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– Hi guys, welcome back to– – [All] ThatYoutub3Family. – And today we’re playing Hello Neighbor. – Part two. – Thank you to HomeAway for providing this
house for us to play in. – So basically, if you’ve
never heard of Hello Neighbor, it’s basically where one
person is in the house, the rest of the players are outside acting as one team player,
so they’re all in a team. They have to sneak in the
house and find three items. A ball, a bag of M&Ms and some popcorn. The neighbor gets to hide
all these items in the house, and we have to try and sneak
past and not get caught, and retrieve all of the
items and turn back outside. The neighbor also has some
noise-canceling headphones. That way he can’t hear us come in. But if he sees us, he can
chase after us and tag us, and then we’re out. So in the online game Hello Neighbor, you can play in morning, evening or night, and part one, we played in the morning. It’s part two, we’re
playing in the evening, as you can tell. So, it’s little bit chilly
but it’s not quite night yet. – I say we go in the main
bedroom right there, yes. – I don’t think– – [Mom] He won’t go anywhere else, though. – I don’t think he’s gonna, like, go around the house very much, so I don’t think he’ll go in the basement. – [Mom] He’s right there. – Okay, let’s go. – [Mom] Hurry, let’s go, here we go. (footsteps clomp) – Upstairs, we’re going upstairs
through the back entrance. – [Mom] Stay low. Stay low, shhh. Stay low. (playful music) – Still, at night time, you can see us. – Come on, come on. (footsteps clomp) (giggles) – Shhh. – [Jordan] Where is he? – [Jake] I don’t want to get caught. – [Jordan] Is he singing? – [Mom] I don’t know. Okay, we’re in. (Tyler sings in distance) (Tyler sings louder) – He’s coming. – [Mom] Shh, shh, shh, shh. He’s going to the bathroom. (squeals) – [Mom] Shhh. (door closes) – We could hear him. (Tyler sings) (Tyler sings louder) (door opens) (laughs) – [Jordan] Excuse me,
we’re using the bathroom. – [Mom] Oh, he found us. – [Jordan] Oh, man. – [Mom] Ty got us, should we try again? – Did you even get one? – [Mom and Jordan] No. – [Jake] Let’s try again. – [Mom] That was good, Ty. All right. Neighbor one. Where’d you go to? – Ran the whole thing. – [Mom] Oh my gosh. – He saw me. – [Mom] He caught us in the bathroom. – I know, I told you. He saw me, he saw me. – [Mom] I know, but we were
hoping that you could hide. – [Mom] What’s our plan, guys, hurry. – He’s patrolling. – I say we go in the
main room right there. Let’s go. – Let’s go in the main,
and then go upstairs? Or where are we going after that? – [Jake] Oh. (sighs) – [Dad] What? (birds twitter) – [Mom] Shh, hurry. – [Audrey] Guys. We got, we got the ball. (electronic beeps) – [Mom] Shh, shh, stay, stay. – We found the ball. – [Mom] Where’d dad go? (shoes shuffle) (whispers) – [Audrey] Near the bathroom. He’s coming, he’s coming. [Mom] Shh. – [Audrey] He’s coming. Again, in the bathroom,
we’re a real team together. – We always– (distant cackles) – No, he caught us.
