Nothing better than cookies and milk and TV on my vacation home. It’s pretty chilly anyways What is on business sweater? Are you recording me don’t record me go, but eating a cookie Funny is being a little piggy [through] this whole plate [of] cookies and drinking this milk by herself Now that you mentioned that I actually need to go grab more milk I’m Gonna Kitchen So what shows were you watching this morning? I was watching a boring cartoon in black and white just that those are the only channels here pretty boring [why] aren’t you watching holiday shows? Like I didn’t couldn’t find any let me oh What oh, it’s so bad [that’s] so cool. Hey, Mr.. Bear gold. It’s a polar bear record. I recorded in this town. I’m recording you can put on YouTube Danielle [Bear] Dance hey, Mr.. Big. Do you want cookies oh? Wow, no What’s he doing there the creepy neighbor again? Is that his bear? Hey, Neighbor We’re Gonna have dinner but I Don’t know what he oh he brought a present. We [ant] he’s knocking on the door [though]. He wants to come over for dinner [I] don’t know. I’ll just open it up. Hey guys hello I brought cake and presents hello Well, hi there guys welcome in gold can I speak with you for a second? Yeah for sure in my room, please Did you invite them? Yeah, I did remember when we were decorating yesterday, and he was just standing out there And he looks so [lonely], so I invited him over because it’s the holidays and everyone deserves to be happy But I didn’t know he was gonna bring a friend you invited the killer in our home This killer he was he was standing there all by himself [while] we were happily decorating the place You know what this gives me an idea I’ll tell you about it later just Just eat breakfast [rest]. This is my friend Paula. [I] hope you don’t mind me bringing him along Definitely, not hi, paula. Hi, paula [you] guys could just sit [over] here. This is where Breakfast is being served we have turkey Pop and Salad here is a cake while thank you. That’s so nice [turkey] for breakfast. [oh] Oh, oh look. He gave us a present. Wow. What is it? What’s in there? [I] don’t know we can open it Let’s see he gave me poop a snowball a cactus and a stick Look, what Paula gave me. He gave me Listening [Melon] poppy Lollipop and an emerald what why did you give her a cool presents? Okay, I guess he’s not a very big fan of me anyways, we’ll put the cake down first up I will be serving the best thing for breakfast which is toast He tells great idea. Oh, and don’t come here I Know how to get in this house how so I’m gonna have some special milk in the fridge and the special milk after they eat the turkey dinner and Drink the special milk. They’ll fall asleep Like how long though a couple of hours, but who cares that will give us enough time to sneak in the house Well this sounds like a crazy plan, but whatever it’s the holidays That’s right. Gold serve them up. Maybe give pull us some leftover pizza [and] Toast neighbor, do you like my scarf? first up is toast for you guys delicious Togo and Just pizza for upolu because I’m sure you love that. Hey Did you give them the milk yet? Not yet? Let’s just eat dinner for a skull so nothing looks Suspicious. Yeah breakfast. I’m actually a vegetarian. Oh That you must eat salad not that food Yeah, well just get yourself silly us. We didn’t know here you go salad and bread for Mr. Pola so how was your guys’s morning? Mm-Hmm, it is the holidays after all are you doing anything fun? Are you going on vacation anywhere? It was a morning See weird Talking about presents. I don’t think we got you one so sorry about that I Didn’t actually know you were coming over gold actually surprised me with your visit How did you cook that turkey did you kill it alive? No? I didn’t think so gold cooked it, and I’m pretty sure she bought it [from] the grocery store. It’s frozen Yeah, it was frozen. I wouldn’t kill a live turkey [oh], I see Well, do you cook live turkey this is a weird topic to talk about but? Yeah, but he’s scared to even kill a live animal good could you imagine that I cooked turkey how it’s meant to be cooked He loves blood sometimes. I think he’s a vampire Okay, so do you [enjoy] [your] student I made it with potatoes carrots and peas good old soup Do you like it neighbor? its soup [oh] She’s really. He’s a critic So do you guys have any plans for today? Are you gonna? Go out holiday shopping? You know? skiing something snowboarding Yeah ice skating any? activities no oh So you’re just gonna stay here all day. We’re supposed to go to the hardware store later. What do you mean nothing? nothing All here arguing funny you guys don’t don’t argue. It’s the holidays come on. Just drink some of this delicious milk Right there, do we get gifts? I already said they didn’t get gifts, but I kind of feel bad. You know what you guys yeah [I] actually bought you a gift. Just be right back. Oh I’m