Hebron Day – 50th Anniversary of Liberation

in 1967 the Jewish people took back their ancient capital and reunited Jerusalem. And while millions of people celebrate this day they often overlook what happens only one day later. Rabbi Shlomo Goren was not satisfied with having only Jerusalem. The Jewish people also needed Hebron and the tombs of the fathers and mothers there. The morning right after Jerusalem’s liberation, Rabbi Goren and his driver set out for Hebron under the assumption that they were catching up to the rest of the IDF. But when they got to Hebron there were no soldiers in sight. To Rabbi Goren surprise, the rest of Hebron was quiet. Only the waving white flags of surrender could be seen outside of the houses with lined streets leading up to the Tomb of Machpela. Meanwhile the IDF was planning a strategic attack on some road from the nearby hills not knowing that Rabbi Goren had already taken the city. Seeing the hands of God in action Rabbi Goran went right up to the Tomb of Machpela, planted a makeshift Israeli flag outside and entered the ancestral burial grounds of the Jewish people for the first time in seven hundred years Rabbi Goren’s actions opened the doors of the Tomb of Machpela to future generations allowing Jews and Bible lovers from all over the world to visit Hebron and pray there. This year marks the 50th year of Hebron liberation. Hebron citizens and its soldiers are on the front lines every day to ensure a Jewish presence of Hebron and allow people like you to visit anytime. The Hebron Fund was established to help support the brave people who live and protect Hebron. The Hebron Fund helps increase the quality of life of the residents who live there. The soldiers of several regularly receive care packages and moral support from Hebron Fund. Most of all, we all get access to beautiful and taken-care-of Hebron, thanks to the Hebron Fund. And this is where you come in. You have the opportunity to help with these initiatives by donating today. This year marks the 50th anniversary not only of the reunification of Jerusalem but also the liberation of Hebron and the return to our Biblical heartland of Judea and Samaria. Join us on Yom Hevron – Hebron Day Thursday May 25th as we travel the road that Rabbi Goren took to liberate Hebron. There will be tours, firework displays, a concert, as well as other special programs you won’t want to miss. Whether you can make it to Hebron Day or not take the opportunity to mark this monumental occasion by becoming an honorary citizen of Hebron. You’ll receive the brand new and beautiful limited-edition 50th anniversary medallion. So be part of the special occasion. Call the office or visit the website for details about Hebron Day and the 50th anniversary medallion.

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  1. History is important. It gives people identity and pride in their ancestors achievements.
    This British atheist wishes all proud Israelis a long and prosperous future. Regardless of colour or creed. If you support the only parliamentary democracy with universal suffrage in the region, you have my best wishes. As a former soldier, I have great respect for the IDF and it's martial prowess. Superior fighting spirit is half the battle and the IDF have that in excess. A rare quality in today's limp leftist western civilization.
    If the immigrant invasion of Europe continues. We may need you to come and liberate us from the islamic plague.

  2. BDS is a struggle Israel can’t win.
    BDS is the brave and steady labor of people of conscience to move forward by applying economic pressure, plain and simple. The old narrative of a blameless Israel, fighting off Palestinian “terrorists”, is a hard sell, and BDS will continue to build on its successes because Israel’s defenders can no longer suppress the truth, or sweep it under some wishful fantasy of a benevolent, progressive Israel that doesn’t exist, and never has.

  3. The Lord God reigns forever. He will fight for His people and for Jerusalem. All nations will come to worship Him at Jerusalem.

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