– He got Jake and dad. – [Announcer] They should come in here. – [Tyler] I really saw him. – You guys should have come in here. – [Tyler] I really saw
him, I really saw him. – We were just here to open this door. (groans) – Again. – Check this one, this one’s spooky, look. – [Mom] He got you guys. – Come here, look at this room. – [Mom] Oh my god. – I really found dad. I saw a shadow moving. – [Mom] Oh, that is creepy. – Jake, Jake hid underneath down there. – [Jordan] There’s a mouse
trap, you got to be careful. – [Mom] Oh wow, you both
should have hid back there. Oh wow. Clear down. – Let’s try again. – [Mom] Guys, should we try
it one more time for Ty? – Ah. – I feel like they always
seem to know where we’re at. – Ty keeps catching us, yeah. – [Mom] Okay, so let’s think. Did you guys see any items in
the house when we were there? – I didn’t see any downstairs. Unless he hid the ball downstairs. – I think he– – [Mom] You think they’re
up there in the room? – [Dad] We haven’t been in those rooms. – [Mom] Okay, so how do we get in? We could go around back. – Or the front door. – [Mom] And go through that
bedroom that Jake and Ty’s in. – [Dad] Okay. – [Audrey] He hid downstairs. – [Mom] He’s coming, go this way, run. Go, go, go, hurry. Before he comes out on the porch. Hurry, fast, get in that room. – [Audrey] Go, go, Tyler. Run. (footsteps clomp) – [Mom] Get in that room. – Guys, look. – [Mom] Shh, shh, shh. Oh my gosh. (Tyler sings in distance) – [Jake] What, you can’t get in that room? – [Mom] Shh. (door opens) – No, he can’t come out here. Let’s get him out of here. Because they can’t, you got to get out. – Oh yeah, I have to stay up here. – [Dad] Go in. – [Mom] Go in. – How’d you know? – [Dad] Just keep walking. – How’d you know? – [Dad] ‘Cause the door was open. – [Jake] That was fun. – [Mom] Guys, where do we go? (pants) Okay. Where’s Jordan? – [Audrey] He knows we’re out here. – [Dad] He’s in there. – [Mom] He’s right there. He’s right there. Okay, let’s go. – [Audrey] He will laugh. – [Mom] He’s going back the other way. – [Audrey] Jake, just come back. – [Dad] Go. – [Audrey] Jordan? Where’s Jordan? – [Jake] Oh god, I’m– – [Mom] Wait, guys, just get in. – I was hiding in the closet. – [Mom] Stay right here. – [Jordan] I was hiding in the closet. – [Mom] As soon as he comes
back, let’s run that way. – I was hiding in the
closet, that was so scary. – [Dad] Let’s go straight
across, straight across. – [Mom] Okay, straight across. – [Audrey] Can’t, he knows. – [Jordan] No. – [Mom] Jake. Hurry up. He’s out here. (screams)
(laughs) – [Dad] He got me. – [Tyler] I got daddy. – All right, Ty was a
great Hello Neighbor. We couldn’t get past him
and now it’s Audrey’s turn. – Audrey’s being the neighbor. So she’s hiding all the
items, we’re waiting. We got to strategize, guys. – It’s because I– – What do we, what are we gonna do? – Okay.
– You went twice. – [Dad] She’s gonna
hide one on each level. – She’ll probably hide one on each level. – She’s gonna go hard. Like hide them in the
corners or tricky areas. [Dad] I think some’s gonna
be outside on the deck. – Oh, yeah.
– That’s a good idea. – [Tyler] Wait, it could be up there. – She’s gonna hide them tricky,
like up high or in a corner. – If you guys think that
we can get the three items without Audrey finding us, go ahead and vote that up in the polls. – [Tyler] Or catching us. – Yeah, if Audrey can’t catch
us and we get the three items, go ahead and vote and say that we do. If you think she’s gonna
catch us, then let us know. – [Tyler] Oh my god, let’s go. Guys, go, go go. – [Mom] Neighbor’s ready. All right. – [Jordan] She’s ready, okay. – [Tyler] Hurry, go. – [Dad] That was scary. – That was scary. – [Tyler] Will you go upstairs? – Okay. – [Mom] Is there any
entrance to the basement? I see cross beams but
is there any entrance? – I don’t think so, ’cause
it’s just the theater room and there’s no– – [Jordan] There’s no entrance. – There’s no entrance into the basement. – What’s our strategy? Where are we going? – Okay, let’s go on the deck here and go into the kitchen. Let’s go into the kitchen. – I’m scared, I don’t want to be caught. – I hear her. – [Dad] She’s outside. – [Tyler] That way, that way. – She’s outside, she’s– – [Tyler] Over here, over here. – [Dad] Go up here and
go up to the kitchen. – We just hide behind the van. – [Jordan] She’s over there. – Let’s go in the kitchen. Okay, here we go. This is scary. ‘Cause we don’t know where she’s at. (Audrey sings in distance) – [Mom] Shh. All right guys. (birds twitter) Don’t let her see us. – This is so creepy. We don’t know where she’s at. – [Mom] Guys, she’s
upstairs, she’s upstairs. – The cool thing about
playing this at night time, is we can– – [Mom] Hide, just duck. – [Jake] Duck, duck, hide, hide. – [Dad] Ah, there she is. Go, go. Go, go, go. (footsteps clomp) – [Jake] Upstairs, let’s
go upstairs, come on. Upstairs. (screams) (laughs) (laughs) (pants) (screams) (laughs) (laughs) (pants) (laughs) (pants) – I got you.
