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(energetic piano music) – Hi, guys! Welcome back to. – [All] That YouTub3 Family! – Today we’re gonna be
playing Hello, Neighbor at the playground! – So we got some fancy headphones
for the neighbor to wear, and he’s going to hide some items in this really cool playground with lots of castles and tunnels and things, so he’s got a blindfold to hide, a flashlight to hide, and a pair of handcuffs to hide. Okay, so, we have drawn straws, and Jake gets to be the neighbor first. – Yay! (energetic music) – Oh, that scared me so bad!
– Oh, I thought that was Jake. – Oh, Jake turned! Run! Ty, run! Run! Oh my goodness. – Where’s Ty? – [Mom] Run, Ty! Oh, you made it. Whew! Okay. – New plan. – Let’s go this way. – Underneath? – Ready, set. – [Mom] Go! Stay low. Stay low. Quiet! Go, run, fast, run! Run! – [Dad] Who’s gonna find it? – [Mom] Man, I’m already getting tired. – Oh, he’s coming, guys. – [Dad] I bet it’s here on this ship. – [Jordan] Ty, come on, Ty! – Ah! – Go, run! Ahhh! (heavy breathing and screaming) Oh my goodness! – I think it’s in the ship. – [Mom] Here. – I think that’s where it’s at. let’s go to the boat. – Mom, he’s watching. – [Dad] There he is
right there, watching us. Okay, go. Up the ramp. – [Jordan] Oh, he’s gonna see us. He’s gonna see us. He saw us. Ty! – [Dad] Ty! – It’s not there, it’s not there. – [Jordan] Come back, hurry! (light flute music) – [Dad] Okay, go up the slide. Go up the slide. Go, go, go.
– Up the slide? – [Dad] Go up the slide. Up the slide. Come on, Mom. – Ow, you shocked me! – [Dad] Go, Audrey push her. (screaming) – [Audrey] He’s right there! (screaming and laughing) – [Dad] Okay, go, go, go, go. Everyone up the slide fast. – I can’t get up the slide. – [Dad] Get a running start, ready? One, two, three, run up. One, two, three, go, go, go. – Go, girls!
One, two, three. – [Dad] You gotta go so I can go. – I say we go down there. I think it’s inside this slide. – [Dad] Okay, go down it, let’s see. – Hey, come on. Ah, I lost a shoe! Nope. Oh, there he is, there he is, there he is. – [Dad] Guys, he’s coming. – [Jordan] I see him. There he is. Run! Safe. Everyone’s, so they’re coming back. – [Dad] Should we give him a time limit? (smooth music) – Wow! We barely made it back in time. That was a close one. – Okay, we know where it’s at. – [Mom] We haven’t searched the pots. – It’s in the kid’s playground. – [Dad] Okay, let’s go, now, run. – Hurry up. – [Dad] Search it fast. – [Jordan] He’s coming. Run, guys. (smooth music) – [Dad] I don’t see it. – [Mom] We’re gonna get trapped in here. – He’s right there. – [Jordan] He’s right there, guys. We’re gonna get trapped. – Quiet, everybody hide! – [Dad] Come here! Ty, get down! – Guys, we’re gonna
have to jump the fence. He’s coming! Jump the fence. – [Dad] He’s over there. He’s over there. He’s not coming to get us. – [Jordan] Wow, that was a close call. – [Dad] Where is it? There he is, go! (laughing) Oh! Close! Okay, go, he’s going up the slide. He’s going up the slide. – [Mom] This way. – [Jordan] Tyler, you’re going up to where he is. – [Dad] He says it’s out in the open. Do you guys see it anywhere? – He gave us a clue saying,
“It was out in the open.” But I have no clue where it is. We’re gonna lose. – [Mom] That’s the tires. – Oh, there he is! Ah! Run! – Ugh. Where’s Ty? Once again. – You’re missing someone. – [Audrey] Ty! – [Dad] ‘Kay. What are you guys thinking? – Maybe by the swings? To the swings! To the swings! To the swings! – How come we’re not seeing it? – [Dad] He says it’s out in the open. – [Jordan] I don’t see anything. – What kind of crazy clue is that? (screaming) Go up the ropes. Oh, I just heard him. I just heard Jake. – [Jordan] Run, guys! – Look out! (screaming) – Wow, wow. – The neighbor won
because we couldn’t find the third item. – The third item is on the rock wall. – [Dad] Alright, good job, Jacob. Good job being the neighbor. High-five. – Alright I am the neighbor
for the second round. I have my headphones on so I
can’t really hear anything. That’s why I might be
