Healthy Vegan Christmas Dinner [Whole Food Plant-Based, Gluten-Free] #veganchristmasdinner

How about enjoying every bite of your
Christmas dinner knowing that the same food would also nourish your body
instead of making you feel awful? Welcome! I am Nele, author, recipe creator and
passionate plant-based foodie. On my YouTube channel and blog I share whole food plant-based recipes that also cater for vegan Candida
diet and gluten-free dietary restrictions. If you want to be healthy,
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channel and why not newsletter! Now, you must think, oh my god what’s up with her
hair?! But don’t worry, it’s not permanent. I just thought I’d try out something… You
can let me know in the comments whether you like this new curly thing or should
I go back to straight hair. Here’s what I’ll have for Christmas and probably for
the next days as well. We will make healthy-as-hell steamed kale with the
extra boost of cranberries, red cabbage and carrot coleslaw that is a total vitamin
bomb, creamy and hearty chickpea-tahini dressing, comforting oven roasted veggies
with miso marinade, and finally delicious and satiating lentil loaf. Start by
preparing the loaf as it will bake for an hour, so you can use that time to cook
and prepare everything else. You will find a recipe video link for the loaf up
here. The only thing I did differently this time was a thin layer of tomato
paste. I just think it gives a very nice festive touch to the loaf.
Let’s continue with the coleslaw! I grated half a head of red cabbage and a
big carrot in food processor. Then added a 12 gram piece of miso paste, three
handfuls of goji berries and juice from half a lemon. Now, I prefer to
massage the veggies with a glove on as it would take a few days to get the red
cabbage stains off my hands. By the way, those are
supposed to be single-use gloves, but I use them until they break. Simply squeeze
everything until the juices start to come out. I’m glad it’s not my hand that
looks so pretty and yellow. This is the end result. Keep the salad in a sealed
container or jar in the fridge. Next on is the chickpea-tahini dressing, which
goes so well with lentil loaf and steamed kale. Again, you’ll find the full
recipe video link up here, but you basically blend chickpeas, tahini,
nutritional yeast, soy yogurt, paprika powder, garlic powder, lemon juice,
turmeric, black pepper, kala namak or Himalayan salt and water. By the way, I’m
making a double batch here. Transfer the dressing into jars and keep in fridge
until you need it. It’s time to prepare the miso marinade! Add 1 tablespoon of
nutritional yeast to half a teaspoon of garlic powder and a 40 gram piece of
miso paste. Then throw in half a teaspoon of paprika powder and 200 grams of water. Process until everything is well blended. Optionally add 20 grams
(about a tablespoon) of tahini and blend again. Transfer into a jar because you’ll
have leftovers to use as salad dressing or as extra marinade. Keep it in fridge. Now, take some red bell pepper or any
color really and Brussels sprouts. Drizzle with some marinade (about 4
tablespoons), stir well with a spoon and pour everything onto baking sheet lined
with parchment paper. Next take some root veggies like beetroot and carrot and
repeat the process: drizzle with marinade, mix well and transfer onto baking sheet
together with bell peppers and Brussels sprouts. Cut the beets and carrots quite
thin to allow all the veggies to cook within the same timeframe.
Finally, I also roast some sweet potatoes. I stir them separately,
because I love to add ginger powder and cinnamon that complement the sweet
potatoes extremely well. When everyone’s all cozied up on the baking sheet,
drizzle some more miso marinade on top and bake at 190C for 30
to 35 minutes. Let’s set the table! Here’s your lentil loaf, oven baked
beetroot, carrot and sweet potato, steamed kale, red cabbage coleslaw, chickpea
tahini dressing and oven baked bell pepper and Brussels sprouts. Let’s
sprinkle some cranberries on top of kale, black sesame seeds on to the dressing
bowl and some fresh parsley here and there. Let us feast and feel good about
it! Merry Christmas! And if you want to see,
no rather hear, what happened to me while I filmed this video, keep on watching. And of course don’t forget to comment
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  1. Let the Christmas feast begin! Enjoy those delicious, healthy, nourishing and satiating recipes! Life's good! 😋🎄🎄💚

  2. You've come through at just the right time for me. Thank you for these amazing Christmas dishes. I'm the only vegan diet eater at our Christmas celebration and I was struggling to think of things that everyone would enjoy. You've provided me with some wonderful looking options. Merry Christmas and keep creating.

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