– I’m too tired. – That was so scary. – [Dad] Okay. It is round two with Audrey. – I don’t know how we’re
gonna get three items. – She chased me down that house. I’m still tired, but I didn’t
notice anything in there. – Me too, I didn’t see anything. – We need to go up to the basement. – All three might be in that basement. – We should just go through
that door into the basement. – In the bathroom. – [Dad] So we just go in and go down? – [Jordan] Yeah. – And then if we go down, we
gotta book it right back up. – Okay, there she is. All right. Okay, we think everything’s
in the basement, let’s go. She’s, like, patrolling
around the basement. Here we go. (mischievous music) (footsteps clomp) – [Jake] Yes. – Popcorn. – [Dad] Did you get it? (electronic beeps) (door closes)
– All of them are– – [Jordan] Go upstairs. – [Dad] Get in there, get in there. Right, quickly. – Let’s go, come on. (sneaky music) – [Dad] Hurry, hurry. Hurry, go, go. (footsteps clomp) – We made it. – We got one item, we got the popcorn. Oh, that was so much stress. – I got it. – [Mom] Oh my gosh. – Only two more to go. All right, we’re gonna try the kitchen. ‘Cause she’s upstairs. Okay, go. Go. Kitchen, go, go. – [Mom] Come on, come on. – [Dad] Go, kitchen. (footsteps clomp) Go. She’s coming, guys. No, go back. (screams) Go back, she’s coming. (laughs) – [Jordan] Abort mission. Abort mission. (giggles) – I saw you. – [Jake] We’re going upstairs. (groans) – [Dad] Okay, let’s follow her. We’ll go in that back bedroom, hurry up. – [Jordan] We got to be really quick. – She’s such, she’s so good. – [Dad] Go, go, go. So scary. – It’s not here. Next. It’s not there. (Audrey sings) (screams) (cackles) (Audrey sings) (laughs) (giggles) She’s coming. – [Jordan] Wait, did you get tagged? Wait, did you get tagged? – No. – Yes, okay, we’re all still alive. – [Mom] Okay. – [Jake] Guys, this way. – Okay, we searched this
side, we searched this. We searched the basement,
we know it’s not there. What about the master bedroom? – It’s upstairs. – [Dad] Okay. – Let’s go up around. – [Dad] We’ll hit the master bedroom. You guys, okay, let’s
do this, let’s go in. Jordan, Jake and Ty’s
will come around the bend. – Run around, okay. – And then out, and then back to the out? – [Dad] Yeah. – Well, how are we gonna
get over the hot tub? – [Dad] No, in front of the hot tub. – Okay, okay. (footsteps clomp) Don’t trip. – [Dad] Go. (people chatter) – We gotta stay clear from windows ’cause she could see
us through the windows. – [Dad] Okay, let’s– (playful music) Go, go, Jordan. – [Jordan] Hurry. (footsteps clomp) (door closes) Let’s go, window. (breathes) – There’s so many doors and windows. Oh crap, there she is. She’s coming, she’s coming. Oh no, she saw us. (pants) Go outside. – [Jordan] Go outside. (screams) (pants) – [Dad] Hurry, hurry. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop. – We’re outside, we’re safe, we’re safe. (pants)
(giggles) – [Mom] You can’t come out here. You can’t come out here. – You sneaky cheekys. – She’s standing there. Regular dance party. – [Dad] Oh, scary. (pants) – [Mom] Do we see it in there anywhere? – [Dad] Yeah, look around. – [Jordan] Go downstairs now, go down. – [Jake] Go down, go
downstairs and then move up. – [Dad] Go, go. – Close the door. – [Jake] She’s coming. – [Dad] Just go. – Over here, guys, there’s nothing. There’s nothing over there. – Guys. – [Mom] Now we’re trapped. There’s nothing there. – [Dad] Okay, go, go go. Get in, get in, she’s coming. – [Mom] Ty, Ty, Ty. (laughs) (giggles) – We’re south-side. I can’t remember. I can’t remember how to
get out of this house. (pants) – [Mom] Oh my gosh. (screams) – I can’t find it. – [Tyler] It’s downstairs. – [Mom] I can’t find it either. – [Tyler] It’s down in the basement. – It’s in these rooms over here. It’s in these rooms. – [Mom] The bedrooms. – [Jordan] It’s in the bedroom. – [Dad] Okay, come here. (Audrey sings in distance) – [Jake] Guys. (screams) (laughs) – Yikes. – [Jordan] Guys, she’s gonna get us. – [Mom] Run through the two bedrooms. – [Dad] Okay, and then go across to the balcony in the front. – [Mom] It’s the only thing she’s left. – Go, go, go, go. (sneaky music) She’s coming. Downstairs, come on. She’s coming. She’s right here. (giggles) (screams) (screams) I’m free, oh. (sings) – [Dad] Can’t get me. (stomps) – Where is the rest of the crew? – I don’t know. (laughs) Okay, so now Audrey separated us. They’re all up there
in that room behind me. (electricity buzzes) – [Mom] We got a ball. We found the ball in the bathroom. – [Dad] Upstairs? – In the bathroom. – Scout’s in the middle. It’s in the middle.