screaming, I don’t know. Okay, let’s go! Here’s my first place. I’m going to put this item, the flashlight, on the swings. Here goes the last item! I’ll start patrolling now. – [Dad] Run, run, run, Audge. Run. Ty! Jake! (jazz music) (screaming) – [Audrey] Oh, you guys, she’s so good. (laughing) – [Dad] That’s funny. Ty, get over here! – Man, I didn’t get him. Ugh! I’m already out of breath. Wow. – [Dad] Follow Mom. Follow Mom. – We found one! – I know. – [Dad] Alright. – We found the handcuffs. She’s over there. – No, guys, stop, what happened? (light bouncy music) (camera thudding) – I just totally fell! Wow! Oh my goodness. Okay, I’m glad I didn’t
break the camera, wow. I got that on camera. I totally just, like, flopped. Wow, I can’t do the obstacle
courses here, obviously. Fail! (laughs) Wow. – Where is she? – [Dad] I can’t tell. – Okay, I’m underneath the playground now. Wow. That fall was a little scary. – [Dad] I don’t know where she is. – [Audrey] Found her! She’s so loud! – Jake found one! – [Dad] Awesome. – Go, to the base! – [Dad] Nice, okay, let’s go. – Hey! I see them! They’re running right there! – [Dad] Oh no! It’s a race. – Man! I missed you again. – [Dad] We got everything. – We got it all. – [Ty] Does this mean we won? – Oh my gosh. – [Jordan] Rats, they’re so good. – Alright, now it’s my turn
to hide the three items. Let’s go! Where should I hide the three items? Here’s the rock wall that Jake hid his at. I want to hide mine there,
but he already hid his there. I’m gonna hide it inside the tire swing. This might be a little bit hard, but I’m gonna try to hide
the handcuffs inside of it. Here’s where the first item is hid. I’m gonna hide the flashlight over here. Okay, I think I’m gonna
hide the third item in the kiddy zone. I think I’m gonna hide it right here. ‘Kay, all three items are hid. – What’s our plan, guys? – Round three. Time to go. – [Dad] Let’s go to the right. – Go to the right? But she’s headed that way. – I say, yeah, go to the
right to the toddler area. Toddler area, let’s run. – Ty, Ty, Ty! – [Dad] Tyler this way! Jake, Jake! This way! – Yes! (smooth music) – [Audrey] I see you guys! (screaming) – You guys, I said stay low. We’re trapped. We have to jump the fence. – [Dad] What?! – Come on, baby. (heavy breathing) – [Dad] Hurry, she’s coming! – [Jordan] They’re jumping the fence! (laughing) – [Dad] I can’t jump the fence! I’m gonna have to run. – I’m gonna get you! (heavy breathing) – [Dad] Uh-oh, it’s gonna be close. – [Jake] Ty, you could’ve made it! – [Dad] We made it. – Look, I wanna show you
something really cool over here. So this little pirate ship? It actually moves. See? It’s a moving ground! – She’s at the Tic-Tac-Toe. – This way, this way this way! – Come on, let’s go under. – She’s right above me. Right up there. – [Audrey] Whoa, where did they go? Oh, I thought that was Ty. That wasn’t Ty. Okay, I can’t see them. They must be underneath the structure. – She found us. (laughing) – [Ty] I found it under! – Ty found the flashlight,
she was right above us. She was like, “I think they’re under me,” and we’re like (gasps). – [Ty] In dark places, we can see now. – I’m gonna go downstairs. I’ve been upstairs for a long time. – [Dad] Nice! Handcuffs! – I almost missed it. – Oh, I see Mom! Oh, no, they found the handcuffs! (laughing) – [Mom] Okay, hide. Everybody hide before she comes. – [Jordan] Hide, guys. – [Tyler] I’m in the tube. – Hide, she’s coming around. She saw us again! – [Dad] What? – [Jordan] We gotta run back. – [Dad] We’ll run back to the base, go. Back to base, back to base. There she is! (laughing) – We made it, yes!
– Jake, Jake! – No! (laughing) (mischievous music) – I don’t think it’s in here. – [Dad] It’s not on the rock wall. Oh, there it is. It’s right here. I found it. Right here, Ty, get it. Okay, go! Go, go! Go! Hurry, she could still get us. – Yeah, we won! – [Dad] The neighbor’s down there. She doesn’t even know. – So we beat the neighbor. (cheering) – [Dad] So Jake as the
neighbor actually beat us. But we beat Jordan and Audrey! – Yay! And now we’re all hot and sweaty. – Yay! – Alright, if you guys wanna see us play Hello, Neighbor again but
at a different location, be sure to comment that down below. – Let us know where you
want us to play next. – We’ll see y’all next time! – [All] Bye! (light jazz musis)

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