just gonna take don’t worry about of that tree. I’ll find you something. I’ll just take one of goulds present I’m sure they’ll like it this pink nicely wrap one hey guys. [I] actually did get you a gift It’s for the both of you here. You are one Beautifully wrapped purple pink present I love pink You’re welcome. How’d you whip up a gift so fast funny she a Magician never tells I’m joking I got it from under the Christmas tree [whoo] I’m excited to see what funny got for you guys Oh, Pola will like this [you] think I could actually wrap the gift that fast Huh, the limited Edition heart bubblegum pink lip gloss. [I] love this Yeah, I’m sorry cool. I was on my wish list that was supposed to be your present actually I Can’t believe you gave away my present. Well gold I was under pressure, okay? You know I’m a person who makes people happy. I can’t just not give them a gift look how happy [pool] is well You know what it’s kind of rude of me to not give you guys a go because I was the one who personally Invited you it looks better on my skin Tone gold Look, oh It does look better on you Pola back gold don’t be angry Pool Look you’re cuter with it on look he just applied [the] little bubble gum lipstick right now. It looks nice with his [moustache] [oh] yeah, you go. Oh, it is a gift for you because you guys are the special guests tonight Is that my present [gold] [I]? Don’t know a magician never tells oh What is that the new mine? Tendo’s some gold it shirt? And you didn’t give it to me you gave it to him out of all the things Polo [will] have fun with this you [know] what I wanted you look in your ball left You know white gold that is totally unfair I’m Gonna [oh] Neighbors, [I] actually have more presents for you Let me just go grab it really quick and gold you’re not invited I’ll just grab another one of gold’s presents or [wait] or maybe I’ll grab two of gold’s presents Just give it to them because since gold is [giving] away my gifts. You’re so kind I’m feeling extra generous to see you guys, so one present for our best neighbor and Another present for [pola] it’s a pink one pola your favorite You didn’t yep, I did [gold] Just wait until he opens it see oh Wow, I can’t believe I gave you it a guitar Strum it. Yeah What you were Gonna, get me a guitar. You know I love music Uh-huh? Is that a perfume again if that’s the winter mint perfume He’s correct, [lend] you it is the winter mint perfume gold What do you doing, honey? Paula loves Wintermint Paula, do you love everything? These are the gifts I got for funny I do Well pull you’re really good with that guitar music [wow] here you? Go or gifts for both of you more presents oh Is that the gumball Machine gold? Yep Okay, that’s fair you guys also enjoy this bread gold made that I know what does you know you nice and take your [emeralds] and your lollipop and your poppy if all the gifts for you Weight goals, why are we I? Don’t think we ended up with no presence wait, did I take all the gifts under the Oops, I did Uh-oh wait our original plan was to put them to sleep. [why] are we fighting over presents? Yeah? Yeah, you’re actually right. Why are we being so silly you [know] I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to do that I’m gonna get you all of that when we get back home. Yeah me too gold now Let’s do the real plan and not get sidetracked it Okay, let’s go hurry. We baited the hey guys. I have a better present now It is super special Milk made just for you the neighbor already has and one for pola [I] love lipstick pola really likes that lipstick by the way Well, it doesn’t match you’re too pale [pole] drink up guys. It’s really good special milk That took forever for them to fall asleep. I think it’s like 8 p.m.. Now Yeah, I know. I was talking forever. I thought not they were gonna stay awake the whole night yep, and they’re snoring They are dead asleep. Come on. Let’s go [now] [cult] Are you sure they would wake up anytime soon because if they do We’re dead no, they’re not gonna wake up really dead. [hey] look he left his door opened once again who does that? [oh]? I like his Christmas decoration whoa. [he] [has] traps watch out. You made step on it Well, they’re kind of obvious to see come on. Let’s just see what’s in this house Anything out of the ordinary again. Let’s see actually decorated it. It’s pretty cute in here. He has a milk and cookies Nothing suspicious. Oh Cool Look, whoa. His kitchen from last time. It’s all blocked up Why do you block it out? I don’t know actually hey, do you hear carnival music? Yeah, yeah, I want to go figure [out] what it whit what it is. [I] hear it coming from here [the] doors kind of jammed, but if you [pushin] it hard enough. I [think] we’ll open oh whoa Hey, Ru tell our time killer Welcome to the game show [conkel] take a seat Okay, this is weird. I love being on game [shows] pick a box any box Cool can we choose