– In the tub. Okay, we got the ball in the bathroom. The popcorn was on the main level. Basement is M&Ms? – Yep, there’s– – [Dad] We were in the basement. – Or was, no the popcorn
was in the basement. Main level was M&Ms. – [Dad] We got to go main level, yep. – [Jake] She’s guarding it. – [Dad] She’s upstairs. Let’s go. – [Mom] Run. Go. She’s coming, she’s coming. She’s coming, you better run. She’s coming down. – [Jordan] Go, go, go. – [Dad] Okay, listen, listen. (Audrey sings in distance) We’ll try those bathrooms. – [Tyler] Get in. – [Dad] Right here, right
here, go, go, go, go go. (door closes) – [Mom] Shh, shh, no,
just listen (mumbles). – Okay, we’re hiding from
Audrey in the bathroom. – [Jake] Turn off the light. – [Mom] No wait. – We could still hear her. (Audrey sings in distance) – [Mom] Okay, wait. – [Dad] She’s outside, go, go, go, go. – [Mom] Shh, shh. – This bin? – [Mom] I don’t know, no. – [Dad] The kitchen. – [Mom] The kitchen, kitchen. (footsteps click) (whispers) – I see how scary. – [Dad] What are we looking for? – M&Ms.
– M&Ms. (electric beep) – [Dad] All right. (Audrey sings in distance) Oh my god. (Audrey sings louder) (screams) (Audrey sings louder) – [Audrey] I have seen the light. – [Dad] Okay. (whispers) (Audrey sings in distance) – Is it up here? – [Dad] You see it? – No. I don’t know where it is. We can’t find the M&Ms. We have the ball and the popcorn
but we can’t find the M&Ms. (mumbles) – [Dad] Go check that bedroom. – She’s coming. Just a second. Just hide right here. Just a second. Shh. Okay, go check that bedroom, Ty. – [Dad] Bedroom, go, go, go. (suspicious music) (door closes) (whispers) – [Jordan] That’s where we found the ball. – [Dad] Oh, wait a
second, it’s right here. I found it. (electronic beeps) – [Jordan] Yes, we found it. – [Mom] Just get, quick. (footsteps clomp) – My gosh, our first successful– Our first success. – [Dad] Tyler, let’s get everything. Let’s go to the front door
and ring the doorbell. – Yes. We just got out of the
house with all three items. – That means we won and we
got back to our camp too. – Okay, ring the doorbell. (knocks) (Audrey sings) – [Dad] She’s above us. (door opens) – [Dad] She can’t, probably can’t hear. (Audrey sings) (laughs)
(yells) – You got it all? – We got it. – I was looking for you
guys for a long time. I was like, where is everyone? – [Mom] Oh, we snuck. – [Dad] We win. – Those M&Ms were hard. – I know, I hid ’em right there. – We got it. Woo, that was hard. – Did you like the wet ball? – I know, I think I was
like, Ew, it’s dripping. (laughs) – That was so hard. – That’s it for today’s
video, good job, guys. (cheers) This proves how bad of a neighbor I am. – Got in a success. – If you want to see part three with me and Jordan as being the neighbor, at night time when it’s dark. – [Dad] And scary. – And scary, go ahead and let us know. – Down below.
– Down below. – And up in the carts. – We hope you guys enjoyed today’s video. Be sure that you like,
subscribe and share. – [All] Bye. (jazzy piano music)

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