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(playful music) – Hey guys, welcome back to… – [Family] That YouTube Family. – [Mom] Woo, got some hyper boys today because we’re playing? – [Family] Hello neighbor. – [Mom] Statues version. – So how you play hello neighbor is that there’s gonna be one neighbor, and everyone else is trying to get into the neighbor’s house, and retrieve the three items, which are the sparkly Easter eggs, but we’re switching it up, and we’re playing to statues style. So if the neighbor sees you, but you’re frozen like this, and you’re not moving,
then they can’t get you, but if you’re running, he can get you out. So Dad’s gonna start
off being the neighbor. – [Mom] And we forgot the headphones, so Dad will not have them, but it’s okay, because
we’re doing statues. – Okay, Dad’s ready, so let’s go inside. – [Mom] Which way are we going? – You guys, be quiet. – Should we go through the glass doors? – [Mom] You want to go back through the? Yup. This is played a little different, so we can just freeze. It don’t matter if he hears us. Just strike a pose. I don’t know, that was scary. – We gotta stay together, Jake. – [Jordan] Jake, I think he’s down there. (water running) – [Dad] Hm? Hm. (grumbles) – I hear him. He’s up here, let’s go down there. – [Mom] Go, go, go. Fast, fast. (children giggling) Shh shh shh. Shh. Shh. – I found one. I found an egg. (Dad hums) – [Audrey] I found one! We have two. – [Jordan] We need the last one. We need one more. (Dad humming) – [Mom] Freeze. (Dad grumbling) (Dad hums) (Dad laughs) (laughing) – [Audrey] He’s just slowly walking away. – [Mom] Freeze, boys. – [Dad] Gotcha. – I froze. I froze. – [Dad] Yeah, but I gotcha. – Dad got the boys, so not we’re gonna go outside, and Dad’s going to rehide those eggs. – So if we get any, we have to try and get outside so he doesn’t take it. Or else we have to hide really good. – He took our two eggs. – [Mom] And we couldn’t
do anything about it, because we were statues. – It was just like no, no, no, and he was just like woop. – Guys, we could have ran past him. – [Mom] We can’t run if he sees us. We have to freeze, or else we’re out. – If you have the egg, book it. No, just kidding. – [Mom] We gotta get one egg, get out, get one egg, get out. – New plan, we got this. Come on. We should go through a different
entrance, the front door. – [Mom] Okay. – The front door. Let’s go. – [Mom] Shh. Freeze. – [Jordan] Quiet, guys. – [Mom] We still have to sneak. Jake, don’t take off without us. (Dad humming) – I was frozen when you saw me. – [Dad] You walked right
out when I was walking. – Yeah, but I froze before you touched me. – [Dad] But I saw you. I have to walk in the
room and not see you. (Dad humming) – I know where an egg is, it’s by the couch, hidden. It’s the smallest egg. It’s hidden by the wall of the couch, so you can’t see, you
really have to search. – [Jordan] Okay, let’s go. – [Mom] Let’s go back
through the front door, because he’s not going to think we’re going through that door. – [Audrey] We can get the egg, and then bring it out here. (Dad humming) (Dad grumbling) – [Jordan] Run, run, run. Go, go, go. You’ve got the egg, you’ve got the egg. – He’ll hide it. – [Jordan] Hide it, hide it. Freeze. (Dad humming) (Dad giggles) Stop it. (Dad humming) Oh no, he’s chasing after Ty. (giggles) – We’re safe. (Dad humming) (Dad growls) – Put it right there. – [Audrey] Egg one. – We gotta go back. – [Mom] Ty’s going back in. – [Jordan] It’s downstairs. – [Mom] He’s down there, he’s down there. – It’s downstairs, I know it. Search the fridge, search the stove. – [Mom] We gotta work our way down, and just statue it. – [Jordan] Here he comes. Freeze. (Dad humming) (Dad laughs) – [Jordan] Jake. (Mom giggling) – Find the egg. – Ty got one. – [Mom] Okay, let’s see
if we can find the other, and get them both out. Hide it somewhere close to the stairs. Don’t let him get it from us. – [Jordan] I found it! I found it. – [Mom] Okay, shh, shh, shh. Guys, bring them both here, come here. Freeze, freeze, hide. Hide it. (Dad humming) (Dad grumbling) – [Audrey] Oh my. – [Jordan] Run, Ty, run! (screaming) (Dad growls) – [Dad] Gotcha. – So we found the other two eggs, but we got caught, but we still have our
one egg that’s outside. So we have to go back in the house, find the other two, and come back out to win the game. We got this, guys. Let’s go. – [Ty] I say we go back door. – [Mom] You want the back door? – Let’s go through the garage, I say. – [Mom] Okay. Sneak like a ninja, and then run like a crazy coyote. This is a game of sneak and run. Is he coming? – He’s down there. – [Mom] Search upstairs. – He’s downstairs. – [Mom] Let’s search upstairs. Did you guys find one yet? – He’s down there. He’s down there for sure. He just closed a door. – [Mom] Should we start