box? B bezel is a lucky box gold. That’s true the middle are You sure wait. Maybe the first one they’re trying to trick us. Yes, this was those trick questions [a] B or C Okay, fine. We’ll pick a a is for apple or great are You sure okay? No, no maybe b. Let’s stick to the fredo. [what’s] [your] day? I want to stick to a fine, okay, let’s pick A Suspense, what is it huh [its]? Cake and pop. I don’t need that hey that’s kind of cool, but I’m really full actually I don’t want that Can we pick [another] one claim your [prize’] or pick another box? We pick box B. This time bucks a was definitely a mistake are You sure yep? It looks like nothing. It’s just a brick wall. What kind of game show is this Okay, his numbers see the lucky one are You sure we’re just opening all the boxes yes. Yes [numbers] C. Please this is an awesome game We got to pick everything what [there’s] [a] key in it. [oh] Cool [disperses] my mom went a little thank you mysterious person wait. Where’d they go gold? I don’t know where that person went where they had ghost Maybe it was our imagination or maybe it was one of his mannequins coming alive Okay, now you’re being a psychopath So what does that key? Do anyways? I don’t know it probably [lot] unlocks one of the rooms though Should we go find out yep up this day as we go? Oh wait. Take a look? There’s still [a] asleep yup Safe, and sound right, isn’t that much my smartest idea ever give him milk to fall asleep [yeah], [it’s] the only way we can [actually] get in here, whoa? He wished it up. He removed the shark. [oh] He probably knew we were in his house last time and now he’s definitely Angry and he’s definitely trying to kill us and let us burn in here does the key work on this store? Nope doesn’t work. Oh Wait, remember last time [the] [store] was unlocked. Yeah, it was so fun in the now [it’s] jammed shut I’ll try using the key oh. Oh and it worked It looks like a different game this time though, it looks like a small Christmas Village Huh, I think we grabbed [snowballs] this time to hit the cookies Hit the cookies Yeah, and do you have some for me and just like last time wait check the chest gold and just like last time? It’ll give us a prize like another key to unlock another door Are you ready to play? Mm-Hmm. I’m Gonna press the button boop and go Target one Target to Target three, this is so easy It is easy And that [cookie] that one Okay, hit the switch. Oh Wait a minute. What is that? It’s I don’t [chew] either leg key. It’s a key [shape] like a chicken That’s kind of strange. It’s really weird Now we got to find the room is it that room again? Or is it just an empty closet [well] last time this was an empty closet. [let’s] use the chicken leg Key and lock, whoa this house keeps changing It’s like a little puzzle or a fun house or own thing in here There’s a little chest in here wait is it safe and if all? Gold it. Just keeps on walking more [keys]. This is really weird Cool. Let’s go to another door. You know where we’ve never been before [wait] We should close that to make sure he [thinks] no one was in his house What where have we never been before [we’ve] never been to the top floor Come on. That’s right. We only made it to the Mannequin room. Let’s go see if you still have the Mannequin room He still has the mannequin room still here yep still nor except full of presents a sign hey. Go look up What what are you doing? [oh]? Oh, I think I’m doing American [calicut] Yeah, well last time you did that [you] almost got killed nah the Mannequin challenge saved us. What sits in this room? time to use the last key It doesn’t work cold here you try. It’s not working See yeah, it is you just gotta put your key in closer, ooh? Where’s this oh? whoa [we] should have not given presents. He doesn’t need presents He’s rich with yeah, this [man’s] loaded look at all those gold bar. Can I take one home? as a souvenir Nate maybe I don’t know I don’t think you’ll notice just one. I’ll replace it with a snowball Okay So this is the top floor of the top floors Yep seat this wall sleeping. It’s pretty nice accurate room that we’ve been looking for the whole time. That’s it What do you mean, that’s it? It’s full of gold Well, I thought I would be something creepy like you know a body or you know something scary that he was hiding. [hey] [ghouls] the front doors are opened. I think they’re here left. They woke up. Who’s there? That’s it? I’m sick and tired of you hoodlums messing around in my house this means war [I] don’t think we could go back down [gould] come on. Let’s try one more time. It’s still jammed come on We can’t escape okay. We could run off of here um sounds angry. I hear I’m stopping up We got escaped. He’s gonna kill us. There’s a trampoline. Do you think we could make it? [carmi] this is what you get? my Beauty a dream you Right we me

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