working our way down? – [Jordan] Yes. – [Audrey] Come on guys, go. Freeze down the stairs. – [Mom] Shh. (Dad humming) (Audrey giggles) – [Audrey] Stop. (Dad grumbling) – [Mom] Okay. – [Ty] There’s an egg behind the door. There’s an egg behind the door. – [Mom] There is. Ty got an egg. – [Jordan] Ty got an egg. Okay, good. – [Mom] Do we wanna go up with that one? – [Jordan] I don’t know. – [Mom] Hurry, grab it, grab it, grab it. Did you get one? Ty got one. – I found the other one. – [Mom] Okay, let’s go. To the front, front door. – [Audrey] Don’t let him see you. – [Mom] Jordan, they got it. – [Jordan] Don’t let him see you guys. – [Mom] Be a statue. Freeze. Freeze. No, go, go, go, fast. – [Jordan] Run, run, just run. – [Mom] Run for the door. (screaming) Did he get Jake? – [Dad] I got Jake. – [Family] No! – [Mom] We got the two eggs, though. What? What? – [Dad] You sacrificed Jake. – [Mom] Jake? We sacrificed Jake for those eggs. We got the eggs. That’s the best we can do. So I say that… – We won. – [Mom] We won, kind of. We lost a team member, sorry Jake. – But you got the eggs. – [Mom] That means Jake
can be the neighbor. – Comment down below if you know what this bug is. – [Mom] I hate those bugs so much. Look at him. – [Jordan] He’s trying
to karate chop the air. – Hiya. – [Jordan] Oh look, he’s
karate chopping it. Hiya. – [Mom] It is the scariest… – Kung fu fighting. – [Mom] Those are my nightmare bugs. Look at him, he won’t
keep his eyes off of me. – [Jordan] Oh he’s staring at me. He’s starting at me. Hiya, ya, karate chop. – So comment down below if you know what these bugs are called. There’s thousands of
them up here this year. We hardly ever see them. – [Mom] And this year
there’s a ton of them. – [Jordan] You just picked it up, and you’re like meh. – This are good insects. – [Mom] They’re good,
but they’re so creepy. Go. Freeze because he’s up here. (Jake humming) Ty’s getting water. That’s the most important thing is water. Go down. Down. (Jordan screams) – [Jordan] Run! – [Mom] Oh my gosh, don’t push me out. – No, Audrey’s gonna get caught because he saw us moving, so he could tag Audrey. – [Mom] Why was he carrying an egg? – I don’t know. – [Mom] Did he take it from Audrey? Audrey must have had it in her arms. Go. Ty went in and down. Sneaky. (Jake humming) Did you just step on him? – Yes on his butt. – [Mom] Go, go, go, go, go, go. Search, search everyone, search. – [Jordan] Audrey, I found her. Ty found one. – [Mom] Okay, we need to get out with it. – [Audrey] I found that earlier, and he took it away from me. – [Mom] Dad got one. We got two, run. Wait, he’s coming back down. Hide, hide with them. Hide with them. Hide the eggs. (Jake humming) (Mom laughs) You thief. They’re running, they’re running. They got out in time. Did you guys get an egg? – [Audrey] Yeah. – [Jake] Which one? – [Audrey] Oh, never mind. – [Mom] You guys didn’t even get an egg. Jake’s stealing all the eggs. (Jake singing) – I love eggs. – I love eggs, I love eggs. I love eggs. I love eggs. I love eggs. I love eggs. I love eggs. – [Mom] Run and grab it. Jordan get it, get it, get it, get it. We gotta run. You can’t even stop, just run. Run. Run. Run. Get out of the way. (screams) (laughing) He got me though. – We got the egg that was upstairs. – We’ve got one. – [Mom] We’ve got one egg. Give him the other two. He got me though because I knew he saw me. – [Jordan] This one doesn’t count, so I’m gonna place it right here. – [Mom] He can hide that one now. We only got one egg. – [Audrey] We got that egg. – [Mom] Yay! Where was that one? – Dad found it. It was upstairs somewhere. – It was in the bathroom, in the tub. – [Mom] Nice. Good save. – [Audrey] Come on, let’s do it. (Audrey giggles) – [Jordan] Dad grabbed the egg. – [Mom] Go fast. Fast. (giggling) – Freeze! No hide it, hide it. I didn’t freeze. I didn’t freeze. – [Mom] He’s gonna hide it. Hide the egg and freeze. (Jake humming) – [Dad] Freeze, Ty. – [Jake] Freeze! Happy birthday to me. – [Mom] He took our egg. Don’t get caught, just follow. Get one of these windows
ready to get through. – We opened up the window
and took out the screen, so we’re gonna go through. – [Mom] Shh! – Freeze. – [Mom] Someone’s upstairs. (Jake laughing) Jake, what are you doing? – I’m laughing at Audrey. The door just closed on her face. (Mom laughs) – [Mom] Oh! (laughs) Jake shut the door on Audrey. – No it just closed by itself. I opened it, and yeah. (Jake humming) – [Mom] Ty, get through that window. Jordan, get through. Lift Ty up, she’s gonna hand you the egg. – [Jordan] There’s a spider. – [Mom] Go fast. Grab the egg. – [Audrey] Where is it? – [Mom] I don’t know. It’s right here. Run with it to the window. Run, and just pass it through. – [Jordan] Oh no, come on guys. I can see him. – [Dad] Come on up. – [Jordan] She’s frozen. – [Jake] Saw you move. – No you didn’t – [Dad] We got the egg. – You didn’t see me move. – [Jake] Yes, I did. – [Jordan] You didn’t. You did not. She wasn’t moving. – That was awesome. Very creative work going
through the window. – That was awesome. – [Mom] That was hard. Alrighty. – That game was really fun, but man, whew, it was a workout. – And we tricked Jake at the very end, and went through the window. He didn’t think that we
would have that as an exit. – Yeah. – So in both cases, the statues won. – Yes, go statues. – After a couple tries. – [Mom] That was hard, though. It was really hard. That’s a good game. – Yeah, that’s a good twist to it. So comment down below if you’d like to see us do it in other places with different twists. – The shout out of today’s
video goes to ta dah! – [Jordan] Yay! – Thank you so much for
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